Chapter 66: To Bring the Netherlands to Cuba.

HuaiAn looked at the table filled with different dishes and a surprised expression appeared on her face.

“Is there something wrong?” Gu YeBai asked nonchalantly.

“Do you like to eat these?”

“They’re okay.”

“Bai, it’s my mistake. Xu Qing and Chu Ke have been waiting for me to make a mistake, and yet as the closest companion that has been with you for two years, I remembered that you said you didn’t like to eat breakfast but didn’t think of what you preferred to eat.

“I really don’t.” Gu YeBai’s gaze moved towards the sofa.

“So what was President Gu eating?” She sat down where he had been sitting just a moment ago and smiled playfully. Raising the bowl in front of her, she commented, “It smells pretty good.”

Seeing HuaiAn’s actions, YouYan gripped tightly onto the bowl again.

Don’t be so jealous, she told herself. But her eyes uncontrollably turned red.

After stirring it, HuaiAn picked up the spoon, but Gu YeBai interrupted, “I ate from it already.”

“It’s fine,” HuaiAn responded. “Just because you’re obsessive about being clean, doesn’t mean you have to stop other people.

YouYan paused. Since when did he have this habit?

He was picky about his food, that’s correct. So she used to go to his dorm to make food for him—he had his own dorm anyways. When they ate together, he would sometimes become unhappy about her being so excited about the food and would grab the half-eaten food from her.

Sometimes when she couldn’t finish, she would just give the leftovers to him and he would never have any complaints.

He filled up a new bowl with porridge and handed to HuaiAn, he warned, “It’s hot.”

HuaiAn smiled and placed down the one in her hands.

He sat across from her and took the bowl that she had placed down. Gu YeBai smiled, “Didn’t you say that because of me, no one ate at lunchtime in the company? Xu Qing also said, ‘Just because you don’t light a fire, the people don’t even light a candle.’”

“You’re the boss, so of course whatever you say is right.” HuaiAn laughed as she took a spoonful of porridge.

But Gu YeBai left his seat and slowly walked towards the sofa. From this angle, he could see the quivering girl behind it.

HuaiAn asked, “Is there something wrong?”

“I’m going to pick up a call.”

It was Kamon’s call, an old friend from Cuba.

A deep male voice came from the other side of the phone.

“Bai, I passed by the windmill cottage you designed with HuaiAn the other day. I didn’t tell her it was by you of course, but the room still caught her attention and she wanted to visit it. I told her the owner didn’t welcome visitors, so we didn’t visit.”

“Thanks, I owe you one.” Gu YeBai replied.

“Before, I even thought this room was designed for her.”

“It’s not her.”

“She seemed like a nice person, being beautiful with a great personality. Will it be her?”

“No,” he replied without hesitation.

“You——” Kamon sighed, but smiled again afterward. “To bring the Netherlands to Cuba, it really wasn’t an easy task. I’m really curious now. In the future, you should bring that person with you. Didn’t we say that we were going to be neighbors? My family will welcome you all with the greatest enthusiasm.”

Gu YeBai didn’t respond, his gaze darkening.

Kamon continued, “Did you see the message in the morning? You picked her up from the airport, right? She said that she wanted to arrive early and give you a surprise.”

“I didn’t.”

Kamon questioned, “Why not?”

“Wasn’t it supposed to be a surprise? Only when she finishes it herself would it be a surprise.” Gu YeBai responded, his sharp gaze looking towards the light.

Kamon paused. These words, he had responded using their local dialect. A dialect of Spanish.

Kamon was an observant person, so he quickly realized.

“Get along with whatever you were doing, old friend.”

“Kam, thanks.”

“Whose call was it?” HuaiAn walked over and circled her arms around Gu YeBai.

“Kamon.” Gu YeBai placed an arm around her.

“What did he say?” she asked, as she leaned towards him.

“When he said wasn’t important, what is important is that Miss Zhou should be getting back home.” Releasing her, he grabbed the coat on the sofa.

“You don’t want me here,” HuaiAn accused.

“Uncle and aunty are going to be worried. If you get blamed by them, don’t say it’s my fault.”

Something flashed within his eyes, but if you looked closely, it was a darkness that couldn’t be explained.

Before HuaiAn could think any further, he had already walked out the door.

“President Gu, I rushed back and this is your attitude? Phone call after phone call——” HuaiAn nudged the person next to her.

“I was just about to tell Linda that I’m going to ditch work today, and the reason is that I’m going to send someone home and bring them out to eat. But since you said so, I think it might be necessary to call.”

A sense of joy spread through HuaiAn, and she reached out to grab his phone. Gu YeBai laughed and made a call.

“Linda, it’s me. Yes, Miss Zhou is back already, and I won’t be going back to the office. Also, give a trip to my house, do what I told you to do before.”

“You’re telling Linda to come here? Why?” HuaiAn asked.

“Who’s going to clean up this table?” Gu YeBai replied lightly, and before closing the door, his gaze landed on the sofa.