When Shen Chuchu saw the content inside, she forgot about her exhaustion and read it word for word. The literacy skills of this blogger were excellent, and the story was well-structured and well-written. The entire article was about Chen Meng. From the time Chen Meng was in school to the time she first entered the circle to the time she became well-known. Despite the fact that each stage of her life was unique, the role she played in each stage was that of the third party in a relationship.

In middle school, she used her good looks to be someone else’s third party. She later tried to get involved in Guo Xin and Sun Hui’s relationship, then she hooked up with a wealthy man.

Shen Chuchu felt that this wave was far too big for her to handle and it took her a long time to digest. After reading it, and considering her awareness of the entertainment world, she realised one thing, and that was: Chen Meng is over!

Everyone belonged to the same circle and was aware of who had a backer and who did not. Chen Meng was a first-rate female celebrity in China with both acting skills and good looks. She was, nonetheless, an indomitable character with a fan base. That was something everyone in the group was aware of. Otherwise, why did she become first-rate when other stars with similar acting abilities did not?

With the exception of those celebrities whose luck was too excellent, other people’s popularity was due to external factors. Although it was widely assumed that Chen Meng rose to prominence on her own, everyone on the inside knew that she depended on the guy who stood behind her.

And the reason Shen Chuchu sensed that Chen Meng’s dominion was coming to an end was because this article identified Chen Meng’s patron. That guy was none other than Dong Ziyuan’s father, who was also one of the financiers in Shen Chuchu’s film [Warm Spring].

For them to dare to call out the circle’s big boss, someone had to be behind this. Plus the big boss must have approved this matter. Otherwise, nobody would have found out.

Who hated Chen Meng this much and was brave enough to challenge the boss? Shen Chuchu thought about it and a figure of a person flashed across her mind. Shen Chuchu felt he was telling the truth when he spoke with his father on that particular day.

It must have been Dong Ziyuan.

Shen Chuchu felt cold all over thinking about Dong Ziyuan. Chen Meng could only pray to save herself after angering him.

When Shen Chuchu was matchmaking on Weibo that night, she received a private message from Red-Feather.

#1 Entertainment Reporter – Red Feather V: Old Deity, is it true about Chen Meng?

Shen Chuchu: I’m not sure. This immortal only cares about marriage related matters and nothing else.

#1 Entertainment Reporter – Red Feather V: Thank you for answering Old Deity. In the future, I will ask when there is a marriage matter.

By the next morning, the matter of Chen Meng intensified. Many media who were watching from the sidelines thought of four words: the influence had passed. Yes, this phrase was used to describe Chen Meng.

After a night of fermentation, the story deviated from its original track. Guo Xin and Sun Hui also appeared on the hot search again. Everyone was now able to track down the perpetrator when Guo Xin and Sun Hui were hacked on Weibo a while back. Naturally, it was Chen Meng. After al,l this incident was started by Chen Meng so some individuals looked for clues when it was brought up.

Chen Meng looked at the news online and made a phone call with trembling hands, “Lao Dong*, you can’t ignore me.”

*TL-note: 老 (Lao) here doesn’t just mean old. Its closest English equivalent is “dear”.

For a brief moment, the opposite party was deafeningly quiet, he then said, “Xiao Meng,  I believe I have treated you well throughout the years, but you have gone over the line.”

Chen Meng immediately explained when she saw the dung pot was dunked on her head, “It wasn’t me Lao Dong. I really didn’t do that, it was…”

The other person was no longer interested in her explanation and instead said, “Although it wasn’t you, you did know about it right?”

Chen Meng’s lips twitched a few times after hearing this sentence, but she did not say anything. As the other party stated, she was aware of the situation ahead of time and was looking forward to the outcome.

“I despise obnoxious people the most, and you should be aware of this. Also, are you still thinking of your old lover?”

“I don’t. I don’t think about Sun Hui.; I did it to avenge Guo Xin. You have to believe me, Lao Dong.”

“I’m not going to say anything else because you’ve been with me for so long. The villa in the western suburbs is yours. In the future, behave yourself.”

“Lao Dong, you can’t…” After hearing the other party’s definitive words, Chen Meng got extremely frightened. Unfortunately, the other person had already hung up the phone without listening to her explanation.

Chen Meng slumped to the ground when she saw that he had already hung up.

This time, Chen Meng was like a wall that was about to collapse and everyone was giving it a final push. In just one day, her dirt was flying everywhere on the internet. If you were unfamiliar with Chen Meng, the web reports may lead you to believe that she was a heinous sinner.

Destroying other people’s families, trying to assassinate someone’s wife, paying followers to trash other people’s reputations, stomping on a female celebrity who was more talented than her, and robbing other people’s resources… Her heinous deeds were simply too many to list. The majority of netizens initiated an internet battle against her.

