Ye An glanced at his abs a few times and tried her best not to touch them. She reluctantly withdrew her gaze.

“Let’s sleep then.”

Before the room fell into the darkness, Xie Shuo noticed her reluctance and a trace of regret in her gaze, and he was unsure how to feel about it.

So how many times had she been “peeping” on his body when he was blind?

He lay down on his back, and after a while, he heard the sheets rustle. Not long after, her body cuddled against his as usual, breaths falling lightly.

He turned his sideways. In the darkness, he couldn’t see her figure clearly, but he felt the strands of her hair against his skin.

He inhaled the fragrance from her hair and closed his eyes after a while.

The next day, Ye An woke up sometime before eight o’clock.

 After washing up, she changed her clothes and picked out a black suit for Xie Shuo, and left the closet for him.

When she left, Xie Shuo stopped acting. He took off his nightshirt and started changing.

After buttoning his shirt, he picked up a tie and was about to tie it around his neck when Ye An suddenly entered. “Do you want to wear a tie?”

Xie Shuo froze, but his back was turned to Ye An. Fortunately, flaws in his performance were not obvious.He turned around with the tie in his hand, and before he could speak, Ye An took the initiative to walk up to him and take it from him.

She stood on her tiptoes, and her slender arms wrapped around the back of his neck.

Xie Shuo stood still. His gaze just happened to land on the tip of her nose, delicate and jade-like. Her breaths brushed over his face unintentionally, carrying her light fragrance.

Her lips were near his and were lightly pursed as if she was about to kiss him at any second.

Xie Shuo’s fingers twitched, and he had the sudden urge to wrap his arms around her waist.

Soon after, she stepped back as her nimble fingers wrapped around his tie. She moved closer to him with a focused expression.

Xie Shuo looked down and saw her delicately curled eyelashes that fluttered from time to time.

After tying the tie, she carefully adjusted the neckline for him. Her fingertips lightly brushed against the skin on his neck and left a tingling sensation.

“Do you want to wear a watch?” Ye An put her hands down and asked. 

Xue Shuo avoided her gaze and replied with a light, “En.”

Ye An picked a watch out and helped him put it on. She even tidied up the cuffs for him along the way.

Ye An handed him his coat and said, “Wait for a minute; I haven’t put on my makeup yet.”

Her scent seemed to linger in the closet and didn’t fade until she went out. Xie Shuo picked up his suit jacket with one arm and waited for her outside. 

Afraid that he would become impatient, Ye An put on light makeup and quickly returned to the bedroom. She saw the man standing in front of the French windows, exhibiting a noble air.

Hearing her footsteps, Xie Shuo turned around, his eyes pausing on Ye An’s face.

She had clear skin and naturally beautiful features, so she didn’t need heavy makeup. A simple makeup look made her look bright and gentle.

Afraid that she would notice, Xie Shuo only looked at her for a moment before looking away.

Ye An stepped forward and took his arm to guide him out of the room.

The two went downstairs to eat breakfast before leaving for the company.

The warm sun shone down on the winter day as the fog gradually dissipated, showing a clear view of the scenery.

Ye An was no longer as nervous as he was last time. She glanced out of the car window before turning back around to look at Xie Shuo.

Every time the man was focused, his aura was extremely powerful. His slender fingers were interlocked across his torso. His eyelids were slightly closed, and his expression was indifferent. His side profile was able to make hearts flutter.

Ye An glanced at him and felt that he was nicer to look at than the scenery outside the window. Thinking that he was still blind, she continued to admire him openly.

After staring at him for a while, she began to feel a little bored. A thought suddenly flashed through her mind, and she looked down to pull her phone out of her bag.

She put her phone on silent and turned on the camera to secretly take a picture of him.

Xie Shuo noticed her incessant staring but paid her no attention. He saw her holding up her phone out of the corner of his eye and finally couldn’t help turning his head.

Ye An was about to click the button, but when he suddenly turned his head, her actions stopped.

Two pairs of eyes met each other, and the atmosphere became tense and awkward.

Ye An froze for a few moments. For some reason, she had the feeling that he could see.

