After examining Yu Yiting’s marriage system, Shen Chuchu found out that he would have a total of three different wives and the first wife was precisely her Taobao client.

Shen Chuchu put the plastic surgery aside because she realised there was one thing different between her client’s system and Yu Yiting’s.

[Encounter Reason: Initiated interaction in order to get into the entertainment circle.]

From the marriage system, it was shown that Yu Yiting and her client met in March last year.

Shen Chuchu quickly searched about Yu Yiting and found out that prior to May last year, he had only starred in several small advertisements. Moreover, at that time he was with an unknown management company. In June, Yu Yiting was suddenly paid a large figure of a penalty fee and went to his current entertainment company, which was one of the best entertainment companies in China.

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