The perfect amount of warmth pressed into his palm and dispelled the night’s slight chill. Xie Shuo didn’t reject the cup again, afraid that she would really try to feed him.

Seeing him slowly drinking the milk, Ye An silently thought: Even at his age, he acts like a child that needs to be coaxed.

After he finished drinking, Ye An took the empty cup and put it in the living room.

Fragile objects were not placed in the bedroom. It was because that would be dangerous for Xie Shuo if he were to get up and wander around in the middle of the night.

After returning, Ye An sat beside him and talked about the cooperation that she and Xiang Quan had with Yuan He earlier.

Xie Shuo’s response was as dull as ever. Ye An looked up and questioned him, “Don’t you have any feedback for me?”

“What feedback do you want?” Without moving his gaze, he continued in a flat tone, “Your path to success has already been paved for you. If you still can’t continue down this road, then there’s no point in continuing with your IQ. You might as well just return home and live out your days.”

Ye An: “…”

Why was this man so irritating when he spoke?

Ye An had chest pains from her anger. She clenched her fists and punched the air in front of him several times.

Seeing that he didn’t respond, she was confident in doing whatever she wanted. She pretended to pinch his nose and squeeze his cheeks. All her movements were a good distance away from him and didn’t touch him physically.

The soft lighting inside the room cast nimble shadows that flickered against the lights.

Ye An found enjoyment in her antics and was in high spirits.

Under the light, the man’s expression appeared calm. His deep gaze was framed by long eyelashes that hung longly. She was unable to hold her curiosity in and stretched out a finger to gently touch them.

His indifferent voice suddenly sounded

“What are you doing?”

Ye An’s fingertips trembled and hurriedly shrank back. She sat as upright and as still as possible. “Nothing.”

Xie Shuo frowned, not believing her. Chaos was normal with her around; this sudden peace was unlike her usual character.

Moreover, he was able to smell her body’s fragrance, as subtle as gossamer. There was a faint scent of a rose after the rain that lingered very closely on his nose.

Ye An’s expression held a thread of her guilty conscience. She glanced at his chin, thinking of something. “How’s your wound?”

The wound had already scabbed over and left a tiny scar. Ye An held his chin and wanted to look closer.

Cool fingertips clasped his chin, and Xie Shuo instinctively raised his hand to grab them.

And just happened to grab her wrist.

The slimmest part.

His sudden action hurt Ye An, so she had no choice but to let go, “I’m just looking; why are you so nervous? Could it be that you’re afraid of me taking advantage of you?”

Xie Shuo removed her hand and didn’t comment.

Ye An couldn’t see his expression, but after sensing his annoyance rising, she threw herself on him.

“Hubby, it’s still early. How about… we do something?” While snuggling him, she blew into his ear, her voice soft and suggestive.

Xie Shuo had become accustomed to her trying to seduce him every other day, so his countenance didn’t change in the slightest. “What do you want to do?”

Ye An placed her hand near his neckline and slowly fiddled with the first button of his shirt. She exhaled the words, “What do you think?”

This time, there was a bit of shyness concealed in her tone.

The next second, her arm was removed. Xie Shuo pushed her away as usual and stood up with a cold expression.

Ye An : “…”

How boring!

Ye An silently slandered him and fell into the spot that he had just left. She slid out of her slippers and raised a foot to lightly kick his calf.

She originally thought that Xie Shuo wouldn’t mind it, but he paused and turned his head.

His tall figure cast long shadows; his deep gaze held a heavy, oppressive sense.

Ye An’s relaxed posture stiffened, and her toes curled.

She stared at his face while holding in her breath and slowly withdrawing her feet. She took the pillow next to her and hugged it, trying to pretend as if nothing happened.

He couldn’t see anyway, so as long as she doesn’t admit anything, she would be fine.

Xie Shuo “stared” at her for a moment before speaking, “Help me get my pajamas.”

