Xie Shuo was drinking coffee. As he took a sip, he heard an affectionate call and felt a boneless body attached to his not long after.

The coffee almost spilled, making him frown. He turned his head to face her.

On his cold and indifferent face, there was a phrase plastered on it

Who are you trying to seduce so early in the morning?

Facing his unwavering expression, Ye An’s charming smile stiffened and almost collapsed.

This man was too difficult to face.

This psychopath was simply too cold.

Ye An took a deep breath and steadied herself while trying to think of what to do next. She switched her strategy to approach him with a more gradual route.

She would definitely beat him!

“Is the coffee good?” She brought up his cup of coffee in a soft voice. Modeling as the perfect wife, she said, “I made this coffee myself without Aunt Zhou’s help.”

Xie Shuo’s brows knitted, and his expression said, “So you’re the one who made this terrible coffee.” He paused for a second before handing it back.

“Too much sugar.”

Ye An: “…”

Ye An instantly had the urge to smash the cup on his head.

Too frustrating!

Why did she choose to marry this kind of man?

Wasn’t it good to be single? Wasn’t it good to be sitting pretty by herself? Why did she have to make it hard on herself?

It took a while for Ye An to calm down and suppress her impulses before she was able to take the coffee cup.

Forget it, she wouldn’t lower herself to his level.

“Is that so? I won’t put as much sugar next time.” She adjusted her state of mind and smiled reluctantly while putting the coffee down on the table next to her.

She turned to see that Xie Shuo had stood up and hurried to hold his arm. “Where are you going? I’ll come with you.”

Xie Shuo paused and turned with an indescribable look.

After a while, he uttered one word, “Bathroom.”

Ye An: “…Oh.”

Ye An awkwardly released his arm and watched him leave.

In her field of vision, the man had a tall figure with broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and long legs. Excluding his personality, the rest of him was fine.

Her soul was somewhat soothed.

Her husband couldn’t be considered too terrible.

Xie Shuo came out of the bathroom after a while, and Ye An eagerly greeted him again.

Xie Shuo, his expression dull, didn’t push her away and let her cling to him. He waited for the next round of harassment.

After waiting for a few seconds, Ye An looked up and said softly, “Hubby, I have something to tell you…”

Xie Shuo’s tone didn’t fluctuate. “What’s the matter?”

Ye An said, “Our studio is going to have a team building event this evening. We’re all going to go out and have dinner together…”

She deliberately paused and ran her fingers up his arm and across his sleeves in a flirty and cute manner.

Xie Shuo waited for a long time without hearing her continue. Thinking that she was going out and was only notifying him, he acknowledged her plans with a light “En.”

Ye An looked at him and cautiously asked him, “Can you… come with me?”

Xie Shuo’s eyelashes fluttered, and his expression changed. His gaze darkened, and he didn’t answer.

Ye An felt that something was off, so she stepped back. “You don’t want to go? Then… can you come pick me up after I finish eating?”

She wrapped her arms and leaned on his chest while trying to sound pitiful.

“To be honest, I wanted to tell everyone that I’m married, but they didn’t believe me. Then I bragged about you in a moment of impulse and told everyone that you would come to pick me up. If you don’t come, then I’ll lose face. It’ll be too embarrassing.”

Xie Shuo still didn’t speak, and his whole body was emanating in a chilly air.

Ye An grew a bit apprehensive. She tugged at his sleeves and bargained with him, “Just stay outside to pick me up then, you don’t have to get out of the car.”

Xie Shuo suddenly turned his head, and he said in a cynical tone

“Aren’t you afraid of others knowing that you married a blind man?”

With deep eyes and a gloomy expression on his face, his whole body became hostile, just like when she saw him for the first time.

Ye An was taken aback.

He pulled away from her without waiting for her reply and left the room.

Ye An remained stunned for a while before slowly recovering.

He was blind. I don’t even mind; why are you the one reacting?

The surroundings were silent as the wind brushed past. The light-colored curtains undulated like waves behind her.

She looked in the direction that he left. Her fair fingers clenched tightly, and a trace of sorrow flashed through her deep gaze.


Brilliant Dreams worked quickly. By the afternoon, all the gossip posts on Weibo were deleted. The marketing account that had sent the original post also sent another post apologizing for and clarifying that all previous allegations were false.

Ye An immediately issued a formal statement saying that if a particular person dared to spread false allegations and slander her reputation, they would be investigated per the law.

The tone of the post was unyielding. Although there were still melon eaters disputing the controversy, the general public no longer discussed it. Most of the originally skeptical fans found their fighting spirit and immediately began to attack the haters. They also took the opportunity to complain about the vicious marketing accounts.

