When Shen Chuchu arrived home after the company’s commercial was completed, it was already midnight and she was on the verge of falling asleep in the elevator. She happened to overhear a conversation when she finally arrived on the twelfth floor and exited the elevator. When she turned around, she noticed two males discreetly watching her.

It had been a month since they  last saw each other. Shen Chuchu noticed he appeared to have lost some weight. His hair, on the other hand, appeared to be shorter and he seemed more energetic. It turns out a crew-cut is a good indicator of a man’s attractiveness.

Shen Chuchu endured the confusing emotions in her heart that she could not express clearly and smiled, “Mr. Han, long time no see.”

After a few seconds,  Han Xingyan replied, “Hello, Miss Shen.”

Zhang Teng shifted his gaze left and right and felt as if his presence was completely unnecessary.

Shen Chuchu smiled, nodded a greeting then opened her door. Han Xingyan’s gaze remained fixed at the room separated by a wall until the figure of Shen Chuchu vanished.

Zhang Teng flinched open his eyes and stared at his cousin in shock. Is this why his cousin agreed to give him the house, but afterwards took it back? So while his earlier guess was true, the person he guessed was incorrect?

“Hey cousin, Miss Shen already went inside.” He reminded in a low voice

Han Xingyan turned his gaze around, looked at his cousin, and said, “I’m only letting you stay for one day then you have to leave tomorrow.”

Hearing this, Zhang Teng was unfazed and followed his cousin through the door.

“Cousin, do you like Shen Chuchu?”

Han Xingyan took off his jacket, loosened his tie and asked, “Oh? You know her?”

Zhang Teng nodded, “Of course, isn’t she a celebrity? After seeing a movie the last time, some male guy in another department liked her so much that he changed his computer background to her picture.”

Han Xingyan’s hands paused for a moment, “Who?”

“Huh?” Zhang Teng confusedly answered.

Han Xingyan frowned when he saw his cousin’s dumb expression and asked again, “I asked what is the name of that employee.”

Zhang Teng opened his mouth slightly and looked at his cousin in shock. Did he want to manage this too? This must be a joke. It’s only that his solemn demeanour as if he was dealing with a multimillion-dollar deal gave the impression that he was taking this topic seriously. He gulped after blinking a few times.

“Well, actually cousin, I’m not sure who it was.” What a joke, he was not the type to give his employer a minor report and how can he betray his friends.

“From the logistics department?” Han Xingyan inquired, cautiously loosening his tie.

Zhang Teng dryly laughed and replied. “No cousin, I don’t just stay in one department.”

“Then it must be the PR department.”

“No cousin, it’s not something serious so why are you pursuing this matter.”

Han Xingyan gave Zhang Teng a stern side glance and remarked, “Not serious? As an employee of a large company, they should focus on their tasks rather than on female celebrities throughout working hours. Such behaviour can have a significant impact on a company’s operations and image. Is this not serious?”

“Uh, huh, yes, cousin, you’re right.” Zhang Teng thought to himself, you are the CEO, everything you say is right.

“Secretary Wang, notify all departments tomorrow that the computer backgrounds of all employees of the company will be replaced by the company’s publicity photos.”

Zhang Teng looked at his cousin, who was engaged in a serious conversation with his secretary on the phone and wanted to say MMP* but no idea to whom. Is this man really his cousin, and is this really the young CEO who is so steadfast in the market? Isn’t it possible that someone has changed their minds?

*TL-note: This is a sexist expletive phrase from the Chongqing dialect. It means “Your mom is a prostitute.”

“Cousin, have you and Chuchu started dating? You must have been pursuing her for a while now?” Zhang Teng could not help but inquire the gossip when his cousin completed the phone call. He had a rough calculation and it must be nearly half a year now. If he is still not successful then this would make people laugh out loud. They stood face to face as if using one’s proximity to the powerful to obtain favor. If he failed then that really sucks. 

Unexpectandly, it lit up the bomb again and Han Xingyan’s expression became even colder.

“None of your business.”

Zhang Teng no longer knew how to describe his feelings as he listened to the tsundere expression and words. Is it really as what he has thought? He failed?

“Cousin, let me tell you that this won’t do. Girls these days don’t like cold types. You have to take the initiative. I knew there was no chance when I saw your attitude earlier towards Shen ChuChu. I’m just saying but your flirting skills are too weak.” Zhang Teng had an unintentional scornful expression on his face as he talked.

Han Xingyan stood straight as if something in his mind had been poked and replied, “If you don’t want to stay here then you can leave now.”

Then turned and left the living room. 

