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Who Disciplines Who

Who vowed to discipline who before? But now, who was it?

I really wanted to slap myself for my stupidity and carelessness. Why on earth did I choose such a dangerous place that was close to the company to have a talk with my old lover? Why did I forget about Qin Hao, a person with detective senses stronger than a radar?

Qin Hao was like a spy arranged by Han Lei to keep tabs on me so that he would always know of my whereabouts. He acted as Han Lei’s eyes and ears. In fact, this ability of Qin Hao was unearthed after Lin Zhe appeared. It could be said that Qin Hao has unlimited potential. Hmph hmph, if only I could use him…

Forget about it, forget about it…. I should stop wasting my time daydreaming. Just by looking at how Qin Hao gazed at Han Lei would make anyone wonder if this fellow here could very well be a gatekeeper of a “Loyal Gateway*”. If I was not married to Han Lei, I would really suspect that he was Han Lei’s original wife.

Thinking back, Lin Zhe at most had only given me small presents before and that was enough to make Han Lei explode from jealousy. Even though Lin Zhe and I had only lightly kissed, I couldn’t imagine Han Lei’s anger after Qin Hao’s report. My only wish was clear and simple. All I wanted was Qin Hao to be magnanimous and tell the truth as it is and not add oil to vinegar (t/n: adding extra details).

Even though I consoled myself by escaping reality, why do I still feel my scalp tingling.

Against my expectations, Han Lei didn’t immediately call me or directly come up to me. Instead, after work when we met in the parking lot he said with a gentle and reluctant face, “Darling, I have a party that I have to go to so you should go home first. I will try to come back earlier to accompany you. Be good!”

After speaking, he smiled and placed a light kiss on my lips.

After watching him drive away my entire body trembled. I felt my scalp grow numb and I started to bite my finger as I stood in place.

Han Lei’s smile was very frightening. Not only were the corners of his mouth hooked, even his eyes were full of smiles. This was very strange… this was definitely a conspiracy. According to what I know of this fellow, the friendlier he was the darker his intentions were hidden behind his gentle smile.

I couldn’t eat or rest after I returned home.

Of course I wouldn’t be so foolish or naive to believe that comrade Qin Hao hadn’t reported back to Han Lei about the “marvelous” scene he had seen. I also didn’t have any extravagant hope that Han Lei would suddenly hit his head and temporarily lose his memories.

But, why am I afraid of him for no reason? Why am I feeling guilty? It was just a GOODBYE KISS! Che!

My entire body relaxed after I cleared my mind. I looked at the time and after I took a fragrant bath I went to bed early. A woman should replenish and sleep an adequate amount!

Loyal Gatekeeper – something like this


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