The advertisements finished shooting yesterday and Shen Chuchu did need to come to the company today, but Chen Xili phoned to say that there were several good screenplays for her to review. After all, her works were still too few and had yet to gain widespread acclaim. Her current situation was also extremely embarrassing. She neither had online traffic to be considered an online celebrity nor enough works behind her to be considered in acting school.

So whether it was traffic or skills, they both needed accomplishments.

Since she decided not to become an online celebrity initially, then it was important to choose carefully.

After arriving at the office, Chen Xili passed the stack of scripts to Shen Chuchu.

When Shen Chuchu saw so many thick scripts, she was caught off guard. She had not expected so many resources to be poured into her just now. She eagerly accepted Chen Xili’s script, which she held in both hands.

Chen Xili noticed Shen Chuchu’s expression but said nothing. Instead, she pointed at the script on the table with her eyes down and said, “Take a rough look at them.”

“Okay.” Shen Chuchu nodded.

She was ecstatic to see the first two but the more she looked, the more dissatisfied she felt, and her excitement faded. To be honest, some scripts did not even have a plot and she had no idea what some script’s titles meant. Also, after others made success with [Little Happiness], so now they want to shoot [Big Happiness]? Even the plot is the same. Will this be interesting?

“So, do you like any?” Chen Xili asked after Shen Chuchu closed the last script.

Shen Chuchu flipped the pages casually and replied, “There are a few that are alright.”

“Oh? Which ones?” Chen Xili was very excited for some reason.

Shen Chuchu felt that Chen Xili seemed to be testing her. She hurriedly raised her head to look at Chen Xili, then lowered it to examine the scripts in her palm. She finally picked out two and replied, “These two are pretty good.”

Afterwards, she looked at Chen Xili’s face again and saw that there was no special reaction. Shen Chuchu put down the idol drama script in her right hand and said, “If I were to choose between them then this one is better.”

Chen Xili finally revealed a pleased expression and said, “Exactly. It is still too early for you to shoot an idol drama. Since we decided to go down the acting route then we shouldn’t waste any time on these scripts. We shouldn’t give up even if the script is bad. Because once you get into idol dramas, it is very hard to turn back.” Chen Xili stated while staring seriously at Shen Chuchu.

Shen Chuchu was a little ashamed of what she had just thought. The reason why she had considered that idol drama just now was that it was a TV series adapted from a novel on the famous Jinjiang Literature City website, and the second reason was that the remuneration was the highest among them. She was perplexed just now as to why this script offered her such favourable circumstances and even wondered whether there were any traps in it.

“Yes Chen-jie, I understand. Only this script’s terms are pretty good so I am a bit confused.” Shen Chuchu decided to ask.

Chen Xili laughed and replied, “It’s nothing, this filmmaker benefited from Director Chang’s favour before. I don’t agree with going for this script not because it’s horrible, but because you don’t seem to fit in right now. The most terrifying aspect of this circle is not being able to find your own position. I’ve watched far too many actors with apparent acting talent who then go on to do commercial films to make money. It will be too late when you lose your aura and then return to hone your acting talents.”

Shen Chuchu listened to Chen Xili and a few actors popped into her head. She nodded heavily and earnestly replied, “Yes I understand. Thank you for the reminder Chen-jie.”

Chen Xili placed the script in her hand down and continued, “However, once your image is stable then you can go for idol dramas to gain popularity but not now. Also, you don’t have to think it’s a pity because you will have even better resources then. By the way, do you not value this big production by Director Ma? I remember you worked very well with him before.”

Shen Chuchu followed Chen Xili’s gaze to another script and said, “Chen-jie, the reason why I didn’t pick that one was that I seem to be only taking on support roles in films and TV series so it seemed too similar.”

Chen Xili nodded and replied, “Yes, that was my thought exactly. Big productions are good but our position from now on is the lead female role. At least until you become popular, I don’t plan to take on supporting roles for you. The script in your hand is exactly what I want to pick for you. Go back and have a good look.”

Shen Chuchu was shocked that Chen Xili had such high expectations for her.

