Chapter 31 – Adult business


“Magician?” Chu Ying frowned. “One room?”

The staff at the front desk nodded and repeated, “Yes, we have it here that you have made the booking on Thursday night for one Magician suite.”

Su Yi kept herself from giggling and said, “Are we good to go magician?”

Chu Ying was speechless.

A bellboy led their way to the suite, but stopped right at the door before smiling and taking leave.

Chu Ying picked up the luggage and tapped open the door.

When the door opened, something floated out, he instinctively protected the person behind him.

When he looked closer, it was a pink balloon.

Su Yi pushed open the door and paused in surprise at what greeted her.

Balloons at the ceiling, a rose petal heart by the door, it was possible to vaguely see some bottles of wine and dolls on the table.

A typical proposal scene!

Chu Ying’s face was filled with rare emotions. His eyes were squeezed a little shut, eyebrows tightened, confusion written all over his face.

Su Yi finally couldn’t hold it in anymore. She leant on his shoulder and laughed lowly.

Chu Ying looked to his side. Her hair was moving with her movement, the fragrance more obvious, and her ears showed from time to time.

He raised a hand, patting Su Yi on the head a few times. “My assistant booked it, don’t laugh.”

A command, albeit with a hint of laughter. Su Yi got up, laughing even brighter, entering the room first.

The moment she went in, she felt something off.

This suite, why was there two bedrooms!!!

She first looked at the one up top. The bed was empty and clean, a normal bedroom, while the other had roses on the bed as well as a couple of bears hugging each other.

So, why was it a double bedroom suite?!

As expected, the moment Chu Ying came in he asked, “Which room do you want?” When he finished speaking he even went in to look at both before saying, “This one has a full view.”

Which room is not important, what’s important is that I want to sleep with you!

Su Yi watched helplessly as he dragged her luggage into the room with the full view.

Chu Ying came out and saw that she was still standing. “What is it?”

The words stayed in her throat for a long while, but what she ended up saying was, “I lost my phone, I’m afraid that Wu Xue would worry now that she can’t contact me.”

Chu Ying handed her the phone.

Before, she had seen a trending topic – how, nowadays, since the phone had all sorts of payment methods tied to it, many guys didn’t want their girls to look through their phones. Of course, most men’s phones had ambiguous conversations and messages with other people… and such.

But Chu Ying had always just handed her the phone, without a word, unlocking it, not even blinking.

Su Yi didn’t take it. “I don’t remember Wu Xue’s number.”

“I have it.”

Su Yi paused. “Why do you have it?”

Chu Ying said, “Isn’t she your agent? She called me before, so I saved it since it was convenient.”

She let out an ‘oh’, feeling gleeful, and took the phone.

When she’d saved her number, she’d saved it from the keypad and didn’t go through the contacts. It was now that she opened it that she realised that Chu Ying’s contact list was very clean and simple – other than her, every other person only had one word in their name. There were a few too, unlike Su Yi, who because she could not remember people’s numbers and know plenty of people, needed to scroll more than ten times to go through her contact.

Although there were very few contacts, she did still take awhile to find Wu Xue’s number.

… because Chu Ying’s name for her was a single ‘Jing (meaning Agent)’.

She went to the balcony.

Wu Xue picked up really fast. “Hello Director Chu, what is it?”

“Little Xue Xue.”

The other’s tone immediately changed. “You finally got in touch, I thought that you were really sold by Director Chu and was ready to call 110 (police).”

Su Yi did not believe it at all. “Is it, why do I feel that when you picked up Chu Ying’s phone you’re still quite friendly.”

“What else can I do, scold him? In that case not only wouldn’t I be able to find you again, I’d also lose my job, it’s not worth it.” When Wu Xue was done saying, she asked, “Tell me, why didn’t you pick up the phone the whole day, getting high?”

“I am getting a little high,” Su Yi said, leaning against the railings and looking at the scenery. “But it’s not that I’m not picking up your calls, I dropped my phone in the water.”