Xie Shuo looked at the phone in her hand, then her, and paused. He was usually decisive in his actions but didn’t know how to act at this moment. 

If he said anything, his cover would be blown.

Therefore, his only option was to look away and pretend nothing happened. He asked calmly, “What time is it?”

Ye An finally relaxed. She glanced at the time and said, “Just past nine.”

After being interrupted, she no longer tried to take a picture of him. She put her phone away and looked out the window again.

Xie Shuo tilted his head to look at her side profile and inadvertently caught a glimpse of a tinge of redness at the tip of her ears, similar to the hue of peach blossoms.


After arriving at Junming Cooperation, Xie Shuo went directly to his old office, and Ye An waited in the lounge next to it.

This time, Xie Shuo only greeted Zhong Fu to avoid alarming others.

Zhong Fu was taken aback upon hearing of Xie Shuo’s recovery and stared into Xie Shuo’s eyes. It took him a while to return to his senses and ask, “Do you want to inform the board of directors?”

Xie Shuo said lightly, “No, keep it a secret for now.”

The office was cleaned early in the morning, so the desk was cleared. He turned on the computer, entered the password, and asked, “Have you prepared everything I told you to?”

“Everything is ready,” Zhong Fu said, opening his own laptop.

In the office, the sounds of their clicking keyboards could be heard.

Not long later, Xie Yuran suddenly came over.

Ge, your eyes…” He was stunned at the sight of Xie Shuo sitting in front of the computer. 

Xie Shuo didn’t intend to hide the news from Xie Yuran. He looked up at the latter and said, “I’m healed.”

This news came too suddenly to Xie Yuran. After a while, he suddenly showed a happy expression and looked excited. “Are you really healed? When did that happen?”

Xie Shuo said lightly, “A week ago.”

Xie Yuran was so happy that he didn’t know what to say and just kept smiling.

“Why were you in such a hurry coming in?” Xie Shuo asked while glancing at the folder in his hands.

Xie Yuran restrained his excitement and his smile. “There is something that I wanted to talk to you about.”

His tone sounded serious, so Zhong Fu glanced at Xie Shuo and said, “President Xie, I’ll leave first.”

When Zhong Fu left and closed the door, Xie Yuran said, “I’ve been looking for a specific person for a long time and finally found out some information about your car accident…which also has to do with Zhang Junfeng.”

Xie Yuran placed the folder in front of him. “The drunk driver had contacted him before indirectly. I suspect that Zhang Junfeng was instigating his behavior.”

Xie Shuo held the folder, opened it, took out the information inside, and skimmed it.

“I’m still looking for specific evidence, but it shouldn’t take long…”

“You’ve been investigating this matter?” Xie Shuo suddenly looked up and asked after finishing his reading.

Xie Yuran paused, with complex emotions in his eyes. “It’s such a big matter, of course, I had to investigate it…”

Xie Shuo looked at him and said nothing.

He knew the underlying tone of Xie Yuran’s words. From the time of the accident until now. Many people suspected his younger brother to be the one behind it. After all, they weren’t blood-related.

At the time, Xie Shuo was suffering, moody, and did have suspicions toward him.

Fortunately, his worst suspicions weren’t confirmed. 

After a while, Xie Shuo lowered his gaze. He pressed the document against the table, and with dark eyes, he said, “It’s time to make things clear.”


After Xie Shuo entered the office, he hadn’t come back out all morning. Ye An was so bored sitting in the lounge that she could only browse the internet and play games on her phone while lying on the sofa.

At around twelve in the afternoon, an assistant finally knocked on the door.

Ye An was so hungry that her stomach was grumbling. She hurried out of the lounge to see Xie Shuo waiting outside the office, and she stepped forward and reached out to help him.

Xie Yuran had already left, so only Zhong Fu was by his side.

Seeing her attentive movements, Zhong Fu’s eyes flashed with surprise.

Does Madam Xie not know about President Xie’s recovery?


They planned to eat at a high-end restaurant near the company building. The reserved room was clean and designed elegantly. There was a bouquet of pink roses on the table covered with a white tablecloth, which gave the illusion of a first date.

