Xie Baiyan left the hospital a week later.

Ye An finally didn’t have to rush back and forth all the time, nor did she have to read to or answer calls for Xie Shuo all day. However, she wasn’t able to completely relax because she had a new task ahead of her

Xie Shuo had an appointment for an eye treatment with the medical professor that Grandfather Xie arranged, and she needed to accompany him there.

Before leaving, Ye An took a day’s time to go record the song for Lu Chuan.

The song this time, “Spring Embers,” was not in line with Lu Chuan’s usual style. It lacked an intriguing edge and was more ethereal and beautiful to fit the drama storyline.

Ye An’s voice suited this style, so the recording went smoothly.

After recording the song, Ye An left immediately after checking in with Lu Chuan.


The building next to the recording studio was a photography venue. In the afternoon, there were several workers busy with affairs.

Ye An passed by and glanced at a young girl that held a camera and was adjusting the lens.

The girl was slender and wore a simple white t-shirt. Her hair was tied into a ponytail, and her features were delicate and clean under the sun. She gave off the feeling of the girl next door or one’s first love.

As Ye An was distracted, someone suddenly knocked into her. As Ye An staggered back, she accidentally hit a tripod.

With a “bang,” the tripod fell and hit the young girl’s back.

The events one after another, like dominos. 

Before Ye An could react, she heard someone curse, “You don’t have eyes?”

The person who hit her was a young woman with wavy hair and delicate makeup. She wore a beige strapless dress and sunglasses. Her expression was extremely unhappy, but it was unclear why she was so upset.

Ye An: ??? Weren’t you the one that hit me?

The workers quickly gathered around. Ye An didn’t bother arguing with her and rushed towards the girl that was hit.

“Sorry, are you okay?”

The tripod had already been moved, but the girl frowned while clutching her shoulder and appeared to be in pain.

Ye An helped support her and looked as the culprit took off her sunglasses and flicked her skirt. Instead of showing any guilt, the woman curled her lips in disdain.

She scanned Ye An up and down before jutting her sharp chin. Her gaze then fell upon the girl that was hit, and she asked with an arrogant expression, “You’re the substitute photographer?”

Zhuang Yinian withstood the pain and stood up. She looked at the woman with a cold expression. “Miss Li, you’re an hour late.”

The young woman’s name was Li Mo, an up-and-coming artist being nurtured by an entertainment company. She was recently the second leading actress in a popular idol drama, and her future was promising. She was here for a group photoshoot today and had booked a well-known photographer. However, the photographer had to miss the appointment and found someone else to replace them.

That was fine, but they found a girl that seemed to be a college student that hadn’t even graduated yet and seemed easy to bully?

“If you don’t want to shoot, then don’t shoot,” Li Mo retorted impatiently.

Zhuang Yinian’s gaze was completely cold. She ordered the assistant beside her, “Cheng Cheng, tell Lin jiejie that Li Mo doesn’t need her pictures taken.”

The assistant that was initially aggrieved seeing her injury immediately replied, “Understood.”

When Li Mo heard this, she didn’t take it seriously and thought this little girl was playing with her. If she didn’t shoot today, then she would just switch to a better photographer.

She scoffed and turned to leave but was stopped by the girl’s assistant. “You hit someone, and you want to simply leave?”

Li Mo paused, turned to glance at the assistant, and then set her gaze on Ye An. She raised her eyebrows arrogantly and said, “She’s the one that knocked into someone. If they want medical expenses paid, go find her.”

Ye An:…What weirdo did she just run into?

As Ye An was about to say something, the young girl spoke again, “Cheng Cheng, let others know. From now on, YN won’t accept any collaboration with her, and the inside pages that were scheduled for the next issue will also be removed.”

Hearing this phrase, Li Mo’s expression finally changed

What did she say?

“YN” was one of the top fashion magazines in China. Many popular celebrities had to book an appointment in advance. She had finally gotten an inner page after using her connections, but this little girl… how could she make this decision?

“What happened?”

Amid the situation, a voice rang from the side, and Lu Chuan exited the building. Seeing the hostile individuals, he stepped forward to ask about the situation.