“What?” Wu Xue paused for a moment. “If it fell in the water, pick it up clean it and use it again.”

“I can’t pick it up, it fell into the river in a theme park.”

Wu Xue said, “You can’t contact the staff to go help you pick it up? You’re at least a celebrity, how could you just lose your phone?”

“It’s a boat ride item, there was a scene where it was supposed to sink to the bottom of the ocean. You know that I have a phobia of that, so when I thought about it I was already outside,” Su Yi said. “Nevermind, it’s not going to be found and even if it is found, it’s alright, my phone is really clean, there’s barely even a few selfies.”

Wu Xue said a lot on the other end, and Su Yi felt sleepy just listening to her. She turned around and glanced in the room, the guy must have just loosened his shoulders and neck, the muscles on his arms surfacing briefly with the movement.

Her sleepiness immediately disappeared. She stopped looking at him and said, “Alright Little Xue Xue, I’m going to hang up, go help me buy a phone.”

“Such a rush, I’m not even done speaking.” Wu Xue tsked, then asked, “Which brand?”

“Anything’s fine.”

With this, Su Yi hurriedly hung up and re-entered the room.

Chu Ying was sitting on the sofa peeling an apple. When he saw Su Yi come back, he put it near her mouth. “Done?”

Su Yi took a bite of the apple, her affirmation muffled as she returned the phone.

She sat beside Chu Ying and with the remote control turned the TV on. It was playing Beauty and the Beast.

Su Yi was not too interested in fairytales. She leant her head on Chu Ying’s shoulder and said, “Let’s open a bottle of wine?”

Chu Ying looked down at her. “You want to drink?”

Su Yi hurriedly nodded.

Chu Ying stopped looking and rejected her. “No.”


“I told you, your tolerance is too bad.”

“You don’t get drunk with red wine,” Su Yi refuted. “And I have a high tolerance, before when I drank with the crew no one can drink me under the table.”

Although she did not go to the meals, the opening feasts and closing parties for the shows she filmed were not ones she could really hide from.

Chu Ying side-eyed her. “You get drunk regularly?”

“It’s okay,” Su Yi said. “Last time there was a producer who kept toasting to me with Baijiu.”

Chu Ying had witnessed her tolerance before. Nevermind Baijiu, even one round of beer was enough for her to get high. He kept quiet, silently waiting for the next part.

Su Yi broke into a sly smile. “You guess, how did I deal with that?”

Chu Ying went with the flow. “Hmm?”

“Every two cups I’d go to the toilet and force myself to vomit.” She thought about it and continued. “I think I did this maybe four or five times. The other female celebrities vomit to slim down, not me, that was just to make sure he would get drunk before me. In the end, he got so drunk he fainted on the floor, even rolling around. You can just imagine how good that made me feel.” Here, she smiled with much satisfaction.

By now, the curve on Chu Ying’s lips had completely disappeared as he asked, almost nonchalantly, “Which producer?”

“I forgot,” Su Yi said. “In the end, that show never got around to being filmed till the end. We had barely started filming when his wife filed for divorce because he had sired a lot of bastards. The judge ruled him to pay a huge compensation and he wound up losing all his money, so he pulled out his investment.”

Here, she stopped the topic in time. She was here to sleep with him, not share stories!

There was only one big bathroom in the suite. She sat up, shook the apple in her hand and said, “You go wash first? I’m not done with the apple.”

Chu Ying took out a set of clothes from his black sports bag and went into the bathroom.

Su Yi hurriedly sneaked into her room, opened the luggage and took out the nightdress she spent the whole night picking, taking the small bottle of body wash along as well.

She placed the nightdress on the sofa and, the moment she heard the flowing water in the bathroom, she jogged over and knocked, snickering.

The sound stopped. “What is it?”

“I told you I wanted to bring you the same brand of body wash as me,” she said seriously.

