Shen Chuhu’s heart tightened and bit her lips when she heard this. She raised her head and looked at the man in front of her. What did he mean by this question?

“Well?” Dong Ziyuan squinted his eyes when Shen Chuchu did not answer.

Shen Chuchu’s face turned cold. Is he trying to find out who is responsible? How dare he? He had no need to thank her but how could he doubt her. Her goodwill has been taken as ill-intent?

Shen Chuchu stared at Dong Ziyuan’s expression that looked like a storm was about to burst and quickly recalled the previous events. Sure enough, she had not said or done anything that she was not supposed to. So even if he wanted to report her or get revenge on her, there was no evidence. 

With these thoughts, Shen Chuchu calmed down a little and also her face recovered a bit.

“Sorry, as I said before, I can read people’s faces. I did not know the origin of your mother’s danger. And certainly do not know the nanny so you’ve come to the wrong person.”

Shen Chuchu expected Dong Ziyuan to become even more enraged or arrogant after hearing her words but she did not anticipate his disappointment.

“Really? So you really don’t know the nanny.”

“Naturally.” Shen Chuchu replied. Should she have known?

Dong Ziyuan sighed deeply upon hearing this and sank backwards in his seat. Then stared at the ceiling silently. Suddenly, what happened yesterday afternoon appeared in his mind.

Although he did not completely believe Shen Chuchu, he did pay attention to the matter after their conversation. Due to this, he also went home more frequently and told the nanny to pay attention to his mother’s whereabouts. If his mother wanted to do things like mountain climbing, she was to alert him.

Unexpectedly, their nanny was the real culprit

Yesterday afternoon, if he had not left something at home then he really might have lost his mother. Since he was a child, his father has been surrounded by women. Despite the fact that his mother never mentioned anything, he frequently saw her alone and crying. His mother was the only relative he had. He really would not know what to do if something had happened to her.

At this thought, Dong Ziyuan felt a bit teary again. He lifted his right hand and covered his eye. 

Dong Ziyuan’s sadness was so apparent that Shen Chuchu, who sat across from him, could sense it. Shen Chuchu felt an uneasy feeling when she saw Dong Ziyuan’s decadent appearance. She thought maybe perhaps she had misjudged him wrongly. Perhaps he was just a little unstable as a result of his mother’s near-death experience.

“Are you okay?”

Dong Ziyuan rubbed his eyes then sat upright to face Shen Chuchu. In reality, following the events of yesterday, he immediately began an investigation into the nanny, as well as the relationship between Shen Chuchu and her.

No one should blame Shen Chuchu for this matter. On the contrary, Shen Chuchu was actually his mother’s saviour and instead should be grateful to her. However, he always felt that Shen Chuchu knew something when he recalled Shen Chuchu’s earlier warning. She knew the truth but did not tell him. He was in a foul temper as a result of this.

“Miss Shen really has no idea?” Dong Ziyuan asked again.

Shen Chuchu was surprised to find him still involved in this matter, frowned, and seriously replied, “Mr Dong, whether you believe it or not, I really don’t know. I can only read faces. However, when it comes to the difficulty of solving a case, please forgive me, I’m incapable of helping.”

Dong Ziyuan stayed silent after hearing this. He seemed to be exploring the truth of her words.

Shen Chuchu continued since Dong Ziyuan appeared to be listening to her, “Mr Dong, I feel that no physiognomist*, no matter how intelligent, can precisely predict the time, place, or character of a person, let alone someone like me who only knows a little. So don’t waste your time on me. Instead, find the culprit lurking in the background or else they might make another plan.”

*TL-note: Physiognomy is the practice of assessing a person’s character or personality from their outer appearance—especially the face.

Dong Ziyuan closed his eyes and smiled at the smiling but reserved girl across the room. He replied hoarsely, “It’s already under investigation.”

When Shen Chuchu heard Dong Ziyuan’s voice change from before, she looked at him with interest.

Dong Ziyuan felt Shen Chuchu and coughed uncomfortably and awkwardly said, “Sorry, I was a bit rude earlier.”

Her dangling heart finally let go when Shen Chuchu heard this sentence. This was good because it appeared that he had no intention of bothering her. She only wanted to save someone and never thought it would bring a whole load of trouble upon herself. 