Cheng Cheng’s voice was full of indignation. “Lu laoshi, she hit someone and was rude about it.”

Lu Chuan listened and looked at Li Mo. He had met Li Mo before and had a bad first impression.

This woman’s character was too superficial, arrogant, and undeserving of the stage.

Li Mo was already shocked by Zhuang Zhinian’s words just now, let alone now. Her face turned pale and no longer held the arrogance from before.

Zhuang Yinian held her shoulder while frowning in pain. Ye An hurriedly said, “Let’s go to the hospital to check it out; we don’t want to hurt the bones.”

Cheng Chen hurried to support her, no longer trying to complain about Li Mo.

The three left quickly.

Li Mo stayed where she was, panic surging in her heart. She turned to nervously ask Lu Chuan, “Lu laoshi, did you recognize that photographer?”

Lu Chuan glanced at her with deep meaning. “The owner of YN and its chief photographer, Zhuang Yinian.”

Li Mo’s heart went cold, and her face paled completely.

Aside from Li Mo, Ye An was also taken aback when she learned of Zhuang Yinian’s identity. Who would have thought that the boss of “YN” would be such a young girl?

What came next was even more surprising

After they were done with the check-up at the hospital, the one who came to pick her up turned out to be Pei Ling, a popular actor in the entertainment industry with both excellent looks and acting skills.

Moreover, she called him “Uncle.”

This protagonist’s halo could basically walk on its own.

Ye An originally wanted to find out the company Li Mo was signed to and have Xie Shuo teach her a lesson, but it seemed completely unnecessary now.

Even without her taking action, Li Mo’s future was doomed.

“Didn’t your new drama lack a role? How about her?” Zhuang Yinian talked briefly about the situation that just occurred to Pei Ling before suddenly switching the topic to Ye An.

Hearing this, Pei Ling looked at Ye An.

Ye An froze.

Pei Ling looked at her and asked, “Was Miss Ye signed by Lu Chuan?”

Pei Ling’s temperament was somewhat similar to Xie Shuo, and his speech carried a trace of indifference.

Ye An shook her head and smiled faintly, “I didn’t sign a contract; I only came to record a song.” After a pause, she added, “I don’t plan to sign to anyone for the time being.”

Pei Ling’s gaze showed a trace of surprise, since he didn’t expect for her to refuse so simply and directly.

Zhuang Yinian was also somewhat surprised and stunned. She laughed, saying, “Don’t mind me, I just thought you were pretty and fit the role well, so I just thought to mention it. ”

Ye An smiled faintly and said, “It’s alright. I don’t want to sign mostly because I don’t have the time.”

Zhuang Yinian recognized the haute couture brand she was wearing and guessed that she came to play in this industry out of interest. It was clear that she didn’t want to enter the entertainment circle.

The four left the hospital and walked to the garage. Pei Ling suddenly asked Zhuang Yinian, “Yan Fei isn’t picking you up today?”

Ye An looked up.

Yan Fei?

Why was this name so familiar?

Zhuang Yinian’s aura became soft in an instant, and a soft smile emerged. “He’s working on a company project and can’t leave.” After a pause, she added, “Please don’t tell him about me getting hurt today.” 

Pei Ling glanced at her but didn’t speak, obviously used to protecting her secrets.

Listening to the conversation between the two, Ye An thought hard to recall that the person in charge of a development project that Xie Yuran talked about a few days ago seemed to be named Yan Fei.

She had also read the personal information for Yan Fei, which said he was married, to Xie Shuo at that time.

Ye An looked at Zhuang Yinian again and only then noticed a wedding ring on her ring finger.

Was she Yan Fei’s wife?

She looked so young that Ye An didn’t expect her to be married.

As Ye An’s mind whirled, she said, “Can I have your contact information? If you want compensation later…”

Since Ye An took the initiative to accompany her, Zhuang Zhinian had a good impression of her. She smiled, saying, “Sure, but compensation is unnecessary.”

The two added each other’s WeChat, spoke a little while more, and then parted ways in the garage.