Footsteps sounded from within. The guy pulled open the door, revealing his chest. He had a towel wrapped around his waist, and the water was trailing down his body- from his chest into the towel, the end unseen.

After a long time, the person in front was still holding a tiny bottle, staring at the upper half of his body in a daze. Chu Ying half smiled. “Hmm?”

Su Yi came back to herself, covered her nose and, having forgotten everything she had prepared earlier, stuffed the body wash into his hand before running away.

She never used to like muscular men.

But she started to after meeting Chu Ying. His body was the perfect inverse triangle, his muscles even and powerful, completely different from all those bodybuilders and fitness trainers with more brawn than brain and automatic voice changers!

Now that she was thinking about it, that gay make-up artist of hers had some really exaggerated muscles too.

… there really was a reason she didn’t used to like muscled men.

In the bathroom, Chu Ying placed the little bottle on the counter. When he looked, he saw that there were plenty of little boxes to the side.

Every hotel would put a few such items in the hotel bathroom, but the ones on the counter at the moment… looked like quite a lot more than usual. It was easy to guess that this was the assistant’s ‘caring touch’. There were only two brands there, one of the brands had multiple products.

He thought about it, kept half of the boxes and stuffed the rest in the drawer below the handwash.

After showering, he pulled open the door and saw Su Yi standing not that far away, hugging a nightdress and a bunch of bottles.

Chu Ying now roughly knew what she had in her big luggage.

Su Yi was a little nervous. She originally wanted to call and ask for help, but she realised she had no idea how to unlock Chu Ying’s phone. If only she knew, she would not have hung up so fast. She should have asked for more advice from Wu Xue first at least.

Chu Ying walked up and said, “Don’t stare, go wash up.”

Perhaps because he had just had a hot shower, the guy’s voice was particularly hoarse.

When Su Yi was walking into the bathroom, her legs were all shaky.

In the bathroom, she looked up at the mirror and realised that her cheeks were really red and rosy, looking as if she had just been roofied.

Nevermind. It’s not like there’s a difference, Chu Ying was practically a walking drug to her!

She washed particularly carefully. After blowing her hair dry, she stood in front of the mirror, looked through the things she brought in and started panicking a little.

Should she put on body lotion? She’s not sure if it’s edible.

She struggled over it internally for a while, and just when she made her decision and picked it up, she felt that there was something wrong with her body.


Living room.

Chu Ying was just about to call his assistant when Chu Xi’s call came in.

“Brother!” Chu Xi’s volume was loud. “I object to this!!!”

Chu Ying was confused.

“You’re with Su Yi right?!” Chu Xi said. “I watched the news, you’re both at Disney!”

Chu Ying was cold. “So?”

“Don’t, I don’t like her. I don’t want her as my sister-in-law.” Chu Xi was yowling. “Brother, have you forgotten, she’s cheating on people! Liang Bo and that rubbish bigshot…”

“Chu Xi.”

“What? I’m not done.”

Chu Ying said, “That bigshot is me.”


“You said earlier, dad confiscate your cards?” Chu Ying’s voice didn’t change. “You should spend these few months frugally.”

Chu Xi was about to beg for forgiveness when she heard a woman’s voice.

“… Chu Ying.”

Chu Ying turned around and saw Su Yi peek out, looking at him helplessly.

“What is it?”

Su Yi looked strange. She thought about it for a while before finding a better way to say it. “I… I’m bleeding.”

Chu Ying immediately hung up, got up and walked over. “Let me see.”

“No, no, no!” Su Yi widened her eyes, shaking her hands at him. “You can’t see!”

Chu Ying turned solemn. “I have things that would help you stop the bleeding.”

“No, no!” Su Yi had no clue what to do. Seeing that he was about to enter, she shouted, “My, my relative has arrived!”

Chu Ying stopped, still not getting it. “What relative?”

Is this guy made of wood?!

“… the auntie sort.”

Chu Ying got it now.

Captain Ying’s expressions today was richer than it had been for the past few years.

