When the director started shooting again, Shen Chuchu found that Qin Yingran was no longer angry but had become more polite towards her. Which caused Shen Chuchu to sneer at her. A bully who just picks on the weak?

Afterwards, with Qin Yingran’s cooperation, they both worked well. Apart from a few bad shots from Qin Yingran, everything else went smoothly.

Next, the crew all stayed put. Apart from Qin Yingran threatening her on the first day, everyone else was very polite and kind towards her. After all, she held the identity of Director Chang’s god-daughter. Director Chang was a pivotal director in the industry so most people would not dare to offend him so easily. 

Therefore during these two weeks, Shen Chuchu observed Jiang Yan and He Chen while filming and felt her life was very fulfilled. 

On this day, Shen Chuchu was sitting in the corridor looking at her script when someone called her with joy. She looked up and it was He Chen.

“Chuchu, look! The box office for our movie has surpassed a billion.”

When Shen Chuchu heard this, she quickly opened her phone. She looked at the real-time box office numbers and a smile appeared on her face, “According to this, does that mean I can say that my first film made over a billion?”

He Chen frowned and nodded, “It’s a little shameless but there is nothing wrong in saying it.”

Shen Chuchu and He Chen had filmed together twice already so the two of them were familiar with each other hence their conversations were very casual.

“Thank you, Mr He-Film Emperor. However, for a newcomer like myself, I probably should not talk a lot of nonsense.”

After some more chatting, He Chen went to prepare for filming. At this moment, Jiang Yan happened to walk over.

“What were you both talking about to be smiling so happily?” Jiang Yan casually asked.

Because of the existence of the system, Shen Chuchu knew the relationship between Jiang Yan and He Chen, so she did not take Jiang Yan’s question lightly.

“We were talking about the box office numbers for [World]. It surpassed over a billion.”

Jiang Yan said with admiration, “Congratulations, it is not easy to make it over a billion.”

Shen Chuchu thought about it then laughed, “Congratulations are indeed in order. However, I was a small part of the film but our Film Emperor-He Chen is the protagonist so we should also congratulate him.”

Afterwards, Shen Chuchu carefully observed Jiang Yan’s expression. As expected, Jiang Yan awkwardly replied, “What’s the use of congratulating him. He has already been in several films that have made over a billion so he would have stopped caring about it a long time ago right?”

Shen Chuchu smiled and said, “Not necessarily. Perhaps he does not care about other people but if you congratulate him then he would be happy.”

Jiang Yan was stunned to hear this from Shen Chuchu and asked, “Really? Why do you say so?”

Shen Chuchu pretended to be shocked and said, “Of course. Haven’t you noticed how much He Chen cares about your opinions when filming? Every time he gets praise from you, he acts even more seriously. Director Tian even praised him because of this.”

“Really…Really?” Jiang Yan asked uncertainly.

“Of course it is true.” Shen Chuchu firmly replied.

“Well even if that is the case, I don’t want to congratulate him.” Jiang Yan murmured.

Shen Chuchu had always been very curious about one thing. Since the atmosphere was just right and the timing was right, she could not help but ask, “I’ve been wanting to ask this from the start. Are you dissatisfied with He Chen being the leading actor? Why?”

Jiang Yan seemed to remember something and pursed the corners of her lips, “Not dissatisfied. It’s his fault for saying that about me before.”

“Huh…say what?”

Jiang Yan glanced at Shen Chuchu then at their surroundings and angrily replied, “He laughed at my pen name in the beginning. ‘Why is it ‘magma’? Does it mean this author’s temper is as big as a volcano?’

Shen Chuchu wanted to laugh when she heard this. Was this the reason why their fate started in the first place? However, looking at Jiang Yan’s angry expression, Shen Chuchu tried her best to restrain herself from laughing.

Afterwards, Shen Chuchu listened to Jiang Yan as she used various ways to call out He Chen. As she listened, a smile appeared unconsciously on her face.

“Chuchu, I am telling you about all his bad sides and you are smiling?” Jiang Yan complained.

Shen Chuchu was stunned and touched her face then said, “No, I did not smile.”

Jiang Yan glanced at the lying Shen Chuchu and said, “You did smile but won’t admit it.”

Shen Chuchu saw that Jiang Yan was not actually angry so she did not explain and said with a smile, “Don’t you think that you and He Chen are meant to be together? Doesn’t this feel like the relationship of an archenemy mentioned in novels?”