After he finished speaking, he turned to walk towards the bathroom.


It was too easy for him to order her around!

Ye An thumped the pillow and sat up angrily. She put on her slippers and went to the closet to collect his clothes.


The next day, Ye An got up somewhat earlier.

After breakfast, she turned on her phone and swiped through Weibo out of habit. To her surprise, the Weibo post that she had forwarded last night had been flooded by comments.

[You have talent and visuals, I really can’t understand why you would choose this route[bye bye]]

[I’ve eaten melons all the way home, emmm don’t quite know how to feel…]

[Calm down everyone. That forum post didn’t even have solid proof; it was obviously meant to blacken her name.]

[If it’s not true, why wasn’t it clarified after the first night? She definitely has a guilty conscience!]

[Jiejie, please come out and clarify! I’ll believe anything you say!]

Not only were the comments hateful, but the private messages were too. There were all kinds of hate comments, and all of them had accumulated over time.

Ye An was a little rattled, but before she could make sense of the situation, 

“An An, have you checked Weibo?”

“I just looked. People are hating on me, but I haven’t figured out what’s going on.”

Shi Shuangshuang said, “Isn’t it still about the rumors between you and Lu Hong? A marketing account accepted some person’s money and reposted the forum post to Weibo. It also happens to be right in time for the anime’s promotions, and because you’re the lead voice actress, it blew up.”

Aside from Weibo, there were even small gossip blogs that posted about her. A voice actress that usually stayed behind the scenes managed to occupy all of the entertainment news headlines; this sort of situation really was funny.

“What’s your plan for now? Since it didn’t make it out of the dubbing circle before, you could just wait it out, but now the news is just getting bigger and bigger. If you get on the trending search…”

Ye An frowned. She really needed to find a solution and not delay any longer.

Even though Xie Shuo didn’t care about this sort of news and couldn’t see it, there was still Xie Baiyan and Xie Yuran. If it reached their ears, then it would really become a scandal.

“Would you like to ask Brilliant Dreams to find a publicist and help you clarify and delete some posts? Or have your rich and handsome husband solve it for you? Your husband can do it, right?” Shi Shuangshuang suddenly smacked her head on the other side of the phone. “I’m dumb! This matter can’t be solved by your husband; if that happens, you’ll be done for! Pretend that I didn’t bring that option up!”

Ye An said, “It’s alright, I can figure it out by myself. I’ll make a call first and talk to you later.”

Shi Shuangshuang: “En, go ahead. Call me if you need help; I’ll help you type your article for free.”

After talking to Shi Shuangshuang, Ye An called Xiang Quan.

Xiang Quan evidently knew what was going on on Weibo.  Before she was able to ask, he asked, “Did you see the news on Weibo? Brilliant Dreams contacted me early this morning and said that you don’t need to worry about it; they’ll find a solution.”

Well, they were quite efficient. 

But there were some things that were most appropriate to handle in person.

Ye An pondered for a moment before suddenly asking, “Is our studio going to have a company dinner soon?”

Xiang Quan didn’t understand why she suddenly mentioned the dinner party, “That’s the plan. What’s up?”

The bright sunlight shone diagonally onto the balcony. Ye An leaned against the rails and turned to fix her gaze on the man with an unsurpassed temperament inside the house. “Can you move it up to this evening?”

Xiang Quan became even more confused. “Why?”

Ye An said casually, “It’s nothing; I just have a surprise for everyone.”

Xiang Quan:…I’m afraid that might as well be a horror for everyone.

“The dinner should be the same whether it is held earlier or later, right? So it shouldn’t matter if you change the date. Didn’t you say that you wanted to give me some merit before? Just take this as my request.”

Xiang Quan hesitated for a bit before finally agreeing, “Alright, I’ll go schedule it.”

Ye An hung up the phone satisfactorily.

She put away her phone and looked at the figure inside the house. The corners of her lips lifted, and she walked over with a sway in her hips.