It was the first time he appeared to be helpless. He stood there for a long while before asking, “What do you need me to do?”

“… I didn’t bring that.” Her previous periods had always been more accurate than a clock. It just had to be this month when it’s brought forward by an entire four days!

She continued, “Can you…”

Chu Ying immediately got up. “I’ll help you buy.”

Su Yi called him, “Wait!”

She went back to the room, found something from her bag and returned to the door, waving him over.

Chu Ying walked over.

Su Yi said, “Give me your hand.”

Chu Ying held out his hand. In a while he felt some prickly feeling on his hands.


He retrieved his hand and took a look.

There was a string of little words on his hand, the handwriting generous.

“Seventh space young girl series, pure cotton surface, for night use 275mm”

At the end, there was even a little heart.

Captain Ying stood in front of the cabinet filled with things and sunk into deep thought.

Beside him were all girls, shooting him all sorts of looks.

The shop assistant to the left, finally couldn’t stand it anymore, walking up and asking, “Sir, is there anything I can help you with?”

Chu Ying pursed his lips, hesitated for a while then showed her his palm.

After seeing it, the shop assistant held back her laughter as she placed the goods in his hand.

When going back to the hotel, his phone rang. The assistant said respectfully, “Director Chu, there’s a bunch of photos of you and Ms Su posted online, should we take legal action?”

“Have the photos been handled?”

The assistant hurriedly said, “Not yet, I will go handle them now.”

“No need.”

The assistant paused midway to hanging up, thought about it, then said uncertainly, “You mean…”

Chu Ying said calmly, “Which ones need to be handled and which ones don’t, can you sort it out?”

The assistant hurriedly nodded. “Yes!”

When he went back to the hotel, Su Yi opened the door wearing the bath towel like a robe.

She took the plastic bag from the guy and slunk into the bathroom.

Chu Ying laughed, then sat down. The moment he took out his phone he saw the slew of messages Chu Xi sent.

[Chu Xi: Brother, you’re really disappointing me! You’re one of those guys who only look at a pretty face!]

[Chu Xi: Even if you don’t give me any allowance I want to speak! Do you still remember Ruolin-jie from the Big Ming Lake?!]

[Chu Xi: I object to this marriage.jpg]

He was about to close the conversation when he heard Su Yi’s voice from behind. 

“Chatting with someone?”

In the time Chu Ying spent at the supermarket, she had come back to herself – she couldn’t chase away her auntie, what else could she do other than just accept it!

She had more than enough opportunities, next time she would do it no matter what!

She went around the sofa and curled up on it.

“Yeah, with my sister.” Chu Ying saw that her expression was not right and asked, “Uncomfortable?”

Su Yi nodded, saying softly and stickily, “My abdomen hurts a little.”

She didn’t treat her body right when she was young, so during her periods her abdomen tended to hurt.

Chu Ying raised a brow and made to get up when he was pulled down by the person beside. “Where are you going?”

“To the supermarket again,” he said. “To get a hot water bag.”

“No need,” Su Yi said. “Don’t bother, it’s not that bad.”

“It’s not far.”

“It’s really not that bad.” When Su Yi finished speaking, as if suddenly realising something, a flash of cunning showed in her eyes before she coughed lightly and continued. “Actually, it doesn’t have to be a hot water bag, there’s another way.”

Chu Ying said, “What other way?”

Su Yi raised her head and looked at him pitifully, picking up his hand and shaking it.

“You help me massage it.”

Su Yi was wearing a pair of denim shorts that just hugged her derriere as well as that black lace nightdress. The guy’s hand was on her abdomen, rubbing gently.

She lay on Chu Ying’s lap, quirking her lips and staring at him in satisfaction.

Feeling her gaze, Chu Ying freed a hand to cover her eyes. “What are you looking at?”

Su Yi pulled his hand aside. “It’s boring lying down.”

Just when she’d finished speaking, she immediately took Chu Ying’s phone X1.

