Chapter 67: Premonition

It wasn’t until she heard the motor of the car did YouYan slowly stand up. Her foot was numb from staying in one position for so long,. so she plopped down on the sofa. She realized there was a stinging pain on her palms, she looked down only to see a burn.

She pouted—she was stupidly grabbing onto the bowl and didn’t even realize that her hands had been burnt.

Xiao Bai, it seems like you can live better without me. This realization only confirmed her decision to leave.

Walking in front of the glass table, she sat in his spot. In the end, he had taken back the porridge she gave him.

Thank you, she mouthed.

But in the end, the porridge is cold, and he didn’t touch it at all.

Her hand reached across the table to retrieve his cup. There was a bit left.

Putting her mouth to where his had been, she drank this last bit.

She furrowed her brows, it was black coffee and bitter. At least love wasn’t this bitter.

Giving one last look at the room, she stood up.

It’s time to leave.

The doorbell rang at this moment.

Who was it? She looked at the sofa, wondering if she should hide there again.

But there was no time to hide, the door opened.

In a clean and crisp suit, a beautiful woman walked in.

YouYan gasped in surprise.

“Miss Lu, I’m Linda. President Gu’s secretary.” She smiled as she introduced herself.

YouYan crumpled her brows. “Hello. Do you need something here——”

“The president ordered me to send Miss back.” Linda didn’t show anything in her expression, but inside, she was beyond surprised. Before the sun even rose, she had received a call from the President to pick someone up from his house.

When she was almost there, she received a second phone call.

Since the time she first started working with him, he had never ordered anything twice.

Before meeting him, she was impressed with his artworks. When they first met, she was shocked by his handsome appearance. Working under Old Gu, she had seen many impressive people. At the time, she had thought that he was impressive as a person and artist, but too young to control this large corporation.

But the first words he spoke to her, made her change her impression immediately. She knew that from now on, she would work beside him

He said, “Linda, for this one week, if you can’t complete a task sufficiently, I don’t care where you came from and you will be fired.”

In these past years, he was a boss, but also a teacher and even a friend. Before, she had wondered about his personal life, but this President was different from others.

His private life was quiet. Except for his blurry relationship with Chu Ke, he only had Zhou HuaiAn. And with Chu Ke, the rumors were only because he helped her many times.

The task this time was truly different. Just who was this girl? He even reminded her twice.

She wasn’t too pretty and wasn’t too special. But those moonlike brows gave her a unique aura.

Something flashed in her mind.

Yi Xun, she seemed to have seen her before. Was it her? That day, the President had done something unusual too.

He had ordered her to buy snacks. She wondered a long time why he had done so.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, Linda.”

Her apology was unexpectedly sincere, and suddenly Linda had a good impression of her.

As the car exited the driveway, YouYan looked back several times. Linda’s curiosity rose. If she wanted to know about this, she’d probably have to go to Vice President Lin.

“Miss Lu, where do you want to go?”

“Don’t you already know?” YouYan raised her head, “Didn’t Xiao Bai tell you?”

Wait, Xiao Bai, who? Linda paused, it can’t be her boss, right?

The name didn’t match him at all. Erm, too unprofessional.

It looks like she really does have to go to Vice President Lin’s office this time.

“The President said, Miss Lu can’t go back to her old apartment. If Miss Lu doesn’t have anywhere else to go, I’ll send you to Time.” Linda replied, but wondered, why can’t she go back to her house, instead going to the cafe?

“Somewhere else?” As expected, he knew she worked at Time, YouYan thought. She shook her head, “I don’t have anywhere else to go.”

She glanced at YouYan, her tiny face pale. Hearing this, Linda felt a pain in her heart and couldn’t help but laugh in spite of herself. When did she start being so sensitive?

“Miss Lu is a usual customer at Time?” Linda asked, pretending to be nonchalant, despite the urge to fulfill her curious heart.

“I work there.”

The waitress at Time?! Was it her? The one who drew Van Gogh’s Iris? The one whose ability is equal to that of the president’s? Linda was shocked, she looked back at her several times.

But this someone was blanking. She looked out the window, searching for the long-disappeared house. There, it was next to the sea, in front of Mt. Ying. On the other side of Mt. Ying was the world famous University of G. A place that locked her memories within.

A thought rushed into Linda’s head. Her relationship with Gu YeBai was definitely more complicated than it looked.

Her prediction later became true.

Not long after, in the international art competition held by Yi Xun where the winner would partner with Gu YeBai to the Tokyo Art Awards, Lu YouYan would barge into Skyscraper 120 and challenge Gu YeBai’s best apprentice, Yi Nong.

In the competition, Yi Nong’s right hand would create butterflies that shock the art world.

While LuYouYan’s left hand would illustrate pupas that would encapsulate the city’s attention.