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Forced To Eat Your Dog Food

As soon as Wen Le entered the gate, the butler received the message and notified Wen Tianqi. 

Wen Tianqi remembered that Wen Le had a dinner date with that boy today and didn’t know how it went. With a concern in his heart, Wen Tianqi got up and went downstairs upon receiving the butler’s message.

When Wen Tianqi arrived downstairs, he saw Wen Le with a smiling face, and couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. Looked like it went well.

Wen Le was momentarily stunned when she saw Wen Tianqi, then her face lit up with a smile. “Dad!”

Wen Tianqi waved his hand, calling Wen Le over to him.

The butler took Wen Le’s bag and down jacket, but Wen Le kept the bag she was carrying and placed it on the table.

Wen Le took off her down jacket, revealing a red dress, standing gracefully like a fairy emerging from a rose, adding a touch of radiance to the whole room.

Wen Tianqi looked at Wen Le with a smile of pride and happiness in his eyes. “Tell Dad about today’s progress.”

Wen Le sat down next to Wen Tianqi, her face blushing as if recalling something.

Seeing Wen Le’s expression, Wen Tianqi understood everything, but he pretended not to know and asked casually, “Was the dinner date successful today?”

Wen Le nodded, her beautiful eyes turned into crescents with a smile. “Dad, he confessed to me before I had the chance.”

Wen Le portrayed herself as a happy and excited little girl who had just fulfilled her wish, her eyes sparkling with excitement as if she wanted to share her joy with everyone around her. She briefly recounted the incident of Zhou Kao performing magic tricks and giving her gifts.

Wen Tianqi felt relieved after hearing Wen Le’s story. It seemed that this boy had some insight.

But then he realised something and lightly asked Wen Le, “So, are you two officially together now?”

Wen Le’s expression froze, cautiously observing her father’s reaction, and whispered, “Is… is it not allowed?”

Wen Tianqi looked at Wen Le’s cautious appearance, feeling a pang of bitterness in his heart. Wen Le was his only daughter, and he wanted nothing more than to protect her from the world.

Although Wen Tianqi was naturally happy about his daughter’s smooth love life, nobody knew what would happen next. Besides, he wasn’t ready to let his daughter get married too soon.

But seeing Wen Le’s happy expression, Wen Tianqi didn’t want to dampen her spirits. He just glanced at the shopping bag with the logo of the brand “C” placed on the table and said, “Is this from that boy?”

Wen Le’s voice became even softer, “Can’t I accept it…”

Feeling uncomfortable, Wen Tianqi gestured, and the butler approached. Wen Tianqi gave some instructions, and soon, the butler handed a credit card to Wen Le.

Wen Le took it and looked at Wen Tianqi. “Dad?”

Wen Tianqi said, “Buy what you like with this card. There’s no need to hesitate when giving a gift to the boy, but since you’re still in school, the limit on this card isn’t high. However, it should be enough for buying a bag as a gift on ordinary days.”

After speaking, the butler handed over another card, which was a regular debit card.

Wen Tianqi continued, “The pocket money I give you is one thing, but the task I give you is another. Dad expects you to have 1 million yuan saved in this debit card by the time you graduate from university.”

Wen Le held the debit card and said, “Dad hopes that I can earn 1 million yuan by myself during my four years of college?”

Wen Tianqi replied, “Dad knows that you’ve earned about 100,000 yuan by yourself through writing. This hundred thousand can be your starting capital, which means you need to earn the remaining 900,000 yuan in the next two and a half years. Any method is acceptable.”

Wen Le held the two cards in her hand and nodded earnestly at her father.

After Wen Le went upstairs, Wen Tianqi suddenly asked, “What kind of car brought Lele back just now?”

The butler replied, “I checked the surveillance footage. It was a Volkswagen Passat with a Beijing A license plate.”

Wen Tianqi chuckled. “Passat? Probably from the Zhou family again.”

“You’ve been in Beijing for many years. How much do you know about Zhou Chengyun’s son?”

Although the Wen family had been out of Beijing for many years, some industries, relationships, connections, and favours still needed to be taken care of. The butler had stayed in Beijing to handle these affairs. When Wen Le and Wen Tianqi decided to move back to Beijing, the butler was delighted and personally arranged everything. He even moved in to serve the father and daughter personally after they returned.

Having operated in Beijing for many years, the butler naturally knew more about the city than Wen Tianqi did.

The butler replied, “Mr. Zhou is about to retire in the next few years, and Zhou Chengyun has been in charge of the Zhou family in recent years. Zhou Chengyun has a son who is considered outstanding among his peers. It’s said that his temperament and character are somewhat similar to Mr. Zhou’s, and Mr. Zhou has high hopes for this grandson.”

