Chapter 64: The Return of HuaiAn

He really was crazy. She had betrayed him. How could he allow her to have his child?

But, if, only it was her, she really did have his child, that would be a whole other matter. If she was to use the child to stay by his side, he would allow it. Chances are given by god or made by oneself. Isn’t the latter much more interesting?

It’s not that he didn’t like children, but the years of struggling to survive with his brother was deeply embedded within him. The Gu Family may be noble and wealthy, but it wasn’t their family. They were nothing but illegitimate children.

He coldly cut off these memories and gently placed her head on the pillow.

He got up and stood next to the window, lighting a cigarette, and turned back to look at her, being fast asleep.

He couldn’t control his feelings towards her.

After four years, you came back. The game hasn’t ended. Yan, no matter what kind of new tricks you are thinking of, bring it on. But this time, if you want to disappear without a sound again, do you think you still can?

On the table, his phone began vibrating.

He walked over and accepted the call.

“Bai, my trip has ended and my flight is tomorrow——do you miss me?” On the other side of the phone, a gentle female voice hesitated, before asking the last part.

“What do you think?” A complex and dark smile appeared.

“Yes, you do, am I right?” Her voice lowered.

A tone filled with playfulness, yet also with a trace of pleading. A tone similar to a certain someone. His lips curled upwards as he looked towards the girl on the bed.

“Sure.” His answer was without hesitation.

A laugh came from the other side of the phone.

“What are you laughing about?” he indifferently asked.

“I’m just honored by how President Gu has put me in his heart.”

“Between you and me, I don’t think it should be described as an honor.”

A slight hesitation came from the other side, but concluded with an even sweeter smile.

“I have always wondered why you loved that city. After touring with your friend these past few days, I think I finally understand. The pure and clean feeling was beautiful.

“Your friend, Kamon, told me that you had once planned to live there. If possible, I hope I could have the honor to come along with you in the future.”

His gaze darkened.

“HuaiAn, I don’t plan on going to that city ever again.”

The voice on the other side of the phone fell silent.

After a while, a laugh came through.

“I’ll be wherever you are, President Gu. How about lending me Linda tomorrow afternoon? I need a ride from the airport.”

“Sorry, but Linda isn’t available.”

Silence fell over the conversation again.

“Nevermind, I——”

“Do you really not want me to pick you up from the airport?” he laughed faintly, interrupting her.

“Bai…” On the other side, the voice held a trace of frustration, but happiness filled her heart.

Ending the call. He lit up another cigarette.

But his phone rang again.

“President Gu, have you not rested yet?”

A cajoling voice sounded and Gu YeBai furrowed his brows. “If you know I’ve rested, why are you calling?”

The voice gasped, “Sorry for the inconvenience, but I just wanted to confirm if Mr. Gu still needed my assistance in any way? Should I turn the electricity back on?”

“Is everyone in the HR as capable as you are?” he responded lightly and cut off the call.

Walking up to her, his fingers trailed across her face. If it was cut off when it should have been, what was the point of fixing it now? The night was still long.

Her expression was blissful, did she dream of something nice?

“Xiao Bai, Xiao Bai,” she repeated quietly, a smile apparent on her face.

Unknowingly, a trace of a smile appeared on his face. He pressed his lips against hers.

Before he deepened the kiss, tears trickled down her face. She bit down on her lips as she murmured.

He listened closer and the voice became clearer: Big Brother Chi, what should I do?

He was the person of your dreams?!

A storm arose within his gaze as he stared at the bandage on his hands, a dark smile appearing.

Throwing off the blanket, YouYan stared at the ceiling. One minute. Two minutes. Her brain still couldn’t process what had happened.

Her brown eyes flit around quickly and observed her surroundings. It was a simple and elegant setting, instead of her shabby apartment. She looked down towards herself, um, naked——with kiss marks all over her. Remembering what had happened last night, his kisses, his touches, and his—— her face blushed red.

She felt the pillow next to her——it was cold. A trace of disappointment arose. Well, this was better in a way, less awkward.

“Don’t move,” a voice called.

Last night, he had said the same thing in the darkness. His words always gave her a sense of safety. Erm——thinking of last night again, her ears burned red.

His figure quickly disappeared.

In the time she was processing, he was back again.