The day after the proposal, it was Saturday, so Ye An accompanied Xie Shuo to visit Grandfather Xie.

During dinner, Grandfather Xie seemed to have noticed that the two of them had reconciled and once again brought up the topic of great-grandchildren again.

In the past, it was Ye An who took charge of dealing with such situations. However, things were different now. She no longer needed to pretend, so she discreetly kicked Xie Shuo’s leg under the table.

Xie Shuo glanced at her and finally spoke up, “Yeye, there’s no rush for kids yet. I want to make up for a wedding first.”


Ye An was taken aback and looked up at him.

Xie Shuo didn’t avoid her gaze, instead meeting it calmly.

They had only thrown a family banquet when they got married due to Xie Shuo’s blindness. Now, making up for a wedding seemed fitting.

Grandfather Xie paused for a moment before nodding and saying, “Indeed, we should have a proper celebration, make it lively…”

Xie Baiyan, on the side, did not express any objections.

The topic of having children was temporarily pushed aside, and everyone shifted their focus to planning the wedding.

After dinner, Ye An and Xie Shuo returned to the Xie family manor.

Outside the car window, the dim, yellow lights cast a warm glow. Ye An was still immersed in the surprise from earlier, her eyes sparkling. She turned to Xie Shuo and asked, “When did you decide about the wedding? Why haven’t I heard you mention it before?”

Xie Shuo, holding her hand, smiled. He had been preparing for it even before the proposal but hadn’t told her until now.

Suddenly realizing something crucial, Ye An tightened her grip on his fingers and asked anxiously, “What about the wedding gown? Have you found someone to make it?”

Not many girls could resist the allure of a wedding gown, and Ye An was no exception.

Xie Shuo replied with a smile, “The design is already done; they’re working on it right now. It should be ready by early next month.”

Xie Shuo expected Ye An to be excited, but her expression changed. “It’s already been decided? How could you make such a big decision without discussing it with me? What if I don’t like your choice?”

Pulling her into an embrace, he looked down and said, “I’ll show you the design when we get back. If you truly don’t like it, we can change it and have it remade.”

Ye An was speechless. It was easier said than done to change a handmade, custom wedding gown, given the time constraint.

Upon arriving home, Xie Shuo immediately pulled her into the study, retrieving the design sketches and photos that were sent over a couple of days ago and handing them to her.

Taking them, Ye An reviewed them and felt relieved.

Eldest Young Master Xie indeed had great taste. Both the necklace from before and the current wedding gown design hit all the right notes for her.

That night, Ye An couldn’t help but keep looking at the wedding gown design in her hands. She couldn’t bring herself to go to sleep, and in the end, Xie Shuo had to take the design from her hands and place it on the nightstand, forcibly pulling her into his arms.

He leaned over, wanting to kiss her, but she resisted, placing her hand on his shoulder, “The wedding gown will be ready by next month?”

Her eyes sparkled as if she couldn’t wait to see the finished product right now. Xie Shuo kissed her eyelid and said, “En, I’ll accompany you to try it on when it’s ready.” 

Ye An wanted to ask about the wedding gown photos, but before she could speak, her lips were already sealed by his.

She struggled for a moment, gradually getting lost in the kiss, and her hands slowly dropped…

Outside the window, a gentle breeze brushed by, shadows floated, and the moonlight rippled like water.


After some discussion, the two of them decided to set the wedding date in June.

Originally, Xie Shuo had planned to wait until October and hold the wedding on an island abroad where they could see the Northern Lights. However, considering the distance and Grandfather Xie’s health, he had to abandon that plan and chose a nearby estate instead.

Before the wedding, he accompanied Ye An to visit her hometown and meet Xia Jin.

It was Xie Shuo’s first visit, and when Xia Jin opened the door and saw him, she was momentarily stunned.

Different from the coldness from last time, this time, Xie Shuo followed Ye An and greeted her with “Mom.”

Xia Jin momentarily couldn’t react, so she just nodded and let the two into the house.

During that exchange, she glanced at Xie Shuo’s eyes several times, confirming that he had indeed regained his sight, and felt relieved.

Although she was unhappy with Ye An for secretly getting married without telling her, she naturally hoped for the best for her daughter. 