Some fans even took the opportunity to praise Ye An: “Goddess, you are truly deserving of the title ‘Flawless voice control and visual queen ’”… The waves of praises overwhelmed and overtook the previous sneers and mocking comments.

Brilliant Dreams Animation’s official blog also took advantage of the recent enthusiasm to publicly promote their anime characters.

Ye An had not bothered to check Weibo for half a month, and there were quite a few new fans.

However, Ye An never publicly disclosed her marriage with Xie Shuo. The Xie family was currently busy during this period and had always kept Xie Shuo’s news confidential. She wouldn’t try to court disaster for them either.

After posting the statement on Weibo, Ye An chose a comment from a familiar fan to reply to.

Soon after, Yuan He called her to let her know that Lu Hong had resigned and would no longer be responsible for any of her project matters.

Ye An thanked him, and Yuan He once again asked if she wanted to investigate who posted the first gossip forum post.

“Are you able to find them?”

Yuan He answered, “It’ll be a little difficult but not impossible.”

Ye An thought for a moment then answered, “Then please do so, thanks for your trouble.”

In reality, she didn’t really want to waste time on these kinds of matters. If she wasn’t careful enough and Xie Baiyan and the others heard of the news, she would lose more than she would gain. This was why she didn’t mention it to Yuan He the other day.

At the same time, in an office in the Brilliant Dreams Culture company building.

Lu Hong, being forced to “resign,” smashed a cup in anger with an ashen expression and red eyes.

When he received the news, he had a good estimate of who it was that caused it. Aside from Ye An, there wasn’t really anyone that would make him resign.

He didn’t expect this woman to have such great capabilities. She could, as she pleased, have him removed from the position that he worked from the bottom up.

Unfortunately, he could only endure it for now. Yuan He’s warning from half an hour ago still echoed through his ears:

“You have only lost your position. I have maintained your decency the best I could. There are just some people that you better not offend. If you don’t want to go down this road, then you better be cautious of your words and actions in the future. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”


After her call with Yuan He, Ye An put her phone down and looked at the silent Xie Shuo.

After settling on bad terms in the afternoon, he hadn’t said a word to her and maintained his sullen expression.

Ye An massaged her temples in an effort to ease her headache and walked over to his side.

“Are you still upset? I can’t kidnap you even if you don’t want to go; what are you sulking for? ”

Xie Shuo kept his long face and remained quiet.

Ye An felt like her patience in this lifetime had been exhausted by the man in front of her. After waiting for a while and receiving no reply, she didn’t bother with him anymore, going to the closet.

 New in-season clothes were hung in the closet. The styles ranged from everyday casual clothes to more formal dresses.

Since marrying into the family, the Xie family did not mistreat her in the slightest. Even if she never opened the drawers of clothes and jewelry, the housekeeper would still take care of them for her.

Ye An’s gaze scanned the area, and her mood lightened instantly.

There was nothing that a closet full of beautiful clothes couldn’t solve!

A glint appeared in her gaze as she excitedly began to take clothes off of the hangers and try them on.


Long skirts, short skirts, formal blouses, and slim trousers were all taken off one after another and into a growing pile.

Xie Shuo sat alone in the room and frowned upon hearing the rustling noises from the closet.

In the end, Ye An had a red dress and white dress, but she hesitated on which one to choose.

The red was eye-catching, and the white was ethereal. Each dress had its own merits.

She held the two items and compared them in front of a mirror. She was unable to make a decision even after struggling for a long time.

She brought the two dresses outside and asked Xie Shuo expectantly, “Do you think the red dress or white dress looks better?”

Xie Shuo ignored her, and his expression became even uglier, as if he was forced to do something unspeakable.

Ye An met his muted gaze and realized her wrongs. She changed the phrasing of her question, “Do you like red or white?”

Xie Shuo still ignored her.

Ye An’s excitement faded. She was just going to leave with the dresses, but she suddenly had an idea

In the next second, she threw both dresses directly into Xie Shuo’s arms.

The soft cloth attacked him, carrying a faint fragrance. Xie Shuo frowned and grabbed the ball of fabric that settled on his leg.

The one he grabbed happened to be the red dress. Before he could toss it away, Ye An quickly snatched the dress from his hand and collected the other one along the way.

“So you like the red one. Let’s go with red then.”

She smiled and walked away content, leaving Xie Shuo sitting in the same place with an expression as dark as ink. 

After returning to the closet, Ye An put on the red dress. The fresh and vibrant color dazzled the eyes, like the rouge of a crab apple piercing through the rain.

The ankle–length dress cinched her waist and emphasized her curves. The thin straps wrapped over her delicate shoulder bones and appeared particularly eye-catching.

After changing, Ye An put her utmost effort into doing her makeup and finished her look with some ruby jewelry.