The butler, having followed Wen Tianqi for many years, knew some things that others wouldn’t dare say, and Wen Tianqi was willing to listen to them. The butler continued, “If Miss really chooses among the young masters of the Zhou family, then Zhou Chengyun’s son, Zhou Kao, would be the best choice.”

Wen Tianqi’s tense expression gradually eased. However, although he didn’t want to admit defeat, he still snorted in reply, “Lele’s foresight is naturally the best.”

The butler replied in agreement, “Seems like Miss and this young master of the Zhou family were high school classmates and have known each other for many years. The two of them may have already…”

Wen Tianqi’s expression wasn’t very good, and the butler stopped mid-sentence in laughter.

Wen Tianqi didn’t dwell on the topic either but suddenly remembered something. “Zhou Chengyun’s son started a company and developed an app? He isn’t planning to enter politics? Didn’t Zhou Chengyun stop him?”

The butler chuckled, “According to the young master of the Pang family, this young master of the Zhou family initially started the company just to make a little money for himself, but he didn’t expect it to grow to its current size. However, his political ambitions remain unchanged.”

Wen Tianqi sneered, “He wants to deceive my daughter with a small app?”

The butler smiled, “From another perspective, the money the young master Zhou used to buy clothes for Miss was earned by himself, which sets him apart from the other young masters.”

While other second-generation kids were still waiting to receive their parents’ pocket money and nurturing little internet celebrities, the young master of the Zhou family could already earn his own fortune and buy gifts for his girlfriend.

Wen Tianqi glanced at the butler upon hearing this and smiled faintly, “Seems like you have a liking for the young master Zhou.”

Knowing that Wen Tianqi wasn’t angry, the butler respectfully replied, “I’ve met the young master Zhou once, and I believe in Miss’s judgment.”

Wen Tianqi chuckled and remained silent, his gaze deep and unreadable.

The next day was the weekend. Wen Le slept in lazily at home and received a call from her senior in the university student union in the afternoon, wanting to discuss matters related to the New Year’s Eve party.

Wen Le happened to want to visit the library, so she had Xiao Yang drive her to the school.

The senior had arranged to meet at ten o’clock, so after arriving at the school at nine-thirty, Wen Le went to the library first, borrowed some books, and then went to the café where she was meeting her senior with the books on her back.

The senior, who was the head of the university student union, was quite familiar with Wen Le and went straight to the point.

Feeling a bit embarrassed, the senior said, “This New Year’s Eve party will still feature performances from freshmen and sophomores. Since you’re both a member of the student union and a sophomore, the students in our college hold you in high regard. Moreover, students from other colleges will come specifically to see you. So, would you consider performing at the New Year’s Eve party?”

Wen Le hadn’t thought about this matter before and was a bit unsure how to respond upon hearing her senior’s suggestion.

Seeing Wen Le’s silence, the senior continued, “Actually, some teachers in the college thought you did a good job hosting the last dance. They were considering letting you host again, but the school counselor said you had already hosted once, so they decided to reserve the hosting position first. If you don’t have a performance, then the hosting position will be given to you.”

Wen Le quickly shook her head. She had already hosted once before, and this opportunity should be left to students with more hosting experience. She knew her shortcomings in hosting. “Senior, I’ll prepare a performance. I agree with the counselor’s point of view. Let’s reserve the hosting position for more experienced students.”

The senior nodded with a smile at Wen Le’s response. “Alright, I’ll talk to the teacher. Let me know what performance you’re planning, and you can report it to me.”

Wen Le thought for a moment and said, “Can I play the piano? Would it be too repetitive?”

The senior shook her head. “It’s fine. It won’t be repetitive. I’ll report it for you. You just start preparing for it.”

After bidding farewell to her senior, Wen Le remembered that she had left her USB drive in the dormitory and went back to retrieve it.

Upon pushing open the door to the dormitory, she only saw Cheng Hui. Feeling puzzled, she asked, “Why are you the only one here?”

Cheng Hui was playing with her phone at the desk. Hearing Wen Le’s question, she glanced at her with a hint of complaint and said, “That kid who was tutoring Man Qing tonight had something come up, so he moved the session to the morning. Bao Xiao Fan went home for a meal. You’re also going home. As for the other two, who knows? They disappeared early in the morning.”

Cheng Hui sighed deeply in distress. “With everyone gone, I’m left all alone. It’s so pitiful.”

Seeing Cheng Hui’s lonely expression, Wen Le couldn’t bear to leave her alone. She hesitated and said, “Why don’t you… come to my house with me?”

Cheng Hui looked at Wen Le in surprise.

Wen Le said, “I mentioned last time that I’d invite you to my house. Since you have time now, why not come?”

Cheng Hui was tempted but hesitated, “Are you sure… I tend to be very terrified in front of elders.”