Ye An couldn’t help but feel somewhat surprised after entering the room. She thought they would eat directly at the company knowing about Xie Shuo’s workaholic habits.

The waiter approached them and handed her a menu. Ye An sat down next to Xie Shuo and turned to look at him. “Have you eaten here before? Is there anything that you want to order in particular?”

Xie Shuo looked at the pink roses on the table and said, “No.”

Zhong Fu had chosen the restaurant. Xie Shuo had rarely come before and was not familiar with it.

“I’ll read the names of the dishes to you; let me know what you want to eat.”

Ye An offered before beginning to report what was on the menu.

Xie Shuo’s brows while relaxed listening to her clear voice. His irritability and fatigue from the busy morning lessened.

The dishes came out quickly. Ye An picked out his dishes as usual before she began to eat.

“The food is pretty good here,” shesaid after taking a few bites. 

Xie Shuo looked up. “You can tell Zhong Fu to book a room here later.”

“There’s no need. No matter how delicious something is, it can get old after eating it every day.”

Besides, she might have thought the food was so delicious becauseshe was starving, or maybe it was the pretty bouquet of roses on the table.

 Xie Shuo didn’t reply and bowed his head to eat.

Ye An glanced at him happily from time to time.

After lunch, the two returned to the company. Xie Shuo headed into his office again, and Ye An continued to wait for him in the lounge. She was so bored that she had to charge her phone several times.

Around five in the evening, Ye An recalled Cen Qingyan’s advice. She hesitated for a while before heading over to knock on the door of the office.

Zhong Fu came to open the door. He was a little surprised to see her and said, “Madam?”

Ye An smiled lightly, looked inside, and said, “Are you still working? Professor Cen said that you shouldn’t work yourself too hard.”

Hearing her voice, Xie Shuo looked up from his desk. He paused and said, “Give me ten minutes.”

Although his eyesight has recovered, he could not stop taking medicine or doing acupuncture. Furthermore, he could not strain his eyes for more than eight hours a day.

She didn’t expect him to accept so easily today and happily answered, “Okay.”

She turned around and went back to the lounge. Zhong Fu looked at her leaving and thought: President Xie was so obedient to his wife.

Xie Shuo sorted the documents, turned off the computer, and got up.

When he got to the door of the office, he suddenly remembered to remind Zhong Fu, “Don’t let Madam know about my recovery.”

Zhong Fu was once again stunned and thought that it was strange. However, as an experienced assistant, he agreed and didn’t ask any more questions.


That night, Xie Shuo’s eyes felt sore. After dinner, he asked Ye An to massage his head.

“Are we going to the company tomorrow?” Ye An asked him after massaging his head and stretching her fingers. 

“Yes.” Xie Shuo closed his eyes and leaned against the sofa to rest.

Ye An’s fingers brushed against her phone that she had previously tossed aside. She called the opportunity that she had missedto take pictures of him earlier in the day. As she looked at the handsome profile of the man under the lights, her fingers couldn’t help but start to twitch.

She opened her camera again and took a close-up candid of his profile.

As soon as she clicked the button, Xie Shuo opened his eyes and looked at her.

Ye An froze. She was unsure if it was because of the lighting, but she kept feeling as if his eyes seemed more lively than before.

When she realized that he couldn’t see her, her expression eased, and she openly took another picture of him.

Xie Shuo: “…”

After she finished, she leaned on his shoulder relaxedly and began to filter through the pictures.

Xie Shuo looked at the top of her head and remained silent.

Ye An took a while to sort through the photos, and she suddenly found a photo from a while ago where she had secretly taken a picture of him the morning after their wedding.

In the picture, the man had an ice-cold expression, and he looked as if someone owed him a million dollars. There was a cowlick in his hair, and the photo looked weird.

Ye An couldn’t help but giggle, and she burst out laughing.

Hearing her laugh, Xie Shuo glanced calmly at her phone screen.

He saw the tuft of hair on top of his head at one glance.

Xie Shuo: “…”

How many photos had she secretly taken of him?

Author’s note: Xiao Ye:???So, everybody except for me knows that you’ve regained your sight?


Divorce may be coming soon~

Sweet day in the life~