Chapter 41: Decided to Love (1)

Boss casually said, “Yan, sleep in my room.”

Then he continued to add, “Oh right, Xiao Er, there’s no need to go back to your room, I’ll be sleeping there.”

Xiao Er pointed at himself and then at YouYan, furious at this unfair treatment.

“I’ll sleep in the living room. Boss, you and Xiao Er can just sleep where you usually do.” YouYan patted on the sofa.

“Well, if you insist, I’ll just sleep here too.” Zhang Lei replied lightly.

Zhang Lei may look gentle and elegant, but YouYan thought that she might have to reconsider this description.

“Thanks boss.” The action brought warmth to her heart.

“Didn’t I tell you that you don’t call me boss for nothing?” Zhang Lei laughed patting her head.

The natural act of affection made YouYan pause, and Xiao Er was already beyond shocked.

Zhang Lei’s room was huge, with a studio set, bookshelf, carpet, and other elegant but simple looking decorations.

What caught her eye was a large framed photo leaning against the bookshelf on the carpet.

The size was around 600×800 with a black and white base, the picture depicting many hands held together. It included male, female, old, young, big, small, strong, rough, soft, wrinkled, fragile hands, and nothing else besides that.

YouYan looked at it carefully, until she heard Zhang Lei’s voice.


YouYan continued to walk towards the wall on the other side of the bookshelf, feeling the white surface.

“Boss, this picture was originally here, right? Why did you take it down?”

Zhang Lei was surprised, “How did you know?”

“The paint on the wall has a different color over here and the shape seems around the same size as that photo.”

“It’s almost unnoticeable, almost completely uniform. Is this because of your artist’s eyes?”

“Why did you take it down?” She looked towards him with a flicker of determination in her gaze.

“It’s not good.” The reason was simple but complete.

“Whose work is this?”

“Your Boss’.”

“Who said it’s not good.”

“Bill Green.”

“Oh, I don’t know him.” YouYan laughed and shook her head.

“Green is famous in the photography circle and he said this photo was beyond awful. It was one of my better ones actually, I wanted to place it in the gallery.” He smiled as he talked about this.

The two of them were standing so close, he could even smell the scent of her hair. The sky outside the window darkened, and the lights gave the room a dim and warm atmosphere. He thought, perhaps it’s this kind of night that makes people put aside their failures.

When the Zhang family left the illegal trades behind, he departed to follow his own dreams. He quickly gained attention, but two years ago when Green gave that harmful comment, he gave up his dreams.

“How about the gallery?” Her pupils were filled with traces of anxiousness.

The traces of anxiousness amused him.

“I never held it. When I was planning it, Green and other photographers all gave negative comments.” He smiled, “But brewing coffee isn’t bad either.”

She furrowed her brows and suddenly ran out.

Zhang Lei paused, she had already pulled Xiao Er in.