Chapter 63: Together Under the Moonlight

Her voice sounded again as she pouted, saying, “Look it’s bleeding! Compensate me! Compensate me!

His smile grew even larger. His raspy voice sounded.

“How should I compensate you? Tell me.”

“I’m going to eat you.” She blinked away her tears as she loudly announced this.

A moment of shock passed through him. The hatred within disappeared. Her soft voice filled his heart.

Now, he only wanted to go along with his heart—— everything else could be dealt with tomorrow.

“Let me teach you, how to eat me.” Taking her hand, he placed it on his shirt.

He wanted her to rid him of his bindings personally.

Her hand was shaking the entire time. She was unable to even undo the first button, as though it was sewed on.

Was she simply saying that she was willing while her heart was uncertain? Yan, don’t you think it’s too late to run away now?

His eyes narrowed and he grabbed her hand, forcefully guiding her to unbutton his shirt.

Her face flushed red as she slid her fingers down to unbutton the next one.

He wasn’t an impatient person, but his patience had run out by the time she got to the second button. He lowered his head next to her face and sucked on her earlobe. The action immediately drew shivers from her.

After a moment of sporadic biting, he asked , “If you really can’t, just rip it off.”

Her embarrassment rose to a peak, and YouYan felt as if her heart was leaping out of her chest. But he didn’t give her time to hesitate; he carried her up and moved into the room. His body hovered over hers when they reached the bed. In the darkness, he breathed heavily.

The burning sensation that followed his hands, those devilish hands, devoured her.

“Xiao Bai——” She shuddered as she tried to avoid his hand.

There were some things that would never change, he thought. The delicate contentment when she was happy, the look in her eyes when he bullied her, and the shyness when they were close together.

He took her hands and placed them on his pants.

Her body was burning and her hands shook even more. She knew exactly what he wanted her to do. To personally release him of his bindings.

Her breathing hitched. He pushed forward and, as she hadn’t done it for a long time, the abrupt invasion caused an unfamiliar pain.

In the darkness, he gazed at the girl who was beneath him, beads of sweat were forming her forehead. All of a sudden, he was unable to proceed. She was as tight as that night four years ago when she gave herself to him. That night which was full of fear, fervor and confusion.

Did that person do this to her? Here? Everywhere about her?

The hatred-filled fire sparked once again. This woman had a way of overtaking his heart again and again.

His movements went out of control.

She furrowed her brows due to the pain, and a silent whimper sounded.

“It hurts.” Her head nudged against his chest.

“Xiao Bai, it hurts.”

Raising a brow, he ignored her cries and pushed even deeper.

“It hurts, Xiao Bai. Xiao Bai, it hurts.” Her fragmented voice sounded and her cries became clearer.

“Then do you want me to pull out?” He raised her chin and smiled, it was filled with traces of coldness.

The whimpers silenced and the arm around him tightened. The head against his chest shook quickly.

He closed his eyes and restrained the fire, staying where he was.

Fuck! He couldn’t even deny her. His thin lips covered hers and he kissed her ferociously, their saliva intertwining. Her sweet taste. He forced her tongue to tangle with him.

His gentle movements were responded with quiet moans. It amused him. Covered in a thin layer of sweat, she lifted her head to kiss him on the lips. A growl leaked from his throat.

A large hand pushed her towards him, the other clinging onto her fingers.

Their unrestrained contact was like fireworks in the night sky. The frenzy washed over both him and her.

Leaning against him, her tears fell upon his skin.

“Xiao Bai,” she called quietly. A sweetness that was filled with an endless amount of pain. Four years of longing along with countless nights of dreams and calling his name over and over again. This person would never listen, nor would he ever respond, she thought.

“Yan, be good.” Unable to resist, he kissed her forehead and her teary eyes, again and again.

He tasted the tears and swallowed them.

A gust of wind lifted the curtains.

In the dark night, moonlight scattered across her face through the window. It was as though her skin was made of porcelain as she slept soundly in his arms like a child,.

Four years, and more than a thousand days and nights. Once again, they were together like this.

He took her countless times, and only when she begged and cried did he let her go. She fell asleep soon after, leaving him once again.

Idiot. A smile appeared on his face. He gently caressed her, wiping away the fine layer of sweat on her forehead. Unable to resist, he kissed her again.

Hmph. She was sound asleep, but he was unable to sleep himself. Even though he was filled with immense happiness, he was a little tired.

His finger traced the shape of his brows. He really did love her curvy brows, shaped like a moon. Thoughts about her occupied his heart, never leaving. Was this the feeling of forever? He laughed in derision at himself. Who knows?

His cold gaze landed on the nightstand, upon which those things lay. Tonight, he didn’t use them, releasing himself within her again and again.

He really was crazy. She had betrayed him. How could he allow her to have his child?