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Not surprisingly, Han Lei once again gave me a gift. The difference was that this time he couldn’t wait until after work, but instead openly took me and skipped work.

Han Lei brought me to a jewelry store and made a beeline to the wedding ring counter.

“Bring out all of the wedding rings you have in your store!” Han Lei cleared his throat and commanded.

The young lady at the counter was stunned by Han Lei’s handsomeness for a moment before she brought out the store’s most premium rings out for us to choose from with shining eyes.

“I believe in your insight, choose a pair, we need wedding rings!” Han Lei spoke eagerly.

Okay, if wearing rings would set his mind at ease and increase his self confidence, then let’s buy them. I’m not the one paying anyways.

Thus, I looked left and right until I finally chose a pair of simple yet beautiful platinum wedding rings.

In the car, Han Lei looked at the ring on his hand and slightly wrinkled his eyebrows and mumbled, “Aren’t women supposed to like diamond rings with as many carats as possible?

I raised my eyebrows, while pretending to be professional and said, “As a professional designer, let me tell you, simplicity is beauty!”

Looking at my serious face, Han Lei foolishly half-understandably nodded, showing a very thoughtful look.

Pfft! I wanted to laugh again.

After a week, under the cooperation of Lin Zhe, we were congratulating ourselves for finishing the project ahead of schedule. Thus, I felt that it was necessary to have a serious discussion with him.  

I invited him to a coffee shop near the company and I got right to the point.

“Lin Zhe, we are better off as friends, don’t waste your time on me anymore,” I sincerely said.

“You’re really not going to give me a chance?” Lin Zhe expressionlessly laughed and asked.

“You know that the problem is not about whether I give you a chance or not, right?”

“I truly regret it; I shouldn’t have given up on you that time.”

“Feelings can’t be forced and at that time you could only see senior sister. Furthermore, I don’t like being a substitute.”

“I’m truly sorry about that.”

Although I couldn’t deny that he had really hurt me that year, I shook my head and smiled to show that I didn’t mind.

Lin Zhe suddenly looked straight at me and took my hand that was on the table. Using the utmost serious tone he asked, “I really can’t?”

I also seriously looked at him and firmly said, “Sorry, I love him.”

His hand that was holding onto my hand slowly loosened and Lin Zhe returned to his gentle tone and said, “Okay then. I will give up but I have a request, can you give me a goodbye kiss?”

I smiled and nodded because after we finish this kiss we would really return to just being good friends.

We both stood up and Lin Zhe approached me. His slightly cool lips lightly touched mine, just like the superficial kisses from my memory and then he quickly left.

Lin Zhe had always been a very gentle, considerate, and upright man.

After watching Lin Zhe leave, I seemed to have saw a familiar silhouette, even though it quickly flashed past.

My right eye palpitated ominously.

I couldn’t be wrong. I wouldn’t have mistaken that silhouette even if it were turned into ashes.

That was certainly Han Lei’s loyal spy — comrade Qin Hao’s silhouette.

Additional Comments:

I and Lizi also agreed that what Xia Ying did was stupid as she was married to Han Lei yet she kissed another man on the lips! Lin Zhe also shouldn’t have asked his ex for a “goodbye kiss”, especially since Xia Ying was a married woman. We personally feel that both of their actions were wrong and that these characters’ choices were influenced, probably, by the author.

But, there will be no more third-parties in their relationship~ No more lovers from the past nor temptresses~ ^^

P.S. If you haven’t checked out our Discord yet, do come and chat with us~ ^^ We look forward to chatting with you guys~



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