“No worries, I can understand Mr Dong’s feelings. After all, it is hard to stay calm no matter who this happens to.”

“Miss Shen can really understand?” Dong Ziyuan asked coldly.

Shen Chuchu was stunned and wished she could slap her mouth. Why did she say such a sentence when his mood seemed to have slowly calmed down just now?

“Erm, no what I meant was…If something like that happens, anyone would likely be flustered.”

Dong Ziyuan smiled coldly. How could such a thing happen to ordinary families? After all, there are not many people in the world who are as unloving as his father.

Dong Ziyuan thought about his father who has not been home for a few days. And speaking of the devil, his father called. He had already anticipated the nature of the call’s content. As a result, he picked up the phone without hesitation.

“Ah-Yuan*, what are you doing?” The voice on the other end of the phone questioned.

*TL-note: Putting Ah (阿) in front of someone’s name to express informality and familiarity. It can also be used to create a nickname.

“What am I doing? Dad, do you really not know? Did I not send the CCTV footage to you?” Dong Ziyuan coldly replied.

The other person on the phone was silent for a while then said, “With just one footage, you can’t possibly put this all on Aunt Wang.”

Dong Ziyuan’s voice became even colder and replied, “Dad, my grandfather only has one daughter which is my mother. I don’t have any aunts. Also, those surnamed Wang or Chen or Zhang will not escape. As long as the murderer isn’t found in a single day then none of them will be able to end their connection.”

This time, the person on the other end of the line paused for a few moments and wanted to scold but instead said, “Ah-Yuan, you’ve changed.”

Dong Ziyuan blurted out, “Dad, you’ve not changed. You’ve always made mum sad. You’ve only ever cared about your lovers. Have you ever cared about mum?”

When he finished, they both fell into silence.

Dong Ziyuan put down his phone, closed his eyes then hung up.

Shen Chuchu felt very awkward in her current situation as she had heard the secrets of a wealthy family. She tried to breathe slowly and quietly in order to lessen her presence.

Dong Ziyuan did not forget her as a result of this but made a self-deprecating remark to Shen Chuchu, “About my father, you know right? He’s probably best known for his scandal stories and not for our family’s business. As the chairman of a company, he has more entertainment news than financial news.” 

Shen Chuchu did not know what to say in response to this sentence, so she just sat quietly and listened.

“One by one, those internet celebrities and female actresses climbed into his bed. They said they wanted nothing but still relied on him to knock down others. They said they didn’t want status but in the end, they still laid hands on my mother.” At this point, Dong Ziyuan’s expression grew cold again.

Dong Ziyuan’s expression softened a little after a sip of cold water. At this moment, he looked at Shen Chuchu in front of him and suddenly remembered what her career was. “Miss, you must not be like them. They only think about sugar daddies and marrying rich men. It is not right. You must not do it, especially if the other party already has a family.”

Shen Chuchu did not expect him to lecture her, “Don’t worry, I’m not one of those people. I never saw myself marrying into a wealthy family, let alone being the third person in another person’s relationship.” Dong Ziyuan was undecided about Shen Chuchu’s statement. People always change. In front of money and power, their faces would change no matter what they were like before.

Of course, Dong Ziyuan had no idea that he would regret what he just said one day.

Shen Chuchu glanced at the time and said her farewell after noticing Dong Ziyuan did not seem to have anything more to say. When Shen Chuchu saw that he did not stop her, she bolted quickly. Getting along with someone moody like Dong Ziyuan, who was full of thorns, was really exhausting.

Unexpectedly, as she approached the door, she almost collided with a visitor who was attempting to enter.

Shen Chuchu quickly lowered her head to apologise. After apologising, she discovered that the other party remained in front of her and failed to leave.

“Chuchu, are you going home after dinner? I can drop you off on the way.”

“Xingyan, you just arrived and you are going?” A female voice said in disbelief.

Shen Chuchu raised her head to see a man and a woman, she did not seem to understand what was happening. She was about to speak but was cut off by Han Xingyan, “Yes, I agreed to come here with you in order to pick up my girlfriend. Since she is finished then we will leave together.”

With that said, he grasped Shen Chuchu’s hand and stormed away, ignoring the protests of the woman who had accompanied him.

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