Chapter 68: To Lose Control

The red sports car stopped in front of Time.

YouYan felt a tinge of unease. She had only told the chef before leaving with Frankie. With her forgetting her phone in the house, Boss and Xiao Er must have been worried. Although they hadn’t known each other for long, they had treated her well.

“Miss Lu, I’ll walk you in,” Linda said.

YouYan shook her head, “Linda, thank you, but I’ll just go in myself. I must have wasted quite a bit of your time.”

 But then that means I didn’t complete my task,” Linda smiled, “The President ordered me to send you to the cafe.”

 During these four years, a curtain seemed to have appeared between the two. It seemed that neither could be certain about the other anymore.

 What else did he say?” YouYan asked after a moment of hesitation.

 Linda politely smiled. YouYan then knew; he had only given these orders. That was the end of him and her.

 A wave of sadness swept over her, she took a deep breath, responding, “Would you like a cup of coffee as my thanks for the ride?“

“Thanks, I really would,”but what she was really thinking was that it was an opportunity to see Boss Zhang.

Parking the car, they walked towards the cafe.

Linda followed behind YouYan, but when they reached the door, Linda stepped ahead to open it for her. She certainly was professional.

YouYan thought, not only was he talented, those around him were as well, excluding her, of course.

The cafe was spacious yet neatly packed, with blues music and the smell of coffee drifting across the room. It was almost 11 a.m. and the cafe was bustling with people.

Clang, the sound of something dropping interrupted the conversations. Everyone looked towards them.

YouYan laughed, “ Xiao Er, so you break plates, too.”

Xiao Er angrily ran over and flicked YouYan’s forehead, thundering, “Where did you go? Why didn’t you pick up your phone? I almost called the police!”

This brought up the memories of last night, and her face flushed red as she hurriedly replied, “I’m really sorry, Xiao Er.”

Xiao Er was ready to throw the cooking spoon at her. Linda’s face twitched as she readied herself to save YouYan at a moment’s notice.

“How could you not even tell us after you ran off. Didn’t you know that after we saw the mess in front of your place last night, Boss was ready to flip City G upside down to find you!” Xiao Er waved the “weapon” in anger.

“It’s really my fault, don’t be mad. I’ll get back to work right now——” You Yan pleaded as she tugged on Xiao Er’s sleeve.

He hmphed and continued to wave his metal spoon.

Furrowing her brows, Linda pulled YouYan away to a safe distance.

“Who the hell is stopping me——”

“Xiao Er, what are you yelling about over there,” a steady voice interrupted.

“Boss! Look who came back?” Xiao Er glared towards YouYan, but immediately smiled as he ran towards the boss to inform him.

Across the tables, on the other side of the cafe, a handsome man in an off-white colored shirt and casual black pants walked out.

Xiao Er continued to say something, but the boss didn’t hear a thing. His eyes focused on the girl in front of him.

Feeling the gaze, YouYan hesitated before looking towards him, only to see him smiling at her.


She’s certain that she saw the worry within his gaze.

The boss that was like her Big Brother Chi.

Just as her voice ended, in a matter of seconds, the man was by her side.

She lowered her head: “Boss, sorr——”

The last part disappeared in her throat.

YouYan’s body shook as the man opened his arms and hugged her against him. It was as if there was nobody else.

On the ancient wall covered with strands of wisteria, the giant clock knocked at 11 o’clock.

11 o’clock. To meet her once again.

Only after last night did he realize that a longing could be so strong. It was like a bottle of paint being toppled over on a white canvas, overflowing like those blue waves of the sea, a painting of sorrow.

And when she was brought within his arms, it was there he realized that happiness was in every breath.

Was this love? Sorrow and happiness.

Is he really in love?!

Maybe love didn’t depend on time or place. It’s just when you meet them, you know its destiny.

A gasp was heard.

Clang! The sound of a metal spoon dropping to the ground was heard once again. Xiao Er’s mouth opened wide as he stared at the spoon on the floor. Uhm, his reputation as a waiter was probably screwed — but whatever. What could be more shocking than this scene, was this really his cold unfeeling boss?

Linda’s eyes were filled with doubt. Although she’s only met him once, but everyone knew that Zhang One* liked to go his own way and had no feelings for whatsoever. Should she report this to her boss?

YouYan’s eyes widened as her brain was in a stage of shock, what——

“Yan, it’s fine as long as you came back,” His voice rang next to her ear.

This brought her to remember, the Boss so alike to Big Brother Chi, how she was once spoiled by him. She raised her hand slowly around him and patted his back.

She felt him shook lightly.

Coming out of his arms, she bowed towards him, “Boss, sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you and Xiao Er.”

Zhang Lei patted her head, and said lightly, “It’s fine as long as you’re fine.”

He then raised and clapped his hands as he announced: “Everyone here will be my guest today, it’ll be on the house.”