“Hey cousin, you…” Zhang Teng glared at his cousin, who walked away without displaying any emotion, and shouted at him a few times from behind. Zhang Teng caressed his chin as Han Xingyan shut the bedroom door, thinking, no, if he read it correctly, cousin’s ears appeared to be red?

So this time it was not fake. His cousin has someone he likes and this person is Shen Chuchu?

The more Zhang Teng thought about it, the more enthralled he grew. He gradually became unable to remain seated on the sofa. He walked around the living room and wondered if he should tell his aunt?

As he thought about it, the main bedroom door opened, “If my mum finds out about this you can’t stay in the country anymore. You will go overseas to uncle’s company.”

Afterwards, Han Xingyan took some clean clothes and went to the bathroom.

Zhang Teng pointed at his cousin and wanted to say something but after a while he said nothing. In the beginning, he was almost sent overseas by his father and he begged his cousin to avoid going overseas. If his cousin does not care about him then he may really have to go overseas. This cannot do!

However, when Zhang Teng heard the sound of running water coming from the bathroom, he became even more convinced that his cousin liked Shen Chuchu! Or else he would not have threatened him. It was amazing that the always cautious and astute cousin could reveal his secrets in this manner. It really is surprisingly easy!

The next morning, Han Xingyan woke up early. Zhang Teng also woke up early so he could catch a ride with his cousin. However, his cousin was in the living room looking over business plans.

“Cousin, are you not going to work? You are going to be late.”

Han Xingyan did not look at Zhang Teng and calmly turned the page, “No rush, a little longer.”

Zhang Teng curiously looked at his cousin. If there was no rush then why did he wake up so early? However he needed a ride so he had no choice but to take out his mobile phone and play with it.

Suddenly his cousin stood up and said, “Quickly, we must go.”


Shortly after, his cousin put his shoes on with lightning speed. His cousin looked over with chilly eyes and murmured in a low voice while he was still stunned, “If you don’t get a move on then you can get there yourself.” He then opened the door.

Zhang Teng quickly put on his shoes when he heard this. Once he stepped out of the house, he finally understood his cousin’s strange behaviour.

“Miss Shen, what a coincidence.”

“Hello.” Shen Chuchu grinned and greeted the young man who resembled Han Xingyan in appearance.

When Zhang Teng noticed Shen Chuchu’s kind demeanour, he took out his phone and said, ignoring his cousin’s menacing face. “Miss Shen, I really like that movie you were in. I’ve liked you since the jewellery advertisement you did for Han Group. So could I get a photo with you?”

This was the first time such a handsome man had complimented Shen Chuchu in public so she felt both happy and uneasy. As a result, she raised her head and cast a glance at Han Xingyan. When she noticed his expressionless face, she pursed her lips, smiled and said, “Sure, thank you for liking it.”

Afterwards, they took a selfie together.

The entire time, Han Xingyan had an expression of indifference.

Han Xingyan was the first to enter the elevator when it opened. He responded coldly, looking at the two persons speaking pleasantly outside the door, “Are you not coming in?”

 Zhang Teng’s heart trembled slightly when he heard his cousin’s cold tone that could freeze him to death but he bit the bullet and continued to speak with Shen Chuchu.

“Chuchu, you first.”

Shen Chuchu carefully glanced at Han Xingyan’s expression and smiled awkwardly. She felt as though she had provoked the CEO in some way, and the mood had been sour from the start.

Zhang Teng began asking for Shen Chuchu’s signature as soon as he entered the elevator. Then even asked for her WeChat*.

TL-note: WeChat is a Chinese multi-purpose instant messaging, social media and mobile payment app developed by Tencent.

Shen Chuchu initially did not give it but Zhang Teng rolled his eyes and pointed at Han Xingyan, “Chuchu, I am his younger cousin. Not some bad person so don’t worry.”

Shen Chuchu had already guessed they must be related and smiled, “So you are CEO Han’s cousin.”

Afterwards, Zhang Teng successfully got Shen Chuchu’s WeChat.

Inside the car, Zhang Teng said something that made Han Xingyan’s face darken even more. “Cousin, did you see? You should pursue girls like me. Plus, I even got a selfie and her Wechat.”

“Today you will…” report to the Logistics Department!

Zhang Teng hurriedly added before he could finish, “However, I don’t believe Chu Chu is uninterested in you. She merely gave me her WeChat for your sake, you see. She would not have given it if it weren’t for you. Do you not agree, cousin?” He certainly did not want to go to the Logistic Department. It is much nicer to be in PR!

As a result, Han Xingyan’s expression became much better.

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