“Why are you looking at me like that? As a new member of Diandi Media, it won’t be a good look to always be in the supporting role. Also, with Director Chang’s escort, it makes no sense if you don’t play the lead.” At this point, Chen Xili paused for a moment then looked at Shen Chuchu with a strange look. “Also if you don’t play the lead then CEO Han would be unhappy and if CEO is unhappy then our boss will blame me.”

Upon hearing Han Xingyan’s name, Shen Chuchu’s face heated up a bit.

“Chen-jie, me and CEO Han…”

“It’s okay. Go back and prepare a bit. The director may have put you as the female lead but your performance should not be lacking.”

When Shen Chuchu left Chen Xili’s office, the heat on her face still had not diminished and her mind was a jumble. At this moment, her phone started to ring. Shen Chuchu frowned at the unrecognised number and rejected it. After a few steps further, her phone started to ring again. Shen Chuchu hesitated but rejected it again. When her phone rang for the third time, Shen Chuchu helplessly picked up the phone.

“Ah, it’s really hard to reach Miss Shen.”

Shen Chuchu listened to the voice then looked at her phone screen. This turned out to be a familiar phone number and this person knew who she was. However, the voice sounded unfamiliar and she could not recall who it could be.

“Excuse me, you are…”

Dong Ziyuan’s face darkened when he heard this and his tone became even harsher, “Miss Shen is really a noble person who forgets things. Do you need me to remind you? Our first encounter was on a plane and you jumped into my embrace. The second time was at the cafe and you chased for my contact details…”

When she heard the first part, Shen Chuchu already figured it out. But when did she chase him for his number? He clearly gave it to her? And she only wanted to warn him?

“Hello Mr. Dong, is something the matter?” Shen Chuchu interrupted.

Dong Ziyuan paused for a moment then replied, “Yes, there is actually something. Are you free, Miss Shen?”

What could he want from her if not related to his mother? However, when she checked his mother’s system last night, she had survived the crisis. So he should have no reason to contact her. Perhaps to thank her? But with this tone of his, it did not sound grateful at all.

Since the crisis was over then the two of them were in the clear. There was no need to meet. After all, she felt that he both despised and hated her.

“Sorry, I’ve received too many notices recently so I don’t have time.”

Dong Ziyuan was stunned for a bit as he did not expect Shen Chuchu to reject so swiftly, “Looks like Miss Shen doesn’t even want to give me a chance? That you don’t even have time to go out for a meal?”

Shen Chuchu simply replied, “No, I won’t be in the capital. I’m about to go to film in Hengdian.”

Shen Chuchu expected this would shut Dong Ziyuan up but she could not believe that he continued to say, “I seem to remember that Miss Shen is with Diandi Media right? Would you like me to wait for you downstairs? You should have gone to the company today right?”

Shen Chuchu suddenly felt her whole body go cold when she heard the last tone. She felt as if she had no privacy and that her every action was being observed. Plus, it seemed that she had provoked someone she should not have.

“Or perhaps should I ask Mr Yuan for you?”

This sentence was the last straw that broke down Shen Chuchu. She blinked and replied, “Time, location.”

“Bass Restaurant, second-floor room 2102.”

Upon hearing the room number, Shen Chuchu instantly recalled some bad memories and insisted, “No private room, first floor of the restaurant.”

Dong Ziyuan listened to Shen Chuchu’s request and answered, “Okay.”

When she arrived at the designated restaurant, Shen Chuchu saw Dong Ziyuan sitting in the seat from a distance. There was a bleak look on his face, not at all like the strange overbearing bully he sounded on the phone. This person really had a thousand different appearances every time they met. Such a strange person.

Shen Chuchu walked forward and silently sat down.

When Shen Chuchu sat down, Dong Ziyuan’s drooping eyes moved slightly. After a long while, he raised his head and gazed at Shen Chuchu in front of him with sharp eyes.

“How can I help you, Mr Dong?”

Dong Ziyuan did not answer the question but asked, “How did you know that our housekeeper wanted to push my mother down the stairs?”

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