plumlizi is pleased to release a new novel You’re So Arrogant translated by Misty and edited by Leebebi!

This novel depicts our female protagonist, Ye An, entering into an arranged marriage with our male protagonist, Xie Shuo, who is temporarily blind due to a car accident. We will see them blossom from strangers to lovers, overcoming challenges on their way. Come on, sit back and enjoy their story with us!

Synopsis I:

As a beauty recognized within her social circles, Ye An was fair and pretty with a slender waist and slim legs. It was a pity that she had married a blind man.

The people in the know sighed one after another. Ye An, however, was at her happiest yet. 

Rich, handsome, and blind. Wasn’t this the perfect husband that thousands of girls dreamt of?

After marriage, Ye An lived as freely as she wanted. Living in his mansion, spending his money, and running amok right in front of him.

Until one day, this blind man suddenly recovered…

Late at night in the bedroom—

The man picked up the clothes that fell to the floor with a smile hidden deep within his gaze. “Why don’t you continue?”

Ye An, caught off guard: TVT

Synopsis II:

Business mogul Xie Shuo suddenly lost his eyesight, becoming gloomy, violent, and moody.

Against his will, he married a woman named Ye An.

After marrying, they agreed to immediately divorce once Xie Shuo recovered his eyesight.

Later, when Xie Shuo was able to see light once again, he held Ye An’s hand and refused to sign–-

Xie Shuo: “I can’t see anyone; I can only see you.”

Ye An: …….

What kind of cheesy pick-up line was this?

Read the first chapter HERE!