Ye An brought him his blazer and helped him put it on. However, just as she managed to put on his sleeves, she stumbled and accidentally fell into his arms.

Xie Shuo raised his arms to wrap them around her waist. He smelled the strong scent of alcohol on her body and frowned slightly: “You’re drunk?”

Ye An held firmly onto his shoulders and shook her head. “No.”

Hearing that she could still enunciate, Xie Shuo let go.

Ye An finished helping him get dressed and tidied his collar before guiding him out of the room.

When they passed by the lounge area, Xin Li and Xie Yuran had already disappeared from the balcony, as if the previous scene was just an illusion.

On the early winter night, the air was cool and crisp. The moon hung angled in the sky.


The heater was turned on when they got in the car. Ye An originally wanted to chat with Xie Shuo, but as the warmth of the heat surrounded her, she seemed to feel even tipsier. She leaned on his shoulder and immediately fell asleep.

Xie Shuo felt a little sleepy as he listened to the light breathing on the side of his neck, and a faint image with lights and shadows appeared in front of him again.

With the moonlight and cool weather, the car passed through the mist and the gardens.

When they arrived home, Ye An had still not woken up. Xie Shuo raised his hand to pat her arm.

Ye An opened her eyes. She looked out the car window and asked, confused, “Are we home?”

The driver opened the door and helped Xie Shuo get out.

Ye An got out of the car and held his arm out of habit. She was only wearing a dress on this cold winter night. When disembarked, goosebumps appeared on her arm.

She shivered from the cold. Her arms and collarbone were exposed, and she moved closer to Xie Shuo, her whole body almost clinging to him.

The man’s warmth radiated through the fabric, making her feel warmer and safer.

She had gotten too close, so Xie Shuo held onto her shoulders. He paused before helping her stand and taking off his coat. He put it on her awkwardly.

His scent remained in the cold; it was clean and smelled like pine and cypress in winter. Ye An felt the new warmth on her shoulders and was stunned. She looked up at him.

The night was hazy, but the man’s features were sharp. His eyelashes were thick and long, and when surrounded by the fog, the scene overlapped with a memory from the past.

“Can you walk?” Xie Shuo asked in a low voice when he saw that she wasn’t moving. His deep voice sounded from above her.

“Yes.” Ye An returned to her senses and held his arm. She guided him back to the house while watching him under the warm lighting in front of them.

Her footsteps were unstable, and Xie Shuo had the feeling that she would trip at any moment. After entering the bedroom, he simply pulled his arm back and wrapped his arms around her shoulders instead.

He knew the layout of the bedroom like the palm of his hand. Even without guidance, he was able to navigate the room smoothly. When they reached the sofa, he set her down gently. 

Ye An woke up, confused, and leaned closer into his embrace. Her body was almost entirely in his arms.

On such an occasion like today, it was inevitable that Xie Shuo drank alcohol. Although he didn’t drink as much as her, there was a faint scent of alcohol on his breath.

Ye An lay against his chest and felt it rise and fall from his breathing. She raised her head to look up at him.

The sharp curve of his jaw came into her view, and Adam’s apple appeared particularly attractive. She couldn’t help but stretch out a finger to touch it.

For some reason, Xie Shuo didn’t stop her actions. He leaned back into the sofa with his eyes closed and let her act as she wanted. 

As Ye An observed his reaction while moving her fingers up, her eyes glittered with drunkenness.

When her fingertips reached the lower part of his jaw, Xie Shuo finally grabbed her hand and removed it. He held it in his hands and kneaded it with familiarity.

Ye An looked at him, and the image of Xin Li reaching up on her tiptoes to kiss Xie Yuran in a dark corner flashed through her mind. Her heart began to race. 

Her heart seemed to lead her body to move on its own.

When alcohol was involved, it caused others to act even more unrestrained. 

Consequently, she raised her head in a haze to kiss Adam’s apple a few seconds later.

When he felt the soft warmth, Xie Shuo wasn’t surprised.

Every time that she gets drunk, she always liked to kiss him, as if she didn’t know how dangerous her provocation was. 

Seeing that he didn’t respond, Ye An went even further. She sat up on her knees and held his face as she kissed him directly on the lips.

The light was warm and calm, and the shadows flickered outside the floor-length windows. Xie Shuo took note of her familiar fragrance as tendrils of hair brushed against his neck and lips softly touched his.

In most cases, innocent intent was more attractive than sights and visuals. Candidness was much more powerful in seduction because of its carefree essence.

He slowly raised his hand and placed it on her lower back.

Ye An’s long eyelashes fluttered. She bowed her head and kissed him for a while before letting go of him when she was satisfied.

Just as she was about to move, her waist was suddenly pulled back. 

Ye An was stunned and looked up. A hand had made its way along her shoulder and held her chin. His fingertips touched her lips. 

Before Ye An could react, his lips covered hers.

Unlike her gentle butterfly kisses, the man dominated her lips and took her breath away.

The large hand around her waist stopped her from retreating. 

Ye An’s eyes widened. His eyebrows were reflected in her dark pupils, and even fine eyelashes were clearly visible. 

His taste soon filled her lips, and after a while, she reciprocated. She raised her arms to wrap them around his neck.

In the dark night, their hazy shadows cast figures on their window while blending with the moonlight scene, giving an illusory feeling.

Her mind became more and more chaotic. Ye An grabbed his shirt, and her eyes fluttered. When she regained her senses, she was already lying on the sofa.

The cold around her made her curl slightly and bend her legs slightly.

However, Xie Shuo didn’t have the intention to stop. He leaned over her with deep eyes. His throat moved, and there were obvious traces of affection in his usually cold expression.

Ye An pursed her lips nervously.

Honestly speaking, she wasn’t against these actions and was somewhat even anticipating it–the only condition being that he wasn’t forceful like last time.

After all, they had been married for more than half a year. It would be a shame to not be able to sleep with a man with such a good figure and looks.

Moreover, if his eyes never get better and she fulfilled her promise to be his wife for life, then it would be terrible if she never had sex for the rest of her life.

She had always lived freely, so she wouldn’t torture herself by being a stay-at-home housewife.

Following that line of thought, she waved her hand in front of him. The lights and shadows flickered in front of the man’s eyes.

Xie Shuo noticed her movements and lowered his head.

He couldn’t see, but his sense of touch and smell were sensitive. With the darkness, his other senses were exponentially magnified.

The red dress was soft to the touch. Outside the French windows, the night wind blew, causing the trees and their shadows to sway gently. An occasional leaf fluttered down from the branches. 

The softly lit room was peaceful and quiet.

Suddenly, a voice sounded from the corner, breaking the silence.

“Master, good night~”

The voice was very cute, but it sounded out of place at the moment.

The two people paused on the sofa with frozen expressions.

“Master, good night~”

The phrase was repeated.

Ye An: “…”

Xie Shuo: “…”

The amorous atmosphere that existed for the two of them suddenly vanished, cooling the room down as if a basin of cold water was poured over their heads.

Ye An was stupified, but when she turned to see the penguin in the corner, she recalled how she adjusted the settings a few days ago for the penguin to say “good night” at a certain time at night and forgot to turn it off.

Why on earth did she do that?

The original seductive atmosphere had morphed into embarrassment. Ye An was so mortified that her scalp turned numb, and she had sobered up quite a bit. After a while, she said with difficulty, “I’ll… move it to the study tomorrow.”