The whole room seemed to brighten up.

Her beautiful curves were reflected in the clean mirror surface. Ye An held the bottom portion of the skirt and angled her body in a pose. Her long hair was gathered in the front and concealed her collarbones, so they were only faintly discernible. Her shoulder blades were left exposed.

When she walked a step closer, her earrings swayed gently with the movement and reflected light. A face as exquisite as porcelain came into view in the mirror. Her bright eyes and vermillion lips were highlighted in this refined makeup look.

She blinked with long eyelashes and smiled satisfactorily.


After a few seconds, her self admiration ended.

Ye An held back her grandiose expression and returned to the bedroom to retrieve the wedding ring that had been stored in the drawer of the bedside table after their wedding night. 

She picked up the ring and inspected it before sliding it onto her left ring finger.

After putting on the ring, she raised her hand and looked at it.

Afterward, she grabbed her purse and walked gracefully out of the room.

Xie Shuo had already left the bedroom before she changed and went to the study.

Ye An pushed open the door of the study. A breeze of chilly air nipped at her cheeks, and the shadows flickered in from the window.

The man sat on the sofa with a cold expression and appeared in an extremely bad mood.

Ye An’s dress revealed her long legs. She stopped in front of him and looked down at him.

Light shone in from the floor-length windows and highlighted an unmoving silhouette. He wore a white shirt with an open collar and black trousers today. His temperament was cold yet noble, exuding the feel of a nobleman in the fairy tales.

This man was perfect from every angle and could be taken anywhere; why couldn’t he see that?

Ye An sighed quietly. She originally didn’t want to bother with him, but if she were to leave by herself, he would most likely continue in his insecure emotional upheaval.

An unpredictable Eldest Young Master was the hardest to serve!

Remembering Grandfather Xie and Xie Baiyan’s advice, Ye An kept her patience. “What are you upset about? It’s not like I learned about your eye injuries today; these matters were explained very clearly to me before we got married. Have I looked down at you once in the past two weeks? I don’t care about any of that. Where did you get these ideas from?”

Her voice lowered in the last phrase, as if she were complaining about him normally. A wave of emotion swept across Xie Shuo’s cold face.

Ye An asked again, “I’m giving you another chance. Do you want to come to pick me up?”

Xie Shuo still didn’t speak. His eyelashes lowered, and his expression was unreadable. She couldn’t guess his thoughts.

Ye An recalled how she got him to go outside the first time and decided to repeat that method.

She took a step forward and sat in his lap, leaning into him with her fair and slender arms looped around his neck.

Her once hesitant moves had become fluid and experienced. She had been coaxing him to agree to do this and that many times in the past few days. She was no longer shy like she once was and now even enjoyed teasing him.

The colder he looked, the more she wanted to tease him.

Ye An’s arms circled closer, and she neared him. Her red lips curled as her soft voice spoke, “Are you really not coming?”

Xie Shuo instinctively frowned.

Ye An stared at his lips and moved even closer. Her slender fingers stroked his neck gently and deliberately.

“Say something…”

She thought that he would push her away as mercilessly as usual, but who would have known that he wouldn’t follow the usual script and suddenly embraced her?

Ye An froze.

A layer of fabric separated his large palm from her waist. The temperature rose and seemed to almost burn her skin.

The air stagnated for a moment.

Ye An slowly exhaled, but she was stiff from head to toe.

She inwardly panicked, contrasting her calm outward appearance.


She usually relied on the fact that Xie Shuo was entirely disinterested in her to make a move on him–but now… the situation had completely spiraled out of her expectations.

What is he doing? Is there something wrong with his brain?

A cold face’s approach was reflected in her panicked eyes.

Xie Shuo fastened his arm around her waist and moved towards her fragrance as if he were to kiss her.

His lips were slightly pursed and were only a short distance from hers.

She saw his long lashes and the unpredictable depth in his eyes.

His breath fanned across her skin as his large palm slowly moved up the silky fabric. A strange feeling spread across Ye An’s body.

Her heart pounded.

Ye An suddenly came to her senses and jumped up, pushing him away.

With reddened ears and a flustered expression, she said forcefully, “It’s fine if you don’t come! I’ll go by myself!”

After she finished speaking, she turned and fled out of the house.

Xie Shuo’s arms were empty, and the remaining perfume dissipated in the darkness.

His expression didn’t change, but his slender fingers curled and settled on his leg.

The room was silent, and the shadows danced across the windows.

After some amount of time, he suddenly bit his lower lip.


Author’s Note: Xiao Ye: ??? Where is this plot going? I probably executed the plan wrong.TVT

Xiao Xie doesn’t usually react to her, but that doesn’t mean he won’t get carried away one day…