Wen Le laughed, “Don’t worry about that. My dad won’t be back until tonight.”

Cheng Hui’s eyes brightened at the news. “Alright! Let me tidy up a bit.”

Since Cheng Hui didn’t wear much makeup, she quickly got ready, put on a new outfit, and tidied her hair. Meanwhile, Wen Le just found the USB drive she was looking for in her drawer.

Looking at Cheng Hui, who had changed into a new outfit, Wen Le gave her a thumbs up. “With your speed, you deserve to be the sprinting champion since childhood.”

Locking the dorm room, the two girls left the dormitory building.

Cheng Hui was still excited. “How are we going to your house? By bus or subway?”

Wen Le hesitated and said slowly, “I… have a driver…”

As they spoke, they arrived at the parking lot.

There weren’t many cars in the parking lot on weekends, and even fewer people, so a black Audi A8 and the well-dressed person standing next to it stood out.

Cheng Hui was dumbfounded. “Your… your driver?”

“Oh, right. You’re so down-to-earth, I often forget that you’re a wealthy young lady.”

Wen Le had informed the butler in advance that she was bringing a friend home. When they arrived home, the butler had already prepared a sumptuous lunch.

Worried that Cheng Hui might not be used to it, Wen Le asked the butler to arrange lunch in the small dining room. After the dishes were served, everyone left, and the door was closed, making it feel like a small private room.

Cheng Hui felt like her eyes were about to pop out on the way here. When the door finally closed, she breathed a sigh of relief. “Wow! This is so grand.”

Seeing Cheng Hui still energetic, Wen Le also relaxed and said, “Just be yourself, you don’t need to feel uncomfortable.”

Cheng Hui said, “I thought your family would have maids, like they do on TV.”

Wen Le chuckled, “These people at home are all longtime employees of the Wen family, they’ve watched me grow up. They’re very kind. Many of them used to live with me in the mountains. I used to be a wild child, so just be yourself and don’t worry too much.”

Cheng Hui asked, “Would they think I’m too casual if I’m too carefree?”

Wen Le replied, “When I was a child, I used to climb trees and swim. They’ve developed strong hearts by now.”

Cheng Hui couldn’t help but laugh, feeling a lot less restrained.

After lunch, the two went upstairs to Wen Le’s room.

Cheng Hui pulled Wen Le to visit her wardrobe, and when Wen Le opened the door to the wardrobe, Cheng Hui exclaimed, “What the hell!”

Cheng Hui felt like she was being blinded by the half-wall of Hermes bags. “This is insane, absolutely insane!”

Trembling, Cheng Hui grabbed Wen Le’s hand. “Lele, you only just found out about your status as a wealthy young lady recently. When did you manage to accumulate this many Hermes bags?”

Wen Le replied, “Believe it or not, I didn’t buy any of these bags.”

Cheng Hui asked, “Your dad gave them to you? Isn’t it a bit extravagant to give so many at once?”

Wen Le whispered, “It seems like my Aunt Yu helped me collect them. She’s been collecting them for years, so these are all limited edition and rare leather.”

Cheng Hui: … let me just curse this once – fuck!

Why don’t I have an aunt like that?

Cheng Hui’s eyes lingered on the wall of bags, and suddenly she noticed something. She grabbed Wen Le’s hand in disbelief. “Oh my goodness, does your family only consider bags with six-figure prices worthy of being displayed on the wall? Is that why the ones below are just piled on the floor?”

At this moment, Wen Le also noticed the pile of unopened boxes on the floor. She was surprised and waved her hand. “No, I hadn’t seen these on the floor before I left this morning…”

Wen Le found it strange and approached to open a half-opened box. Inside, as Cheng Hui had said, lay a small lambskin bag with the C logo.

Cheng Hui was shocked. “Damn! Are lambskin bags only worthy of being thrown on the floor? This is outrageous!”

Just as Wen Le was bewildered by the sudden appearance of these bags in her wardrobe, Li Ni walked in.

Li Ni could be considered her personal assistant? Wen Le didn’t know what to call Li Ni’s identity. This sister was also a member of the Wen family, although she wasn’t familiar with Wen Le, she cared a lot about her.

Li Ni was wearing the same black uniform as the other people in the house. Seeing Wen Le squatting in front of the pile of boxes, she came forward to help Wen Le unpack the other packages. She said, “Miss, these just arrived this morning. As soon as you left, they were delivered. They were ordered by President Yu a while ago. Since your wardrobe is already full, I just talked to the butler, and he plans to rearrange the adjacent guest room and make it into a new wardrobe for you. These bags will be temporarily placed here. Take a look and see if there’s anything you want to use. You can take it out in advance.”

Cheng Hui had been shocked by Wen Le’s family’s extravagance the entire way here, and her level of shock was constantly being refreshed.