When Jiang Yan heard this, she immediately exploded and said, “No way, more like an ill-fated relationship.”

Shen Chuchu wanted to add some more but a worker from a distance called her to the set. She smiled and said, “Well even so it’s still a relationship. Anyways I have to go now, talk to you next time.”

When she went on set, Shen Chuchu just happened to see Qin Yingran leave. She had not seen Qin Yingran in several days now since Qin Yingran does not have many parts as a supporting role. According to rumours, Qin Yingran was originally scheduled to film for three days but she left after two days due to something. This time she must be here to shoot the last part. Fortunately, the later scenes had nothing to do with Shen Chuchu and she didn’t have to face her anymore.

The two of them passed each other with a slight smile and parted ways. 

Shen Chuchu’s scenes did not finish shooting until late in the evening. In one scene, Shen Chuchu did not feel right no matter how she acted and too much time was wasted in the middle. Afterwards, she dragged her tired body away and went to change clothes. As a result, she heard some gossip in the changing room.

“Oh? Isn’t this Qin Yingran’s things? Didn’t she finish already? Did she forget to take it?” A worker remarked.

Another person whispered, “No, she hasn’t left yet. Apparently, someone is coming to pick her up.”

“Oh? Who?”

“Who else. The rumoured boyfriend. CEO Han of the Han Group.”

“What? CEO Han of the Han Group? Is it the unsmiling but handsome young president?”

“Yes, who else apart from him. I initially thought the gossip was fake and I really did not expect that Qin Yingran would manage to get CEO Han into her hands. That’s really enviable.”

“Right? CEO Han is so handsome. Li-jie, do you know where they are? I really want to see the president in the flesh. I wonder if he is even more handsome than what the reporters make him out to be?”

Shen Chuchu frowned as she listened to the chattering of the workers and her mood became even more irritable. She felt unable to do a good job of removing her makeup. With her irritable mood, Shen Chuchu pushed hard with one hand and the cotton pad fell from her hands which caused her fingernails to scratch her face.


Wang Qian who was standing next to Shen Chuchu and passing items to her saw Shen Chuchu’s movements and said anxiously, “Boss, what happened. Did you scratch your face? Don’t touch it with your hands, I’ll wipe it for you with some clean water.”

Shen Chuchu moved her hand away and looked at her face in the mirror. She discouragingly replied, “Don’t worry, the skin doesn’t look broken. I’m almost finished taking the makeup off so don’t bother.”

“But, your face…”

“No buts, I am fine.” Shen Chuchu said this as she picked up another cotton pad, dipped it in makeup remover and continued to wipe.

Although Wang Qian did not agree with Shen Chuchu’s approach, she did not persuade her anymore. She felt the boss was not in a good mood since this afternoon’s shooting but did not understand how it became even worse.

After a while, Shen Chuchu removed her makeup and picked up a compact mirror to look at the red line on her face. Fortunately, the skin was not broken and the stroke was not too deep. If you do not look carefully, you would not see a thing.

Shen Chuchu tucked away the compact mirror and stared at the large mirror in front of her. She did not put on any more makeup so the skin would not get infected.

After exiting the door, Shen Chuchu got ready to leave with Wang Qian.

After a short distance, Shen Chuchu saw Qin Yingran with her assistant walking towards them and they met again unwillingly. When Qin Yingran saw Shen Chuchu, she unusually stopped to greet her, “Chuchu, are you going?”

Shen Chuchu forced a smile and replied, “Yes, I’m going now.”

After a brief greeting, they both parted ways.

As she approached her lift, Shen Chuchu could see two people standing in the distance. As it was quite dark, she could not make out who they were.

After getting a bit closer, they stopped talking and both turned around.

The smile on one of their’s faces deepened and he stepped forward, “Miss Shen, are you finished shooting? Our boss wants to see you.”

After hearing this, Shen Chuchu suddenly felt this was very ridiculous. She looked at Secretary Wang with a smile yet not a smile and said indifferently, “No time.”

When did she become a concubine in his harem? Demanding to see her! Moreover, this “emperor” seems to be very busy. Is he recruiting another beautiful woman after just seeing one? He did not even ask whether she would agree or not.

Afterwards, Shen Chuchu walked past Secretary Wang, opened the car door and got in.

Secretary Wang was a little confused and muttered, “But…”

However, the response was a “bang” as she closed the door.

Once seated, Shen Chuchu said, “Start the car.”

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