“I’m disgusted as if I’ve eaten a fly, I didn’t expect Chen Meng to be like this. For many years, I assumed she was a classic inspirational figure in the entertainment world. I really did not expect it. Haha. [Smile]”

“It’s no surprise that Zhang Hui, who was extremely popular at the time, abruptly left the group. Chen Meng was found to be the perpetrator. How could there be such an evil person! [Curse]”

“Really can’t stand those who destroy other’s families, blocklist for life. I request the head office to ban such a wicked actress! [Angry]”

“It turns out you started the rumour about Guo Xin, so shameless!”

The crew was also discussing this matter in hushed voices. After all, Chen Meng was a central figure in the circle and one of the male protagonists involved was their investor. Everyone discussed it privately rather than openly.

When the director noticed Shen Chuchu’s condition today, he smiled and said, “Well, it seems you exercised a lot yesterday. You look better today.”

Shen Chuchu was relieved to hear this.

After the shoot, Shen Chuchu rested on the side and listened with relish as the other employees discussed Chen Meng. Suddenly, she noticed a pair of familiar figures in the background. In the blink of an eye, the two sneakily disappeared in front of her.

After half an hour, Jiang Yan arrived at the resting area with flushed cheeks.

Shen Chuchu analyzed Jiang Yan’s appearance with great attention. This state seemed very similar to being in love.

Jiang Yan met Shen Chuchu’s confused gaze, coughed lightly then restrained his expression and said, “Chuchu, what kind of expression is that? Do I have something dirty on my face?”

Shen Chuchu smiled, “Nope, nothing dirty. Rather, there is something sweet.”

Jiang Yan blushed as he realised what Shen Chuchu meant, and when he noticed that there was no one else nearby, he whispered quietly, “I think you are the same. Are you dating? I noticed that the frequency you check your phone has increased since last time.”

Shen Chuchu was taken aback when the topic changed, her eyes darted to and fro, and she explained awkwardly, “How can that be. I was just looking at the entertainment news since so much has happened in the circle. I’m only concerned about it.”

Jiang Yan glanced at Shen Chuchu’s phone and replied, “Oh, is that so. It’s quite clever that everyone else is reading news on Weibo, but you’re reading it on WeChat. It seems entertainment news even offers an instant messaging feature, that’s really amazing.”

Upon saying this, Shen Chuchu’s phone gave a WeChat notification sound.

Shen Chuchu blushed as she looked down at the content and looked at Jiang Yan’s eyes and muttered a bit embarrassedly, “Haha, it’s from a public account.”

“Right, a public account. A public account with the ability to discuss love.”

When Jiang Yan left, Shen Chuchu looked at Han Xingyan’s message.

Han Xingyan: I’ve ordered you some food from a private kitchen. Don’t eat the crew’s box lunch at noon. 

Shen Chuchu’s mouth turned up unconsciously, but she still replied, remembering the director’s words: Don’t harm me!!!

Han Xingyan saw the message and instantly replied:?

Shen Chuchu: Don’t order food for me. I am gaining weight.

Han Xingyan had thought something had gone wrong and was relieved to see her reply: You don’t need to lose weight. You are not fat at all and should eat more.

Shen Chuchu gazed at Han Xingyan’s message and her heart bubbled but she replied: But the director said I was too fat. You should not lie to me.

Han Xingyan scowled at the phone, thinking to himself, that Shen Chuchu was already so thin and if she does not eat more, she might fall when the wind blows. How could there be a director who is so harsh on the actors? As a family member, he believed it was important for him to communicate well with the director.

Han Xingyan: Who is your director?

Shen Chuchu felt the coldness in Han Xingyan’s words and quickly replied: Actually it’s not the director’s fault. If I get fat, the shoots don’t look so good. I have to go now. Talk to you later.

Han Xingyan stared at the phone for a while then called for Secretary Wang, “Go and find out who Miss Shen’s current director is.”

Secretary Wang pushed his glasses and respectfully replied, “It’s Director Tian.” Because the boss was so enamoured with Shen Chuchu, he began to pay close attention to her in case the boss had any questions about her. A secretary who does not share the boss’s concerns, as the saying goes, is not a good secretary.

Han Xingyan glanced at Secretary Wang with appreciation and nodded his head.

When Director Tian, who was far away in Hengdian, received the following news, he was perplexed. To put it another way, when was he too harsh on actresses? This was not true. After thinking about the female lead in this drama, he felt he had not been too harsh. However, if he were to consider from a different perspective, which was from a female celebrity he might have offended, Qin Yingran was the only one. After all, he strongly opposed her to play the role of Xiao Die. Could she have a role in it?

Thinking of this, Director Tian despised seeing Qin Yingran even more. Although Qin Yingran’s scenes were shot, the editing had yet to be completed.  Even if a few shots were missing, no one would say anything.

As for the one behind her… it was none of his concern! If he cared about these things before then he would have made Qin Yingran the lead a long time ago!

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