Han Xingyan thought to himself, he had not kept a mistress but rather that bank card was Shen Chuchu’s. On the matter of keeping a mistress then it was Shen Chuchu…

“I have not kept a mistress and she is also not my girlfriend.”

“Ah, not a girlfriend?” His mother disappointedly said. 

His father looked disapprovingly at his glance then coldly looked at his son and said, “Really or are you lying to us? Don’t think that I can’t investigate this.”

Faced with the distrust of his parents, Han Xinyan recalled that day at the cafe and explained, “That day I did indeed meet an actress at a cafe but it was to return her card and not the other way round. Previously, I helped her so she gave me this card. I wanted to give it back to her but she refused.”

His mother was very interested and asked, “Who is this actress? What’s her name? Have I heard of her before?”

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