Chapter 65: The Unfinished Breakfast

He handed the clothing towards her and calmly explained, “They are dry now.”

Was it her clothing? Warmth spread through her heart.

Taking it from his hands, her fingers swept across his skin. She lowered her head and smiled.

It seemed like he didn’t see it as he continued, “After you change, come down to eat breakfast. Someone will come to send you back later.”

Her heart shuddered, for his sudden distance contrasted with the promises of last night.

Only one night.

Dazed, she nodded her head absentmindedly.

When she looked at him again, he had already turned around.

She stepped back into the room to change and went downstairs.

Sitting across from him, she looked at the table filled with food: crispy Chinese donuts, sweet buns, porridge….all of which she liked to eat, things she used to make for him to eat.

One time he asked, “You always make these?”

“You like to eat them right?” she denied.

“So if I don’t like it, will you not make them anymore?” He raised a brow.

“Always wanting new things and forgetting about the old things. Xiao Bai, you should reflect on yourself,” she retorted.

“I just think someone else who wanted to eat it.” He laughed.

Frustrated, she responded, “I won’t make them anymore then.”

The one who said she wasn’t going to make them anymore, continued to make them. The one who said they didn’t want to eat it, continued eating. But, why were those happy days so short? And why does one have so many memories?

But he didn’t touch the food today, only drinking his coffee as he sorted through his files.

This man was always perfect.

She snuck a glance at him and hurriedly lowered her head.

Before last night, it was as if they were strangers.

But last night, they were as close as two could possibly be.

Today, however, it seems that they are once again far apart.

The realization overpowered the lure of the food. She wanted to know what he was thinking, but at the same time, she told herself that promises couldn’t be broken again and again.

She told Xu Qing she would leave in one month. But after tonight, she must leave. She knows that he still has feelings for her, but she doesn’t dare to guess just how deep they are. So it’s necessary to leave. If he knew where she lived, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he also knew where she worked.

If Big Brother Chi was here, he would be laughing at her for being so cowardly.

The return back this time may have been a mistake. She seemed to have angered some people and unconsciously endangered Boss. Lu YouYan, your world is always such a mess.

She stirred the warm porridge and swallowed a spoonful. She gasped as the heat burned her tongue.

Gu YeBai looked up from the files and gazed towards her.

YouYan stuck out her tongue and smiled, “It’s fine.”

Gu YeBai didn’t say anything and turned back to his files.

Everything was something she liked to eat, it was all prepared by him, but they were all tasteless on her tongue.

This was probably the last breakfast.

YouYan placed down her spoon and looked at him. She silently took his bowl and served some porridge to it. She took another spoon and placed it in front of him.

He didn’t move.

She tilted her body and grabbed onto his cup, saying silently, “Xiao Bai, eat this, you didn’t eat anything yet. Drinking coffee alone is bad for you.”

“It’s fine.” His hand moved to avoid her touch.

YouYan’s hand hovered in mid-air.

If it was before, she would grab the cup from his hand forcefully. But now that she couldn’t, she only looked at him.

If she was someone of importance to him before, she no longer was anymore.

“Do you always drink this in the morning?” Unable to resist, she asked.

He nodded but didn’t bother to raise his head.

“These taste good.” The words that formed on the tip of her tongue, turned into this clunky sentence. YouYan bit her lips, how stupid.

“It’s good that you like it,” he responded.

“You eat it too! Don’t drink that, it’s not good for you.”

Isn’t she annoyed after repeating the same words over and over again? He raised his gaze.

“Just because you like it, doesn’t mean other people like it.”

YouYan paused and, after a while, she smiled, “Then I’ll eat your portion too.”

“Go ahead.”

Tears formed at the corners of her eyes. YouYan hurriedly blinked them away and lowered her head to eat.

Finally, unable to resist, she stood up and grabbed onto his hands.

He creased his brows and his cold gaze looked towards her.

“I won’t let you drink it! I won’t! Your stomach has been weak since a long time ago.” Her hand stubbornly held on.

He looked at her quivering fingers and gave a backhand twist to her hand, using only a bit of force.

YouYan gasped in pain, but refused to let go. She opened her eyes wide and glared at him.

In the light, his fingers were pale and beautiful, yet cruel as a monster as they bent her fingers.

The pain intensified, but YouYan only looked upwards and continued to be stubborn.

He narrowed his eyes and, seeing a fine layer of sweat appear, his hands couldn’t bear to move any further.


Suddenly the doorbell rang.

He released her hands and left to open the door.

A beautiful face appeared, it was Zhou HuaiAn.

“I’m back!” She placed down her luggage and looked at Gu YeBai, “There’s no need to bother Linda, nor is there a need for President Gu to take a trip down. Zhou HuaiAn herself changed tickets with someone and came here immediately.

His gaze swept through the room indifferently. He leaned against the door and looked at HuaiAn. Finished he patted her hair.

HuaiAn closed her eyes and leaned closer to him.

He held her with his arms.

“There’s no need to work so hard.”

“It’s because I missed you Bai, I really did.”

“Stupid.” He smiled

“So aren’t you going to invite me into the room?” HuaiAn smiled.

Gu YeBai smiled, “Of course not, I hid someone in the house.”

HuaiAn’s lips curled upwards, a smile so bright and beautiful. Gu YeBai raised a brow and helped her bring her luggage into the room.

In the dining room around the glass table, the scent of food was carried through the air.

It was apparent that it was missing a set of dishes, and a person.

Behind the sofa, YouYan hugged herself as she watched the two. She held the bowl and spoon tightly. Inside was the porridge she had yet to finish.