Cheng Hui covered her forehead and said, “Let’s go out.”

Wen Le said, “Ah, it is indeed a bit messy here.”

Cheng Hui said, “No, I need to go out and calm down.”

The two of them left the wardrobe and lay on Wen Le’s bed playing with their phones, chatting casually.

After typing on her phone for a while, as if chatting with someone, Cheng Hui stared at the screen for a moment and asked, “What event did you sign up for at the New Year’s Eve party?”

Wen Le replied, “Piano.”

Cheng Hui smiled and said, “Great! You did sign up after all. Now our dorm has fulfilled its quota.”

Wen Le asked, “What do you mean?”

Cheng Hui explained, “The dorm leader just sent a message in our group chat, asking each dorm to come up with a performance for the New Year’s Eve party. Since you’ve signed up from our dorm, there’s no need for anyone else to do it. I knew the college would want you to participate. Haha!”

Seeing Cheng Hui’s triumphant expression, Wen Le chuckled and said, “My slot belongs to the Student Union because it was the Student Union senior who signed me up. I’m afraid our dorm still needs to come up with a performance, right?”

Cheng Hui was shocked. “Really? Oh no, does that mean our dorm will have to come up with another death skit?”

As soon as she mentioned the “death skit,” Wen Le couldn’t help bursting into laughter.

It was during their freshman year, during some event when each dorm was required to come up with a performance. While other dorms sang songs or danced, their dorm, consisting of tough guys and clueless girls, decided to perform a skit.

They rehearsed tirelessly for two weeks, only to be rejected by the reviewing teacher during the final rehearsal.

Afterward, the dorm leader asked the class monitor, “You were laughing so happily while we were being reviewed. Doesn’t that mean our skit was successful? So why did the reviewing teacher reject us?”

The class monitor was full of grievances. “I received a bribe from Bao Xiaofan, a packet of spicy strips, to try to liven up the atmosphere for you guys, but obviously, it failed… The way the reviewing teacher looked at me was as if I were an iceberg… sob…”

The residents of Room 307 were deeply affected by this incident and became even more determined to stay away from any performances at future events.

Thinking about the past, Wen Le waved her hand quickly. “Forget about it, forget about it. I was just teasing you. My performance counts as ours.”

Cheng Hui glared at Wen Le, then lowered her head and picked up her phone again. “You scared me for a moment there.”

She resumed scrolling through her phone.

Wen Le grabbed a pillow and laid down on her stomach, playing with her phone. Meanwhile, Zhou Kao took advantage of a break in his busy schedule to send Wen Le a few WeChat messages with flirtatious tones.

Wen Le couldn’t be bothered to respond and sent a sticker indicating she was busy with work, then secretly checked Zhou Kao’s Moments to see his daily updates.

Before he got together with Wen Le, Zhou Kao had maintained a cool and aloof persona, or at least that’s how he appeared to outsiders. His Moments were as clean as if they belonged to a fake account. However, ever since they got together, Wen Le’s Moments were often flooded with Zhou Kao’s posts.

Every little thing warranted a post—what he ate for dinner, a picture of something interesting he saw, what flavour ice cream he had recently, when he took a break, etc.

Wen Le knew Zhou Kao’s little tricks very well. A large part of their Moments overlapped, but Wen Le never saw anyone she knew giving him likes. So she knew Zhou Kao must have set his Moments to be visible only to her.

This wasn’t just about posting on Moments; it was a way for him to indirectly share his daily life with Wen Le and subtly make some requests for attention.

Normally, Wen Le hardly ever checked Moments, but because of Zhou Kao’s actions, she had started to check them more frequently. Sometimes, if she couldn’t find any updates, she’d feel a little annoyed.

Just as Wen Le had opened Zhou Kao’s Moments, her phone buzzed a few times. It must be Zhou Kao pestering her.

Ignoring him, Wen Le continued scrolling through Moments.

Sure enough, she saw a post from Zhou Kao a few minutes ago.

Username “Dog Egg” (Wen Le’s new nickname for Zhou Kao): Was busy from 8 am until now. What should I eat? [Picture]

The accompanying picture was of the scenery outside Zhou Kao’s office. Seeing this, Wen Le knew he was still in the office, so she rolled her eyes and closed WeChat without responding, then switched to another app.

Twenty minutes later, the receptionist at Zhou Kao’s company received a delivery.

Carrying the food, the receptionist brought it to the office of the CEO, then handed it to the secretary, who then brought it to Zhou Kao’s office.

Zhou Kao’s eyes lit up when he received the delivery, like a child receiving candy.

The secretary was puzzled and asked why he seemed so happy, then left after delivering the food.

Zhou Kao leisurely opened the package and picked up the receipt. In the notes section, it said: “Eat your own dog food.”

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