Chapter 61: The Big Bad Wolf VS. Little Red Riding Hood (3)

She was too shocked to speak for several seconds, completely losing the ability to speak clearly.

“I, I, I——” He placed her down.

She paused for another moment before moving her legs, as if running away. The corners of his mouth turned up, and before she realized it, a hand had pushed her against his chest. The other hand covered her mouth.

Her delicate breath, her fragrance, all of which is happening under his large hand.

Their scents surrounded each other. He should have picked up the towel and wrapped her up tightly like she did with his hand.

But to her, he never was a gentleman. And he didn’t care to do so. The frenzy that had been inside him since their car ride back rose quickly, exploding within him.

Four years. Yan, how is it possible that you are still as pure as a white sheet, just like you were back then? Or was it that, from the very beginning, you were never who I thought you were?

He was not easily angered, only because he had once experienced excruciating pain. When one had reached the heights of pain, other sufferings were nothing but trifles, not enough to matter.

But at just the thought of how this body could have been laying beneath Chi Pu, blossoming and enchanting, anger and hatred rose in him beyond the limits, breaking through the clouds.

And yet for this woman, he would be willing to sacrifice his own life for hers, just like before.

Four years ago, you left without hesitation. Today, you want to leave as you wish. How could you?!!!

Ignoring her struggles to get free, his gaze darkened and he held her tightly. He pushed her against the wall and trapped her against it. Cutting off all her escape routes.

YouYan couldn’t describe the feelings that were swirling inside her during this instant. Her body quivered; she knew that she wanted him. But, she couldn’t. She had told herself that she would let him go, let him be happy.

But why was she like this now? How could she be like this now?

She pushed her hands against his chest, but it was nothing but a futile effort. His breath fell upon her face; she only wanted to accept it, she wasn’t willing to let go.

That day in the tea room, she simply wanted one kiss. At this moment, she unexpectedly longed for him to hold her, just like that night of the fire at Mt. Lu. His usually calm and cold aura had erupted into flames then, letting her feel the searing fire of his feelings. As if to confirm that she didn’t die in the fire. That night, he gave her a new meaning in life, from a girl to a woman. Only to be his girl, his woman.

She truly was greedy, she thought. Like the fisherman who was never content as his dreams ultimately turned into sand, leaving nothing but foam.

Towards her, he still had feelings. She knew that if the night continued, then no one could go back to where they were. Tears formed in the corners of her eyes and his hand came up to caress her face.

“Tell me, where do you want to escape to now? Where?” Raising her chin, his face was leaning in close to hers.

“Why would I run away? The one who should be leaving is you. It’s not polite to look.” She lifted a hand to wipe away her tears, trying to maintain her composure.

“It’s dark right now. Even if I want to see, I can’t,” he replied.

Darkness. Who consented the dark, who did the darkness consent? Unable to focus, the distance between them suddenly seemed to disappear. It was as if they were back to when she never left.

In his arms, she looked tiny and he couldn’t resist commenting, “Little midget.”

YouYan got annoyed and forgot about their current situation. The moment she looked up, her head slammed against her chin.

“I’m not a midget, you’re just a little giant.”

Sounds of a muffled laughter came from above.

Anxiousness came over her as she stood on her tippy toes, and ruffled her hand over his hair.

“Are you okay? Does it hurt? Bend down a little, I can’t see.”

“Little midget.” The voice came again from the darkness, along with a slight laughter.

She was a little over 160 cm, whereas he was taller than her by 20 cm. He used to always laugh about her height.

Even more pissed off now, she stepped onto his foot.

Her foot hasn’t dried yet, so droplets of water rolled onto his feet. The coldness. The closeness. The heat. The cold contrasted with the heat and he could hear her breathing, making his heart tighten.

Could this be considered as her provoking him?

After all, they were once the closest of lovers. He could tell through the signals from her skin, her temperature, her anxiousness.

The urge to envelop her in his arms followed, but he was scared that she might run away.

“What is a little giant?” Remembering her comment from before, his lips turned upwards. It was to distract her and distract his desire.

He was being so serious! YouYan didn’t know what to do, she shook her head, and droplets of water fell upon him again.

Bunching together her hair, he furrowed his brows. With a tug, he pulled her into his arms.

She was surprised, with her naked body against his, the warmth of their skin melted together. She began to shake.

He sighed and sat down while holding her. Leaning against the wall, he reached out an arm and threw the towel on top of her head.

She shook her head to clear her mind, and droplets once again fell upon him.

He raised a brow and flicked her forehead, “Can’t you just sit?” His hand pressed onto the towel, drying her wet hair. It was just like years ago.

His fingers were like a magician’s as she slowly relaxed her body, uncontrollably moving towards him.

He reached out a hand and held onto her tightly as the other continued to dry her hair.

The two of them didn’t make a sound, enjoying this rare moment of peace and quiet.

The weight she leaned upon his shoulders slowly became heavier as her head drooped, and her lips brushed across his neck.

At that moment, he lost his calm composure. A groan leaked out from of his lips. He bent over and kissed her.

YouYan blinked her eyes and all her drowsiness disappeared.