Moreover, disregarding his previous blindness, Xie Shuo’s overall conditions were indeed good. Now, she was more concerned about whether he would treat her daughter well or not.

After sitting down and chatting for a while, Ye An brought up the topic of holding a wedding ceremony.

Hearing this, Xia Jin was taken aback. “You guys didn’t have a wedding ceremony before?”

She had thought that Ye An had just secretly gotten married without telling her, but she didn’t expect it to be so rushed that they didn’t even have a proper wedding ceremony.

Seeing her change in expression, as if she was about to get angry, Ye An quickly grabbed Xie Shuo’s hand and explained before he could speak, “At that time, it wasn’t very convenient for A’Shuo, so we just had a family banquet. We originally planned to hold a proper wedding ceremony later, but we just haven’t found the time.”

Xia Jin’s expression eased, but she still looked a bit unhappy. It took a while before she asked about the specifics of the wedding.

Ye An provided a general overview of the wedding plans.

Most of the wedding matters were personally decided by Xie Shuo, with nothing skimped out on. After hearing it, Xia Jin only then felt somewhat pleased. 

Around three or four in the afternoon, Xu Ji came over to find Xia Jin as usual. Ye An was not very familiar with him, so after she greeted him, she led Xie Shuo back to her room.

Standing in the room, Xie Shuo looked around his surroundings. There weren’t many items in the room, and most of the furnishings looked a bit old, indicating that she didn’t come back here often.

Guessing what he was thinking, Ye An held his arm and sat down on the bed, saying, “Actually, my relationship with my mom wasn’t that great before. Due to her divorce, she was very strict with me, always wanting to compare me with others and forcing me to learn this and that. Later, because I went to seek help from Ye Yuan Nian, she refused contact with me for quite a long time. It’s only in the past two years that things have improved a bit…”

Although Xia Jin’s attitude had noticeably changed in the last couple of years, and she was no longer as demanding as before, time had passed, and Ye An was no longer a child. Trying to restore the close bond they had in her childhood felt like something was missing.

Feeling her emotional downturn, Xie Shuo wrapped his arm around her shoulder and kissed her forehead lovingly.

After a moment of sorrow, Ye An hugged his neck and smiled, “But now, I have you…”

Everyone would grow up eventually; even parents could only accompany their children for a certain part of the journey. Now, she had a husband, her own home, and in the future, her own children.

For the rest of their life, they would spend it together.

She hugged him, resting her chin on his shoulder, and said, “You have to continue treating me well like this, got it?”

Her tone carried a hint of her usual domineering attitude.

Xie Shuo smiled and rubbed her back, responding with a soft “en.”


In mid-May, the wedding was mostly planned, and Ye An’s long-awaited wedding gown was finally ready.

The gown had a pure white base, with layers of petals unfolding, and the skirt was adorned with Swarovski crystals, making it exquisite and gorgeous. It was so stunning that it was hard to look away.

Ye An couldn’t wait to change into the gown, swirling in front of Xie Shuo, lifting the hem of the skirt. The gown showcased her slender shoulders and waist, every inch perfectly fitting.

Capturing his awed expression,  she couldn’t resist going up to him. Wrapping her hands around his neck, she looked up and gave him a rewarding kiss. “You have a good eye.”

Xie Shuo embraced her slender waist and looked down at her exquisite face, bright eyes, and vivid lips, like a stunning flower in full bloom.

He smiled, “En, it’s pretty good.”

With the wedding gown ready, next were the wedding photos. Ye An had been trying to decide on a photographer when she coincidentally met Zhuang Yinian while accompanying Xie Shuo to a friend’s party.

Upon hearing that she was looking for a photographer to take wedding photos, Zhuang Yinian recommended her studio, expressing that she could make time to shoot for them.

Zhuang Yinian was pretty well-known in the industry and had taken photos of many celebrities. Ye An gladly accepted her offer.

Everything proceeded smoothly, and Ye An never felt so alive before. Even when she had to wake up early to take photos in the morning, she was exceptionally spirited—radiant every day.

For the wedding photos, the two of them traveled to many places, both within the country and abroad, resembling a honeymoon.

