Chapter 32 – My man is number one in the world


For a long while, Chu Xi was unable to find an appropriate rebuttal. “You, you…”

The sound of water could still be heard from the bathroom. Su Yi was reclined on the sofa. “What about me?”

“You female celebrities always try to get close to my brother!” Chu Xi said, angrily. “My brother is not like the others, he doesn’t play those games you play in your industry!”

Su Yi found it funny. “What games in my industry?”

“Sleeping with the other to get resources and all that…”

Su Yi got up, picked up a grape and put it in her mouth. “All this rubbish, where did you even hear it from?”

“What, what rubbish,” Chu Xi said, but as she went on her volume lowered. “I didn’t randomly hear them, I’ve experienced it myself!”

Su Yi snuck a glance at the door to the bathroom. It was tightly shut, so she lowered her voice and said with disbelief, “You slept with a male celebrity???”

Chu Xi was shocked. “What are you talking about!”

“… didn’t you say, you experienced it yourself?”

“My previous boyfriend, not me!”

“What?” Su Yi sat upright. “Aren’t you in university? How old is your boyfriend to be sleeping with female celebrities?”

“Why did he have to go sleep with someone?!” Just bringing this up incensed Chu Xi. She tried to stifle it as she said, “He’s as old as I am.”

Su Yi finished her grape and understood.

“Is he the one who was slept with?”


Alright, the young people nowadays really know how to play.

“Last time when you went to the bar, was it for this?”

Chu Xi was dumbfounded. “How did you know about me going to the bar?”

Su Yi didn’t reply. “Drinking to that point for a scum, is it worth it?”

Chu Xi paused for awhile before getting it. “That woman that night was you?”

“Did you get your revenge?”

“What revenge?”

Su Yi was confused. “You didn’t only go drinking after being cheated on.”

Chu Xi said, “What else can I do…”

Su Yi rolled her eyes.

So all your spunk is used just on me, huh?!

She was about to say something when the sound of water stopped.

“Your brother’s coming out, note down my WeChat, when I have time I’ll teach you.”

Chu Xi was confused. “Teach me what?”

“Do you want to get revenge on that scum?”

The other side silent for a while, then there was the sound of paper tearing. “… go on.”

After sharing her number, Su Yi said, “Alright, sleep earlier. My phone’s broke, so I can’t reply yet. Also, even if the industry’s dirty, not everyone’s willing to do those things.”

After hanging up, Chu Xi stared at the WeChat number, yet come back to herself.

When Chu Ying stepped out, the Su Yi, looking ever so obedient as she held the phone, said, “Chu Xi called you, I accidentally answered it.”

Chu Ying had originally planned to sit beside her. But he changed his mind and sat on the sofa to the side. “Did she provoke you?”

“No, girls that age tend to overthink.”

Chu Ying reminded her. “She’s only a few years younger than you.”

Su Yi changed the topic. “Why are you sitting so far away?”

“I’m cold.”

It was about to enter autumn, so at night it’s a little cold. He stood under cold water for almost ten minutes, at the moment he was practically emitting cold air.

Su Yi didn’t care at all, crooking a finger at him: “Come over here, I’ll warm you up.”

Chu Ying’s hand was huge, Su Yi needed two hands to hold it.

At night, Su Yi thought up of four whole excuses before she managed to get into Chu Ying’s bed.

During her periods she tended to have cold feet that wasn’t helped by blankets. Her back was against Chu Ying’s chest, her legs were unnaturally positioned in front of her while she went through Weibo on the IPad Chu Ying brought.

“Your position is wrong,” Chu Ying said. “If you sleep like this your legs will go numb.”

Su Yi could clearly feel the vibrations in the guy’s chest as he spoke.

She obediently curled her legs further in, accidentally touching the guy’s shin. She paused, but before she could pull it back it was caught.

“Your legs are so cold?”

Su Yi couldn’t help laughing, then leaning back she looked up and asked, “Aren’t we like the little animals gaining warmth from each other?”

When she finished speaking, still smiling she turned back and continued looking through Weibo.

Chu Ying’s eyes darkened before he closed them, trying to calm down.

All that he had gleaned from all those techniques he used to do to calm himself, had been fed to the dogs.

As Su Yi scrolled, she came across a Weibo posted five minutes ago.

[Liang Bov: I apologise, in the next three months I will cancel all pertinent schedules and focus on adjusting my mind.]

Below that was the official account of a TV show, the one Liang Bo had recently been playing main lead in, currently airing their new main male lead.

Although this Weibo was pretty much Liang Bo admitting to what he did, as he used the right words and made himself appear really regretful, the comments below were all trying to comfort him, the top few even attempting to cloud people’s eyes and make them look elsewhere.

[Haters open your eyes and see clearer alright? Which part of this Weibo is an admission to trying to put himself in the spotlight?]

[Is Bo Bo threatened by Su Yi’s sugar daddy, I’m so worried.]

[Definitely, even that huge IP is going to change an actor, the entertainment industry is too dirty, Bo Bo don’t be sad, we’ll always be with you!]

Su Yi paused, and asked the person behind. “You did that?”

Chu Ying looked up at the screen and first let out an affirmative hmm, then picked up the phone on the bedside table.

