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The next day, Lin Zhe really did take action. He only used one excuse and was able to achieve the goal of meeting with me alone. As it happened, the excuse he used made people unable to refuse.   

Han Lei agreed unwillingly. After forcing a smile and gnashing his teeth, he said, “Okay then, you guys should go and properly research and discuss, and finish work as soon as possible!”

Then, he stood at the door and watched me and Lin Zhe leave.

Lin Zhe’s excuse was simple. He requested that we discuss work details together.

But the reason why Han Lei was so angry and crazy was not because we were alone, but rather it was because Lin Zhe really only did discuss work details with me. Because Han Lei, that big idiot, was confident that he would have intentions towards me, however…

During work, Lin Zhe was very serious and demanding. We would often discuss and research even the smallest detail more than a hundred times in order to attain perfect results.

Even though I felt somewhat suspicious that Lin Zhe had no special intentions towards me, I prefered to believe that he was just joking around the other day, especially considering that my husband was Han Lei.

But it turned out that I was in fact too naive. I was wrong, really really wrong, especially after receiving roses from Lin Zhe.

That day, when I was sitting at my desk engrossed with a project, I suddenly received a bouquet of roses. I opened up the card that was tucked inside and looked,  inside had just one signature — Lin Zhe.

When I faced those colorful and fiery roses, I twitched the corners of my mouth. I felt a burst of pain from a throbbing headache for no reason at all.  

Then the phone rang, all I could hear was Han Lei gnashing his teeth.

“I heard that, that guy sent you a big bouquet of roses?”


How did you know?

“You want to know how I knew? Hmph, when Qin Hao was walking past you guy’s Design Department, he coincidentally saw it. He then reported back to me immediately and informed me of the situation.”  

So it was comrade Qin Hao, weren’t you too coincidental?

“You don’t need to say anything right now, just listen to me! Throw those flowers into the trash immediately. Then after work I will take you somewhere. Click!” (t/n: I believe that “Click” refers to ending the call.)

Looking at the hanged up phone call, then at the innocent roses lying on my desk, throwing them away would truly be a pity. It’d be better to just give them away to my colleagues.  

However, where exactly was Han Lei taking me to after work? His voice had a tinge of forlorn, perhaps we will be entering a tiger’s den?

Of course, the place he was taking me to was not a tiger’s den, but rather — a flower shop.

He silently pulled me into the flower shop and cooly said, “Go and choose a bundle of flowers that you like!”

Facing a pile of gorgeous and fully bloomed flowers that I didn’t know the names of, I was flabbergasted and I looked puzzlingly at Han Lei.

His handsome face slightly blushed and avoided my gaze. He turned his head the other way and unnaturally said, “Didn’t that guy send you flowers?”

Pfft!” I couldn’t help but laughed out loud.

Hehe, Han Lei ah Han Lei, how could you be so adorable?

Han Lei unhappily looked at my face that was grinning from ear to ear. Once again, turned his head the other way and unhappily made hmph hmph sounds.

I walked up to him while smiling and took his hand. I rubbed my head on his arm, smiled brightly and said, “Let me tell you a secret, I am actually allergic to pollen!”

Ah?” Han Lei dazedly looked at me and then shifted his eyes, “Then let’s go eat!”

The next few days, Lin Zhe kept sending me things, and as always, under Qin Hao’s coincidental report, Han Lei would throw everything away and buy it for me again.

Until one day, Lin Zhe called me to the company’s entrance and personally handed me a beautiful brooch.

I held the gift awkwardly and requested him to stop sending things, but he just smiled and turned around and resplendently walked away.

I looked at Lin Zhe’s silhouette and helplessly let out a sigh. Suddenly, the gift that was in my hands was snatched away from me by an unexpected hand. I turned around startled. It turns out that it was Han Lei.

I forced a laugh and it seemed like this time I had gotten caught red-handed. It couldn’t have been that Qin Hao had coincidentally saw and informed him to come down, right?

Han Lei gloomily glared at the gift for a moment and then gripped it and threw it backwards. The gift formed a perfectly elegant arc straight towards the trashcan.

I watched the gift go into the trashcan. In that moment I witnessed Han Lei’s brutality and inhuman actions. It truly was an outrageous atrocity.


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