Ye An’s anger hadn’t dissipated yet, so she sent a message to Shi Shuangshuang as she leaned on the handrail. Her slender fingers moved quickly across the screen.

Ye An: [If someone were to throw a large sum of money at you to humiliate you, would you beat him up?]

Shi Shuangshuang: [??? Does that happen???]

Shi Shuangshuang: [Don’t underestimate me because I’m pretty and tender! Come on then! Use all the money you want to humiliate me!]


Ye An: […]

Shi Shuangshuang: [Wait! Who dared to use money to humiliate you? Was it your rich and powerful husband?]

Shi Shuangshuang: [WTF! What an arrogant CEO!]

Shi Shuangshuang: [How much money? Let me think this through for you.]

Ye An: [I don’t know. He gave me a black card; I didn’t take it.]

Shi Shuangshuang: [???]

Shi Shuangshuang: [Why not take it? Think about it! He’s your husband; would you prefer the money be spent on some other hussy? Don’t be dumb!]

Shi Shuangshuang: [frustrated.jpg]

Ye An snorted and glanced back at the room.

She actually wasn’t worried about Xie Shuo having a mistress. With his personality, even a goddess running around naked in front of him would be useless, not to mention a little hussy. 

Every woman was probably the same to him anyway.

With Shi Shuangshuang’s input, Ye An’s anger had pretty much dissipated. She suddenly harbored a little bit of regret for turning down the card.

Life was short; why disagree over money?

She exhaled and turned her phone off before returning to the bedroom.

Xie Shuo was once again silently sitting on his beloved couch. His long eyelashes faintly drooped.

Ye An was suddenly reminded of an abandoned animal and found him somewhat pitiful.

“Card?” She walked towards him and extended her hand.

Xie Shuo raised his head. “I thought you didn’t want it?”

 Ye An kept her chin high and tried to keep her voice bold and confident. “I take it back.”

Xie Shuo ignored her with a cold expression.


…Sigh, he even had an attitude.

“You said it was for me. You can’t say something and not mean it.” Ye An sat near him and looked at his hands resting casually on his abdomen.

His fingers were slender and clean, with little webbing between them.

He hadn’t left the house during this time, so the card still had to be on him.

Ye An pondered for a while as her gaze drifted down and finally stopped at his trouser pockets. 

Nothing was poking out of his pocket, and nothing could be seen.

She quickly reached in to probe around when he wasn’t paying attention.

The left pocket was empty.

Was it in the other one?

Her slender fingers fumbled back and forth across his thigh, tickling him. Xie Shuo frowned and forcefully pressed down on the intrusive hand.

“What are you doing?”

Ye An, not noticing anything wrong, replied matter-of-factly, “Looking for the card! Where did you hide it?”


After noticing Xie Shuo’s dark expression, feeling the strong force pressing down her hand, and detecting the warmth of the tactile sensations, she noticed that these actions… seemed a bit ambiguous.

She was leaning forward, and her fair and slender chin almost pressed against his shoulder. Her breath brushed across his cheeks.

The atmosphere became strangely quiet.

Ye An’s ears gradually turned red. She struggled to pull her hand out of his pocket with an embarrassed expression. Fortunately,  Xie Shuo couldn’t see it. 

“Forget it; it’s not valuable,” Ye An spoke in a small voice to conceal her embarrassment. 

Xie Shuo frowned and was silent for a moment. He took the card out from his other pocket and gave it to her.

Ye An originally wanted to act prideful, but since she was afraid of him taking it back, she didn’t try to argue with him and accepted it.

She immediately became happy upon having the shiny black card in front of her.

It felt good to be rich!

She tilted her head to look at the man beside her again. The soft lighting outlined the contours of his frosty side profile. Even his eyelashes were highlighted by the soft brilliance.

This eldest young master’s behavior wasn’t bad today. He accompanied her on a walk and gave her money. He even spoke in her defense during dinner, even though his attitude wasn’t very pleasant.

Ye An suddenly thought of an idea and took the opportunity to say, “I’m going to start recording tomorrow. When I’m not home, how about you go outside every day and take a walk? You can also have Aunt Zhou to accompany you.”

Xie Shuo, expressionless, acted like she hadn’t spoken.

Ye An extended her hand to flick his chin and continued to test him, “What if you come with me while I record? I don’t mind.”

Xie Shuo finally had some sort of  reaction. He turned to face her and suddenly spoke, “Do you know why I spoke up for you earlier?”

Ye An: “?”

Xie Shuo: “You’re too noisy to stay at home.”

After speaking, Xie Shuo stood up coldly.

