This is strange, Shen Chuchu thought. Although she has never been in a relationship before, she sensed that something was awry, no matter how slow her feelings were.

Along the way here, she had been thinking about all the small things she and Han Xingyan had experienced since they met. From their first meeting till now, he had appeared to be quite enthusiastic about her. However, based on his appearance and the things she had heard, he did not appear to be a particularly enthusiastic person. So, what exactly is his motivation for doing this?

Furthermore, he had just disclosed a great deal to her. This usually caused people to think too much…

Han Xingyan moved to touch the steering wheel, looked ahead, and remarked with a shake of his head, “No, the business was located in the next city. I travelled to Hengdian on a specific visit.”

“So, what brought you here on a specific trip? Has something happened? Or… are you here to see someone? Shen Chuchu asked while holding her breath.

“What do you think, Miss Shen?” Han Xingyan’s gaze shifted over once again.

“I…I don’t know.” Shen Chuchu nervously replied while shaking her head mechanically.

When Han Xingyan heard this answer, he sighed deeply and said, “Miss Shen, you…”

Han Xingyan was about to say something when suddenly his cell phone rang. When he realised it was his mother’s phone number, he apologised to Shen Chuchu and took the call.

“Xingyan, where are you? Your Grandfather has suddenly become ill. Can you rush home tonight? I am on the way to the hospital with your father right now. If you are not too busy, rush back quickly.”

When Han Xingyan heard these words, his heart tightened and said, “I am on my way.”

After hanging up the phone, Han Xingyan locked his gaze on Shen Chuchu for a few moments. He wished he could say something but he did not.

“Sorry, Miss Shen. I have to rush away because something has happened at home.”

“Shen Chuchu had just heard a few sentences and responded quickly, “No worries, you go ahead. However, you shouldn’t worry too much, it will get better. “

Han Xingyan pursed his lips and smiled, “Yes, thanks.”

Han Xingyan restarted the car when Shen Chuchu’s back had vanished from view.

Shen Chuchu had a rare night of insomnia after returning to the hotel. Thankfully, she did not have any parts to film the next day, otherwise, Director Tian would have scolded her again.

After a week of filming, Shen Chuchu’s parts were wrapped up for the time being. In a month, the rest of the footage would be shot.

The company happened to pick up an ad for her so she jumped at the opportunity to shoot.

She experienced some sense of stardom after stepping off the plane. Some people in the crowd mentioned her name from time to time and some even secretly took pictures of her. She had never experienced anything like this before.

She sat in the car and kept smiling. Without asking Shen Chuchu, Wang Qian said directly, “Boss, it looks like you’ll be famous soon. You already have fans.”

Shen Chuchu’s heart swelled with joy as she remembered the girls who had arrived to greet the plane. Is this the charm of becoming an actor?

Wang Jing approached Shen Chuchu after learning that she had returned from Hengdian. This time, she had good news to share with Shen Chuchu. Lately, she was interested in a man who pursued her but she was undecided about whether or not to accept his advances. Considering Shen Chuchu’s unique characteristics in this regard, she wanted to speak with her and hear her thoughts.

Naturally, Shen Chuchu was also very willing to advise Wang Jing.

As a result, after seeing the picture of the man. Shen Chuchu discovered that he was not Wang Jing’s future husband. This really stumped her. It was the first time that she had encountered such a difficult problem.

Wang Jing, upon seeing Shen Chuchu frowning at the phone, asked uneasily, “Chuchu, Is there something wrong with him, or is he just as odd as my previous guy?”

Shen Chuchu raised her head and looked at Wang Jing’s uneasiness then grinned as she figured it out, “That isn’t the case. However, you two do not appear to be fated as a married couple. However, nevertheless, it shouldn’t be a problem to become boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Wang Jing exhaled a sigh of relief as she listened to Shen Chuchu’s words and smiled, “I thought I was unlucky enough to meet another scumbag. It makes no difference if we don’t end in marriage. How many people in modern society have the opportunity to meet their future husbands when they fall in love? The probability of that happening is far too small.”

Shen Chuchu nodded, “That’s right. You might be able to figure out what kind of individual is more suitable for you after a few more dates.”

Wang Jing nodded in agreement and said, “That’s exactly what I’m referring to. On the other hand Chuchu, you don’t appear to be in love. Do you have someone you like? After all, there are so many temptations in the entertainment industry.”