After unlocking it, she checked WeChat.

Since the owner didn’t reply, Chu Xi’s messages remained on the home page.

Su Yi looked at it, her eyebrows raised.

She opened Baidu and found a sticker.

[Chu Ying: The handsome scholar and that beautiful woman are born to be together, how is this relationship one for you the creature to object?.jpg]

After sending it she looked up and asked, “Who’s Ruolin?”

Chu Ying frowned, trying his best to remember, finally, after a long while, settling on, “It could be some neighbour from when I was a kid?”

Su Yi was thus satisfied.

[Chu Xi: ?]

[Chu Xi: Brother, a woman looking at a woman is the most accurate, you must believe me.]

[Chu Ying: A woman? With your figure, you’re at most a high schooler.]

[Chu Xi: ???]

[Chu Ying: I’m your future sister-in-law. Watch less TV shows and do more practice questions.]

[Chu Xi: Ha, you really think too highly of yourself, I’m already in university! Don’t think that it’s so great that you’re with my brother, you think you can enter my house? [Such big talk.jpg]]

[Chu Ying: Smell you to death.gif]

[Chu Xi:…]

Hearing the laughter, Chu Ying looked down intending to say something, but when he saw what was on his lap he paused.

Su Yi had moved her hair to one side and the collar of her dress was loose. Faintly, he could see the black bra strap in there, the scene in front just waiting to spill out. There was even a mole on her left breast, complementing her white skin.

Feeling that the hands on her abdomen had stopped, Su Yi moved the handphone away, revealing a pair of slightly curved eyes accompanied by a look of confusion.

Chu Ying stopped looking and continued rubbing, a dark fire (of desire) burning in the depth of his heart.

A completely oblivious Su Yi, complained to him. “Your sister is so mean, asking me to wait and watch as she won’t let me have my way.”

Chu Ying laughed. “With what?”

Su Yi read out what she said word by word, then asked, “Can I scold her?”

She had already done that.

Chu Ying said, “Yes.”

Su Yi was thus satisfied. As she typed away on the screen she mumbled, “Then I’m doing just that, you had better marry me in the future or I’d lose my face.”

Eventually, Chu Ying couldn’t hold himself back. After staring at her for half a moment, he suddenly raised a hand and took the phone away from her.

Su Yi didn’t react fast enough. She blinked. “… what are you doing, you’re not regretting it this fast are you?”

Chu Ying didn’t reply, tossing the phone to the space between the sofa, reaching behind her neck and bringing her up.

Then, kissed down.

Su Yi reacted fast this time.

She had gotten a raw deal before – this guy always kissed lightly and ran after bringing up a little bit of desire in her. She immediately reached out, cupped his neck and deepened the kiss.

Chu Ying didn’t intend to stop at a shallow kiss this time either.

After gently sucking twice, he parted her lips and went in with his tongue.

Su Yi was immediately, in a complete daze, her hands weakened, no longer able to support her weight. All she could do was helplessly try to support herself on his chest.

It took two whole minutes before the kiss was interrupted by the ringing of the phone on the sofa.

Chu Ying let go of her. The person in his embrace had messy hair, rosy cheeks, lips red and puffy, looking like she had just been ravaged.

He got up, his voice a little rough. “I’m going to the bathroom.”

It was only when the bathroom door was closed that Su Yi came back to herself a little.

She took a few deep breaths, and finding the phone too noisy, picked it up, ready to turn it to silent mode.

The call was from ‘Chu Xi’.

She raised an eyebrow, her fingers on their to mute the phone moving instead to pressing ‘receive’.

Chu Xi said, “Brother! Did you see the chat log?! She’s really too much, if she comes in she’d anger me to death… and mum too!”

“Little Sister,” Su Yi’s voice was soft and sensuous, the sort that made it very clear what exactly she was doing just then. “At this time, adults have adult business to do. If you have any opinions to express, please come back tomorrow. Be good.”


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