Ye An stared at the back of his head, angered to the point of being unable to speak. The favorable feelings that she had for him for a moment immediately disappeared.

I shouldn’t even hold any hope for people like him!

If he knew how to speak humanely, water would even be able to flow backward!


The next day, the weather was breezy.

Grandfather Xie was at ease now that his grandson was taken care of, so he decided to return to the old residence. Xie Baiyan personally escorted him back.

Ye An’s gaze trailed behind the two figures departing in the car, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

Grandfather Xie was gone; Xie Baiyan was busy with the company’s affairs and rarely returned. In the future, she could truly do whatever she wanted in this huge mansion! That was too amazing! 

She glanced at Xie Shuo to the side and almost couldn’t help but display her sinister smile.

Thinking of the two cards that now belonged to her, she suppressed her urges and asked, “You’re really not going outside with me?”

Xie Shuo ignored her and turned to go upstairs.

Ye An didn’t feel like pestering him, so she gave a few reminders to Aunt Zhou and hurried to the recording studio.

After arriving at the studio, she unexpectedly came across Lu Hong.

“Miss Ye has also come?” Lu Hong looked at her with a subtle expression.

Ye An stopped in her tracks, remembering their past two unpleasant encounters.

Xiang Quan noticed something off about the situation and hurriedly explained in a quiet tone, “As the Brilliant Dreams representative, Lu Hong is here to supervise the recording process and monitor the results.”

When Ye An had called Zhong Fu before, he had never mentioned Lu Hong. So it wasn’t surprising for Brilliant Dreams to continue allowing him to be responsible for recording matters. Ye An, involuntarily cringing at the thought of their last encounter, tacitly took the initiative to greet him, “President Lu.”

Xiang Quan’s plan was to have all the recording done in ten days, so time was tight. No one dared to delay the schedule, so everyone gave their all to start recording. 

 Lu Hong deliberately nitpicked in two instances during recording, but Ye An wanted to return home as soon as possible and didn’t bother with him. She patiently endured it.

Around six in the evening, Lu Hong couldn’t bear the dullness of the recording studio and finally left. 

As soon as he left, Ye An felt the atmosphere of the recording studio lighten. She ordered takeout with everyone else, and after eating, they resumed working.

The recording did not end until eleven. 

The family’s chauffeur had been waiting for a long time. Thus, Ye An packed her things and hurried down in the elevator.

She hadn’t even gotten two steps away from the company building when a car’s blinker lights flashed at her.

Ye An raised her hand to block the harsh lights, and the car stopped beside her soon after.

The car window rolled down to reveal Lu Hong’s face. His features were vague and wrinkled, resembling a piece of flatbread.

“Miss Ye, it’s late. Can I send you back?”

He seemed to have drunk quite a bit of alcohol since the smell was overpowering.

Ye An knitted her brows and tried to be polite for the last time. She tactfully declined, “No thanks, President Lu. My family’s chauffeur is right in front.”

She began to walk away, but Lu Hong stopped her again. “Is Miss Ye… very familiar with President Yuan?”

???President Yuan?

Ye An was confused.

Which President Yuan?

Lu Hong looked at her with narrowed eyes and sneered. Last time at the bar, she refused his offer without any hesitation. He thought she had an upright character, but who would have known that she would fall into another man’s arms?

“Our President Yuan is known to be a henpecked husband; Miss Ye is very courageous.”

After thinking for a while, Ye An finally realized that the CEO of Brilliant Dreams was surnamed Yuan. It seemed that Zhong Fu found President Yuan, and President Yuan had gone to find Lu Hong. Thus, Lu Hong thought that she had a relationship with President Yuan.

Seeing Lu Hong’s taunting sneer, she didn’t bother to explain herself. She coldly stated, “President Lu is mistaken; I have no relationship with your President Yuan. Rumors can be harmful, so please don’t speculate. It’s getting late; I’ll return home.”

After speaking, Ye An didn’t bother with him anymore and walked away without looking back.

The car lights were dim. When they shined on Lu Hong’s face, it made him appear particularly gloomy.


By the time she arrived back at the Xie residence, it was already midnight.

Ye An napped on the way back and was still drowsy upon entering the house.

Tonight, Xie Shuo didn’t wait for her to come back and take a shower. He had gone to sleep much earlier.

The bedroom was extremely quiet. Ye An was afraid of disturbing him, so she took off her shoes and walked barefoot on the ground.

She went to the closet to get pajamas. Since Xie Shuo couldn’t see, she walked to the bathroom while unbuttoning her clothes.

The soft light shined on her fair shoulders and emphasized her elegant curves.