After taking care of Xie Shuo, Ye An went to take a shower.

In the recovery ward, a bed was placed specifically for her. After coming here, Ye An didn’t sleep in the same bed as Xie Shuo and instead slept in a bed next to him.

After bathing, Ye An turned off the lights and lay down. Not long later, she heard rustling noises coming from his side. 

“Are you unable to sleep?” She sat up slightly and asked worriedly, “Are you uncomfortable anywhere?”

Xie Shuo finally didn’t stay silent this time. He coughed lightly and said, “Please get me a glass of water.”

Ye An turned on the light again and got out of bed. She poured a glass of boiled water for him and helped him sit up.

After confirming that the water was all right, she held the rim of the cup to his lips.

Xie Shuo took a couple of sips as she held the cup before moving away. Ye An put the cup back and looked at the time. It was only nine o’clock. She couldn’t sleep either, so she said, “It’s still early. If you can’t sleep, how about I tell you a story?”

Xie Shuo didn’t accept or reject.

Normally this meant that he didn’t mind.

Ye An climbed unceremoniously into his bed. She felt around for her phone before bringing it out and clicking on the chatbox with Shi Shuangshuang.

Ye An: [I’m lonely tonight; do you have any novel recommendations?]

Shi Shuangshuang’s emoticon and reply soon came through.

Shi Shuangshuang: [confused_face.jpg]

Shi Shuangshuang: [Why is a wealthy young married woman lonely at night?]

Ye An sent over a “distressed” emoji.

Shi Shuangshuang: [Where’s your husband?]

Ye An: [Lying next to me.]

Another series of question marks appeared on her screen.

Shi Shuangshuang: [And you’re still lonely late at night?]

Shi Shuangshuang: [Then what are you reading for–wake him up and make him do something interesting with you! hehe]

Ye An: [He’s sick; I’m at the hospital keeping him company.]

A few seconds later, a message popped up.

Shi Shuangshuang: [Hospital bed play…is OK right?]

Ye An: […]

I just saw you recently; what have you been doing?

Seeing that the topic of conversation had become dirtier and dirtier, Ye AN hurriedly stopped it: [So do you have any or not.]

Shi Shuangshuang: [Give me a minute, I’ll look for some.]

A link was quickly sent over:

“Rich and Powerful Eldest Young Master Pampering His Lovable Wife Everyday.”

Ye An: “…”

Be honest, you wrote this on a whim right?

Ye An replied blankly: [Anything other choices?]

Shi Shuangshaung: [Doesn’t this fit your current identity quite well? Do you want a novel… with rated content under the neckline?]

Ye An: […]

After waiting for so long, Xie Shuo began to move.

Ye An glanced at him, a thought suddenly flashing through her mind. Her lips curved, and she abandoned her conversation with Shi Shuangshuang. Instead, she clicked on the link.

The content inside the novel was really simple. It was the daily routine of the Mary Sue heroine after she married a wealthy CEO. The full novel revolved around the theme of “pampering” and never strayed from those guidelines. There was no tyranny or abuse from beginning to end.

As Ye An read the first paragraph in a soft and delicate voice, he frowned. However, since he had always been an aloof and reserved character, he was too lazy to stop her.

But soon after, there were high pitched sounds coming from the hospital bed.

“The heroine’s wedding is so romantic! Rose petal path, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra….”

“On the heroine’s wedding anniversary, her husband gave her a yacht. Isn’t this overboard? I’m so jealous!”

“On her wedding anniversary, her husband bought an island for her! What kind of immortal husband is this? I’m so jealous wuwuwu…”

“I want a husband like this toooo…”

Xie Shuo “…”

Xie Shuo’s expression was beginning to darken. Ye An put her phone away and purposefully leaned into his arms. She poked his chest, “Hubby, when can you buy me a yacht?”

Xie Shuo, with his eyes covered, had no expression.

