“Chapter 41”

This chapter is mainly dedicated to Zhang Lei (Boss!!!)

The novel actually gives a background of every character, instead of many who use side characters to help with the story of the main characters. So despite Zhang Lei not being the main character >.> the novel actually goes quite into detail about him.

To readers who are reading after watching the drama: The novel is quite different from the drama, which made the plot a lot more “dog-blood” with more conflicts (it was made into a tv drama after all, and we all know how those usually turn out in China). While I know that many like the drama more (internationally) because the drama was translated first, many readers who read the novel first gave the drama low rating due to how different it turned out compared to its source material. So, please don’t expect this to turn out like the drama.

Also about the late release: I was studying and when I was going to update I realized it was already 1 a.m. ( ̄▽ ̄)” So I just delayed it for a day.