The assistant didn’t expect a call from the boss at this time, his voice even raised a few decibels. “Director Chu, anything you want me to do!”

“Ask Liang Bo to post another Weibo,” Chu Ying said coldly. “Tell him that if he tries to play with words, there’s no more room for discussion.”

His voice was really soft. When he returned to bed, he found that Su Yi had already slept, still holding the iPad.

Chu Ying reached out, carefully pulled the tablet out of her hand and planted a kiss on her face.


The second day, Su Yi was woken up by the sun.

She rubbed her eyes open and was greeted by a beam of sunlight so bright it hurt her eyes.

She reached to her side and realised it was empty. She blinked and sat up.

Beside the bed the clock displayed.


Almost noon?!

With that, Yi was completely awake. She fixed her hair, slipped on the slippers and left the room.

Chu Ying was sitting on the sofa with his phone. Upon seeing her, he raised his hand and gestured for her to pass.

Su Yi didn’t, instead picked up a certain something and going to the bathroom.

When she came out Chu Ying had already hung up. “Clean up a little, let’s eat.”

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” Su Yi had already tied her hair up, a few stray curls fell around her ears, her face still covered in face-wash.

Chu Ying said, “It’s okay to sleep in.”

Su Yi pouted a little, saying softly, “But I’m going back today.” And I can’t see you.

She walked over, suddenly bending over and stealing a kiss from Chu Ying. Some of her face-wash got onto the guy’s face.

She was thus satisfied, but when she turned around preparing to escape she was caught by the person behind.

A pity, even after being caught… it didn’t seem like he could do anything.

In the end, the two went to wash their face in the bathroom together.

After tidying up, they went to the restaurant.

As it was a restaurant that catered only for the executive rooms and the themed suites, there weren’t many people around. When they went in, only a few tables were occupied.

Yesterday, their news circulated on Weibo; anyone who paid attention to Weibo knew that Su Yi was at Disney. Not long after they sat down, someone came over.

It was a boy who looked maybe seventeen or eighteen. He was holding a pen and paper, his head as low as it could get as he shyly said, “That, hello, are you Su Yi?”

Su Yi smiled. “Hello.”

“I al… always…” After stuttering for quite a while, the boy finally managed to smoothly continue. “I’ve always liked you, really liked you. Can you give me an autograph?”

“Of course!” Su Yi took the pen and paper, signed it and spoke humbly and politely. “Thanks for liking me, I didn’t realise I had a fan this young and adorable.”

Chu Ying raised an eyebrow, his cutleries pausing for half a second.

“Of course,” the boy said with conviction. “Not only me, quite a few of my classmates like you too.” His cheeks were red, as if it had taken him all the courage he had. “You’ve always been our goddess!”

After the boy left, Chu Ying side-eyed her and said, “Goddess?”

Su Yi tried to hold back her laughter. “Here, what is it, you are my little fan too.”

Chu Ying said, “Yeah, goddess, give me an autograph too.”

Su Yi licked her lips, and decided to try negotiating. “Then can I sleep with my fan?”

Just when she’d finished speaking a piece of steak was stuffed in her mouth.


As the journey was a little long, they had to start at noon. On the way back, unhappy was written in bold on Su Yi’s face.

Chu Ying said, “Stop pouting.”

Su Yi turned her head to the side. “Are you going back to Beijing soon or not?”

“Yeah, the day after tomorrow.”

Her pout deepened.

The two first returned to Su Yi’s hotel. Once Chu Ying had carted the luggage up, his assistant called.

To make time for this, he changed a lot of his schedule. For the next two days, he had back to back meetings.

“Director Chu, I’ve checked. Every month, the Assistant Director gives that Manager some money, and it’s not a small sum,” the assistant said. “And that Manager is someone the Assistant Director brought into the company. Neither of them has ever mentioned it, only the HR Manager was privy to this.”

“Okay, get things ready. We will have a meeting at 6 pm.”

Once he’d hung up, Su Yi sat on the floor unpacking and urged him. “It’s 5.30 already, if you still don’t leave you’ll be late, Big Boss.”

Chu Ying walked over to her, squatted down and lightly kissed her.

“Goodbye kiss.”

That block of wood has finally developed some feelings. So touching.

Su Yi was thus satisfied, following him and sending him off with her eyes until the elevator.

“You watching the husband stone again.”

Wu Xue had already seen them earlier, and made sure she came out at the appropriate time. She handed Su Yi the new phone.

Su Yi opened the box, asking her, “Nothing happened these past two days, right?”

“Something did happen, big news in the entertainment industry.” Wu Xue sneered. “There’s some new dirt on Liang Bo, he’s almost done for.”

Su Yi was not the most interested, letting out an ‘oh’ before entering the house.

“There’s nothing wrong with you, is there? Why is it that you’ve gone for two days and still look like you haven’t gotten enough?” The two were so used to sex jokes. Wu Xue, following behind her, casually followed up with, “Director Chu cannot fulfil you in bed?”

Su Yi immediately stopped.

No one was allowed to say that her guy ‘cannot’.

She didn’t even blink as she blurted out. “Rubbish! My man is number one in the world!”


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