Chapter 62: Red Riding Hood’s Counterattack

His lips captured hers, taking hold of them until her lips were swollen red. She tried to answer, but as the tip of her tongue touched his, his movements became even fiercer.

The night was thrown into deep chaos. For only this night; tomorrow would be the end of it all. Tomorrow she will definitely leave. Quivering, the idea took over.

Sorry, HuaiAn. I’m really sorry, HuaiAn. I just want this once more, for the last time. After tomorrow, I’ll never see him again. And I will only remember him through memories, experiences, and this now.

Her hand shook as she caressed his face. Just like he did with hers. Her heartbeat pounded erratically, causing a slight pain, a couple missed beats. She chose to ignore it as her longing spread throughout her body.

His hands were burning, they explored over her bare skin. When she noticed this, she bit her lips. A sense of shyness arose, she didn’t want him to hear.

“You can’t.” His voice was deep and his lips moved towards her earlobes, biting on them and marking them as his. But inside, he sighed. It had been four years, but her habits hadn’t changed. Every time she was nervous, she would bite her lips. He forced a finger between her lips so her teeth could no longer harm her lips.

The sounds that leaked out were unclear, but it seemed to be his name.

Frustrated, she hesitated, and then bit down on his fingers.

His entrancing laughter sounded at her ears, “Only this hard?”

Becoming even more frustrated, she was going to bite down harder, but in the end she couldn’t. She tugged at his hands and he didn’t resist. Like a little puppy, her tongue lapped at his palm, it was wrapped so she only wetted the corners.

“Ffff, ffff. It won’t hurt now.” Her voice whispered softly in the darkness. It was such a simple sentence, but it made his heart leap.

His desire for her exploded.

The gash on his palm was nothing, but his heart pained.

Even in a time like this, his heart would pain for her.

“Yan.” His voice was clear although his heart burned. Only for her, but no one knew that.

“Xiao Bai, Xiao Bai.” Her voice sounded as though she was about to cry.

She was rejecting him? He laughed mockingly at himself. He was unable to see the delight and sorrow within her gaze.

He had made many paintings. Sometimes the world was black and white, but sometimes it was full of gray. Those three basic colors could create the most beautiful artworks.

But none of all this could compare to one’s mind, changing at every second and moment.

A second ago, he had only wanted her, despite what she wanted. But in this second, he only wanted to hear her tell him this herself, that she wanted it.

The pride within him, hated this fact.  Even at a moment like this.

Only because it was her and not anyone else.

She really was skinnier than before—or was it that his memory from four years ago wasn’t exact?

His palm moved inch by inch across her skin. Tracing her delicate bones, feeling her shiver underneath him, and hearing the fractured moans.

Her hand was still shaking, but it slowly circled around his back. Silently unbuttoning his shirt, sliding across his skin.

Sometimes she was a good student. Her mind quick and clever.

But the betrayal and hidden secrets gnawed at his heart. Yet he couldn’t resist her. Four years ago, they were the closest of lovers, but today she still looked as pure as when they first met.

Finally, the words came out of his mouth.

About the lies, the betrayal. All of that, he puts it aside. Right now, it was a time to enjoy. As long as her heart was with his.

“Yan, tell me. Who is the one in here?” The voice was a bit cold, the longer fingers slid onto the smooth skin about the pounding organ, her heart.

His nails grazed across it, with a sense of playfulness. But the pain brought her brows to crease together.

The tiny hands took the large hands and placed them tightly against her heart.

Who is the one who filled her heart? Does he not know? Oh, he might not, or he just doesn’t want to believe it. But what did that change? As long as she knew it herself, as long as her heart remembered itself.

“Xiao Bai, you’re so intelligent. Do you not know?” She laughed playfully and rubbed her head against his chest. Responding with this tone of playfulness seemed to dull the pain in her heart.

In the darkness, he laughed too. Mocking. Cold.

“Everything I have is nothing but a joke to you. How would I know?”

Her breath hitched and the arm around her tightened. Quivering, she placed her hands around his shoulders. She stood on her toes and kissed him on the lips. Her tongue swept over his lips lightly, taking in his unique scent.

The sudden kiss and her sweetness controlled his mind. It seemed that she still hadn’t learned how to kiss, or perhaps he should say that she never would. No matter how much he tried.

His lover was sometimes quite dumb. Really dumb. A sense of joy swept over his heart. She was still that tiny idiot. But then jealousy came along. Did Chi Pu also taste this sweetness and this kiss?!

Anger arose as he bit onto her fingers, hard.

She yelped and poked at him.

“My finger! It hurts! How could you? Stupid Xiao Bai.”

The pain became even more evident. Those countless nights of heartache as he drank a bottle after another—what were they for? He bit even harder, until he tasted a hint of blood.

After that yelp of pain, there was nothing but silence. She didn’t withdraw her hand either. She merely allowed him to do whatever he wanted in obedience.

“Didn’t you say it hurts?” He lifted her chin. Tears flooded her eyes. He was unaware that she was only willing to endure the pain because it was him.

“Doesn’t your heart pain at this?!” She mumbled in reply. Her hands gripped tightly around his waist.

In the darkness, he smiled. The smile was beautiful, but she couldn’t see it.

Her voice sounded again as she pouted, saying, “Look it’s bleeding! Compensate me! Compensate me!

His smile grew even larger. His raspy voice sounded.

“How should I compensate you? Tell me.”

“Let me return you this gift.” She blinked away the tears at the corners of her eyes.