Ye An looked up at him and gently rubbed his chest. She said, aggrieved, “If you don’t buy a yacht, then you can buy gems. I want the rarest ones from the royal family…”

Xie Shuo: “…”

Seeing still no response from him, Ye An paused, and her tone became even more aggrieved. She sounded as if she were about to cry, “Then… if you don’t buy me gems, then can you take me to go see the polar lights? We’ve been married for so long but still haven’t had our honeymoon yet…”

Xie Shuo’s veins popped from his forehead, and he finally couldn’t bear it. He removed her hand from his chest and coldly said, “Go back to your own bed.”

As soon as these words were spoken, he was hugged.

Ye An laid on his shoulders and cried, “Hubby, how could you treat me like this? Do you not love me at all?”

Xie Shuo pressed his lips tightly together, his face dark. However, he no longer spoke or moved, and he let her antics go on. 

After a while, Ye An lost interest. She stopped crying and let go of him. She couldn’t help but snicker, “How do you not have any inclinations or interests?”

Xie Shuo ignored her.

Since the novel couldn’t be read anymore, Ye An put her phone away and touched the gauze that covered his eyes. She asked softly, “Do your eyes hurt? Do you feel anything?”

Xie Shuo grabbed her fingers and took them off.

Ye An didn’t expect him to answer. She looked at his blindfolded eyes pensively for a moment before suddenly asking, “Let me ask you something. If you were to recover your eyesight, who would you want to see first?”

His answer was still silence.

Ye An poked him on the shoulder. “Say something. Who do you want to see the most?”

Xie Shuo originally didn’t want to reply to her, but then he recalled the moment before entering the operating room when she hugged him and said,

“Hubby, I’ll wait for you outside.”

His heart felt as if it were tickled by something. He said faintly, “Apart from you, is there anyone else in this place?”

Ye An thought about it for a while. There seemed to be really no one else. If he were truly to recover tomorrow, then the first person that he would see would either be the medical staff or her. 

Ye An became inexplicably happy and smiled, saying, “So you’re saying that the first person you want to see is me?”

Wanting to see and seeing had two different meanings.

She had deliberately misinterpreted it, but Xie Shuo also didn’t refute it.

The light inside the ward wasn’t turned off. The soft glow from a lamp shone hazily between the two like fog.

Ye An looked down and suddenly said in a low voice, “Hubby, I lied about something…”

She put her forehead on his shoulders, and in a dull voice, she said, “Actually, I’m… not very attractive. I’m actually kind of ugly. When you can see, will you hate me?”

When Xie Shuo heard her tone, he immediately knew that she was starting again. His head began to hurt. 

Ye An put her arms around his waist and said sadly, “Will you divorce me?”

Xie Shuo felt that his own IQ must have been affected by her because he unexpectedly went along with her antics. He said, “Yes.”

Ye An was taken aback, and her entire body froze.

What kind of terrible answer was this?

Aren’t you supposed to hide these feelings?

She stared at him in disbelief and forgot how to act for a moment. 

It was silent, and there was a hint of embarrassment in the air. 

After a while, Ye An finally recovered her senses. She cursed angrily, “Scumbag!”

Then she angrily left the bed to return to her own bed. She wrapped herself in a cocoon and turned off the light.

Xie Shuo’s arms were empty, and his ears met silence. However, he was no longer sleepy, and his body felt empty.

He looked towards Ye An’s direction, but the darkness in front of him was boundless, rendering him unable to see anything.

After a while, a voice rang from the darkness–

“You’ll regret this!”

Ye An became angrier and angrier as she thought about it, and she couldn’t help poking her head out of the bed.

After saying this phrase, she shrank back into her covers and ignored him to prove her anger.

Listening to her voice, Xie Shuo suddenly felt a cheerful emotion that had been missing for a while. He seemed to have seen a shadow, a recklessly vivid one at that. 

He thought of the question she had just asked: the first person he wanted to see after regaining his vision.

The only thing was, could he really recover tomorrow?


Author’s Note: Xiao Xie set up a huge flag~