Frankly, Shen Chuchu was a nobody during those four years at university. She was very beautiful but had never received the treatment reserved for beauties. The reason was  Shen Chuchu had caused an uproar when she passed the university entrance exam for the Imperial Finance Department.

However, Shen Chuchu’s level was clearly not enough for a well-known university and major in the country. She even had a hard time coping with the usual exams. In the first semester, she failed four assignments out of ten. For one particular assignment, she had to seek help from her classmates and only managed to pass after two attempts.

Therefore, she spent all four years in books during university. Subjects that others could easily pass, she had to put a lot of work in order to pass. When others were dating, she was studying. Even when others were shopping, she was still studying. She had never been a bookworm in high school but became one in university. 

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