The final photos turned out beautifully. When Ye An received the finished photos, she almost couldn’t resist posting them on Weibo to show off. However, considering that she had long been married online, posting her wedding photos at this point might seem too deliberate. With many fans and haters alike, she decided to restrain herself.

In the end, she selected only a few photos that were more casual and everyday to share.

Among them were two photos that showed her wedding ring. Sharp-eyed fans immediately noticed that the ring was slightly different from the one she had previously shared. This sparked a wave of speculation and discussions, with some fans even writing analyses.

Holding her phone, Ye An was thoroughly engrossed, and the smile on her lips couldn’t be smoothed away. 

Since the preparations for the wedding began, there has been a visible change in Xie Shuo. His emotions were more apparent, and a smile could often be seen on his face. 

However, while he was happy, not everyone shared the same sentiment—such as Xie Yuran.

Due to being busy with wedding preparations, Xie Shuo couldn’t handle much of the affairs of the company. Additionally, Xie Baiyan had completely stepped back, focusing on his health. Consequently, Xie Yuran was brought back to HQ to manage operations.

Whether it was due to the heavy responsibilities or other reasons, Xie Yuran had been looking a bit lifeless lately, as if he had inherited Xie Shuo’s past cold and somber demeanor.


The days passed in busyness and excitement, and soon, the chosen wedding date arrived.

On that day, the sky was clear, and the weather was beautiful.

Ye An woke up early and had her makeup done before changing into her wedding gown and heading to the venue.

Unlike before, when it was cold and cheerless, Xia Jin, Shi Shuangshuang, and other relatives and friends were present this time.

Seeing her in the wedding gown, Shi Shuangshuang was stunned for a while before taking out her phone to take photos while reminding Ye An, “Remember to toss the bouquet to me later.”

Ye An smiled, her eyes and brows were captivating.

Upon arriving at the venue, most of the guests had already arrived, eagerly waiting for the wedding to begin. 

The vast estate was adorned with clusters of vibrant flowers, creating a lively and festive atmosphere. 

The smell of flowers wafted in the air, and the soothing, melodious music sounded under the sunny day.

Wearing a light veil, Ye An walked through the flower-lined path, step by step, approaching the tall figure waiting for her at the end. The train of her gown shimmered like a galaxy of stars.

Xie Shuo, in his groom’s attire, watched as she approached him from the other end. He held out his hand toward her, his fingers long and elegant like jade.

The man stood tall and noble with a smile on his face.

Ye An placed her hand in his as he led her to stand before him.

At that moment, everything around them seemed to fade into nothingness, and as their gaze met, a reflection of each other appeared in their eyes. 

He gently lifted the veil, lowering his head to kiss her.

The past regrets were now, at last, fulfilled. 


The banquet continued into the night. After the wedding ceremony finished, the two of them changed into formal attire to entertain the guests.

With Xie Shuo by her side, Ye An didn’t drink much. Her cheeks were just slightly flushed.

After the celebration, instead of staying at the estate, they drove back to the Xie family manor.

Xie Shuo was quite drunk, leaning against Ye An with his eyes nearly closed throughout the drive back.

The car’s headlights pierced through the night, stopping in the garden. The stillness was accompanied by the faint chirping of insects. Ye An, holding her dress, stepped out of the car and turned to help him.

Xie Shuo opened his eyes, the depths filled with unmistakable drunkenness. He rubbed his temples, leaning on her as he got out.

The lights on the ground scattered like moonlight. Ye An supported Xie Shuo inside, careful not to step on her dress with her high heels.

Seeing this, Xie Shuo, wanting to wrap his arm around her waist, was pushed away by her. “You’re this drunk, and you still want to embrace me? Be careful not to make me fall!”

Xie Shuo looked down and smiled. “I won’t.”

“It’s not okay even if you say you won’t!”

Ye An didn’t trust him at all, helping him up the stairs, swaying as they went, their shadows dancing on the floor.

Although tonight was considered their wedding night, after being husband and wife for more than a year, there was nothing particularly novel or nerve-wracking about it.

Back in the bedroom, Ye An, as usual, fetched some pajamas from the closet and helped him into the bathroom.

Just as she put down the clothes and was about to turn around, her wrist was suddenly pulled, and then a warm breath enveloped her, drowning her in sensation.