Shen Chuchu immediately wanted to deny after hearing this, but someone sprang to mind. She shook her head, thinking the individual had not even contacted her in over half a month, and said, “Not yet, I want to focus on my career first. I will date after  my place in the circle has solidified.”

Wang Jing patted Shen Chuchu’s shoulder, “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Instead, relax and pursue boldly when you meet the right person.”

Shen Chuchu smiled but knew in her heart that it was fated that she would not be able to meet and pursue the right person because she has such a system. Because every time she opened another person’s marriage system, she discovered that the other person’s wife was not herself, so what desires could she have?

Also, whenever she met handsome and attractive male celebrities, all her emotions disappeared after looking at their marriage systems. He Chen clearly exemplifies this notion. She had no other feelings for these people’s lives. It was as if she was the third party that wanted to ruin other people’s feelings every time a trace of emotion surfaces.

Shen Chuchu laughed, “Let’s not talk about this and find a place to take a break.”

Wang Jing readily agreed to this proposal.

She sat down comfortably in the coffee shop on the first floor of the Central Department Store and listened to the melodious music. The tiredness from even going around the street for an afternoon reduced significantly.

As they chatted, Shen Chuchu suddenly felt the middle-aged woman who strolled diagonally across from them was somewhat familiar. 

She thought about the places she has been to recently. Could it be Hengdian? Not likely.

Maybe it was someone she had matched? However, she had not matched anyone older recently.

She could still not recall by the time the other person sat down with her back to her.

“What are you looking at Chuchu?”

Wang Jing turned around suspiciously and glanced at Shen Chuchu’s gaze as she spoke, then her eyes instantly lit up.

Shen Chuchu was about to respond that she had not seen anything when Wang Jing exclaimed joyfully from the other side, “Chuchu, you have excellent eyesight. That man appears to be an elite man of high quality. I think I’ve seen him somewhere. You can consider it.”

Shen Chuchu was perplexed as she listened to Wang Jing’s statements. An elite man of the finest quality? But what she just saw was a middle-aged aunt. Shen Chuchu pondered this and looked over again, this time noting that the young man seated across the middle-aged woman was also smiling at her.

Shen Chuchu studied the person with wide eyes, she recognised him! Was this not the guy she met on the plane to Hengdian? She did not think the other party would remember her. Shen Chuchu had hoped that the other party would forget about the slightly uncomfortable situation that day. Clearly, her expectations did not come true.

Since the other party smiled kindly at her, Shen Chuchu also smiled at the other party.

Wang Jing shifted her gaze from Shen Chuchu to the man, as though observing something weird. She mumbled quietly as she turned around, “No wonder you stared at that man for a long time, it turns out that you know each other. “

Shen Chuchu was afraid of Wang Jing’s misunderstanding and explained, “Not really, I had only met him once on a plane.”

Wang Jing nodded, the expression on her face became more excited, “What a romantic encounter. Chuchu, isn’t it a coincidence? We were still discussing this issue just now and fate has arrived. If you don’t grasp this one, it would be a pity. “

Shen Chuchu had no idea how to respond to Wang Jing’s statements and she could not explain what happened the previous time. However, because the other party was close by and because of Wang Jing’s comments, she swiftly opened the other party’s marriage system and looked through it, concentrating on the other party’s spouse’s name.

When she realised it wasn’t her name, she snapped back to reality. The entire procedure took less than five seconds. Shen Chuchu remarked after taking a sip of coffee, “This person is not my future husband at first glance, so I don’t want to try. Besides, I don’t feel anything for him. “

Wang Jing no longer said anything when Shen Chuchu said it like that. The two people turned their heads and chatted about other things. But as they were chatting about work-related stuff, Wang Jing suddenly raised her voice and said: “I remember!”

Shen Chuchu lifted her head and waited for her to continue. This kind of sentence without beginning and end easily raised people’s curiosity.

Wang Jing also noticed that her voice seemed to be louder as she saw the curious looks from the individuals at the tables around her. With her eyes and motions, she apologised to others before whispering to Shen Chuchu, “I recognised the guy in the back left corner. That individual is Dong Group’s “prince”. It’s surprising that this person would show up at this cafe.”

Shen Chuchu was stunned when she heard these words and asked, “What did you say his surname was?”

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