As she read the comments either about her or the jewellery, Shen Chuchu suddenly itched to see the advertisement with her own eyes at the plaza*.

*TL-note: A plaza or pedestrian plaza, or place is an open urban public space, such as a city square.

However, the weather was cold and she had not been out for a long time…what would she do if someone recognised her? Shen Chuchu thought about it and gave up on the idea.

The effect of the Han Group advertisement was immediate. The post was sent out on Weibo at ten this morning and by bedtime, Shen Chuchu had gained over a thousand new followers. Her new follower count was now around twelve thousand. She would most definitely not reveal that those ten thousand followers were all bot accounts that had been bought by the company because it was embarrassing to look at. 

Compared to her follower count on her matchmaking Weibo account, the follower count on this account was simply not enough.

At this thought, Shen Chuchu remembered and logged into her matchmaking account as she had still not completed the free matchmaking service on her Weibo today.

She opened her latest post and scrolled down then stopped her finger. It would be this girl!

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