After being intimate, Xie Shuo finally became somewhat clear-headed. However, Ye An was irked, especially when she saw the slightly tipsy smile on his face. That anger only grew.

She rubbed her waist and wrists, too lazy to bother with him. Wrapped in a towel, she stepped out of the bathroom.

During the day, the weather was sunny and warm. But at night, it suddenly started to rain heavily, smashing against the glass windows.

Listening to the sound of the rain, Ye An’s heart inexplicably calmed down. She walked to the window and observed the rainy scene outside.

Since that rainy night six years ago, Ye An had dreamt more than once about the events of that night, but over time, the memories gradually faded.

She had once thought that she and him would never meet again, but unexpectedly, after twists and turns, she ended up by his side.

After a while, footsteps approached from behind, and Xie Shuo also came out in a robe.

She didn’t turn around and said, “It’s raining.”

Xie Shuo walked up and embraced her from behind, his breath light as it brushed past her ear.

The rain continued to fall, creating a mist under the lights outside. The reflected figures onto the glass window became blurry, blending into one.

After the commotion in the bathroom, Xie Shuo didn’t initiate anything more. The two of them lingered by the window for a while before lying down in bed, whispering to each other.

The sound of rain gradually faded. Leaning against Xie Shuo’s chest, Ye An began to feel drowsy as she slowly closed her eyes.

Before drifting off to sleep completely, she mumbled, “Goodnight.”

Xie Shuo held her and kissed her gently on the forehead before whispering, “Goodnight.”

The room fell into silence, accompanied only by the faint sound of rain.


It was a little after five in the morning when Ye An suddenly woke up for some unknown reason.

Her mind was unusually clear, and there was a slight excitement as if today were the day of the wedding.

Unable to go back to sleep, she decided to gaze at the peaceful sleeping face next to her.

The sky was still dark, with a faint hint of light outside.

With the limited light, she gently touched Xie Shuo’s curled eyelashes.

Mhm, not bad. 

Probably because of alcohol, Xie Shuo was in a deep sleep. He didn’t react even when she disturbed him.

Ye An leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

After the kiss, she then kissed his chin.

This time, Xie Shuo finally woke up. His large hand swept behind her, pulling her into his embrace.

He lowered his head, resting it on her neck. His voice, still groggy from just waking up, was hoarse. “Why are you awake so early?”

His warm breath brushed over her neck, and Ye An reached out to embrace him, savoring the clean scent emanating from his body. She smiled brightly and said, “Can’t sleep.”

Feeling the softness in his arms, Xie Shuo closed his eyes before rolling over, pressing down on her with a heavy breath.

Ye An, however, suddenly felt a surge of excitement. She turned to look outside and said, “How about we get up and watch the sunrise?”

Her eyes sparkled, and before Xie Shuo could kiss her, she pulled him out of bed.

The two of them went up to the rooftop. After the rain, the air still carried a hint of moistness, and the refreshing smell of plants wafted into their noses with the breeze.

The sky remained dark, with a deep ink-like darkness extending to the horizon. It was only diluted by a faint grayish-white, spreading gently like a watercolor brush dipped in water.

Leaning against the railing, Ye An gazed into the distance with Xie Shuo standing by her side.

The long night gradually passed, and the sun slowly emerged from the horizon. Its golden light was magnificent, flooding the mountains, trees, and meadows like a tide, finally painting the world in hues that touched the eyebrows and eyes.

The morning rays cast onto Ye An’s eyelashes, and her eyes sparkled. Looking at her side profile bathed in the morning sun, Xie Shuo felt his heart flutter.

Many memories flashed through his mind once again…

The laughter that accompanied him in the darkness, vibrant and carefree; her familiar scent by the pillow when falling asleep at night; the first sight of her when he regained his vision…

He reached out and embraced her.

In his embrace, Ye An looked up and said with a smile, “Is there something I haven’t told you yet?”

Xie Shuo looked down at her bright smile.

Ye An leaned in close to his ear, her voice gentle like the morning breeze, “I love you too.”

As night turned to dawn, the rising sun leaped out from behind the distant mountains, illuminating everything.

You and I were once deeply immersed in the darkness, but now, we finally get to glimpse the light…

End of Main Story…

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