Chapter 60: The Big Bad Wolf VS. Little Red Riding Hood (2)

“Is his new vehicle really a motorcycle?” YouYan didn’t know what to say.

“Of course not.” He replied.

YouYan’s face once again turned black.

The chandeliers of the living room sparkled a warm orange glow around the room. The two of them stood behind the doors in silence.

Gu YeBai turned around as YouYan’s heart thumped faster. Because of her conversation with Tang Huang, and because of this coming night.

“I think I should go back.” She looked at his back and said the opposite of what her heart was telling her.

He didn’t turn around but answered her with a cold voice.

“Are you trying to tell me that all I did tonight was for nothing?”

“No——that’s not what I meant——” She stuttered as she tried to reply.

“What if they remained there, waiting for you? What are you going to do?” His voice was turning icy. Did she really not care about her own life?

There really wasn’t any valid reason. If she continued to give these excuses, it would be her that was unreasonable. She didn’t have the right to do so anymore. Who she was today, didn’t deserve it anymore.


She walked up to him and raised her head, “Can I see your injuries?”

He narrowed his eyes, “I don’t think there’s a need for that.”

YouYan’s heart quickened, and her upraised hand was placed down awkwardly.

After a moment of thinking, she said, “I just want to see it once.”

Her gaze had tears sparking within, the appearance piercing his heart. He didn’t plan to let her go tonight, but he never thought that they were going to meet the way they did.

Thereupon, he had wanted to visit the place where she lived. After acknowledging her return, he had realized that he really did care. Just thinking about how she lived in those dark slums made his anger churn.

When she risked her own life to save him in his moment of danger, he wasn’t unsurprised, but there was more anger within. Since she had betrayed him then, why would she do this now?

Every single one of her expressions told him that she loved him.

But he wasn’t the one she loved the most. She had told him before that she loved Chi Pu more than him.

Those words appeared in his mind as though it had happened just yesterday.

The most ironic thing was that he still desired her. In the car, the warmth from her knees brought out a monster within his heart. He didn’t get to see her past, but in a second, he had another plan. However, after seeing her, he was unable to follow through with this plan.

Lu YouYan, what should I do with you?

Can’t love, can’t hate, but there was both love and hate.

“There’s no bathroom in the guest room, you can use the one at the end of the second floor. Take a shower and get some rest. You can use any room.” He walked past her as he tried to calm his mind.

YouYan watched as he left and went up the stairs into his bedroom. She stood there for awhile, before ascending upstairs.

She walked into the bathroom only to see two cups next to the sink. Two cups, two toothbrushes, next to each other.

She looked into the mirror, her face was extremely pale. She tried to force a smile, but it was ugly, very ugly.

She didn’t take a bath, instead opted to the shower. She rinsed her clothing afterward.

She wasn’t paying attention; only by distracting herself could she lessen the pain.

But consequences followed.

She didn’t have a change of clothes. Why did she wash her clothes? She stared into the mirror at herself. Her facflusheded red and her lips glistened from the heat.

After moments of internally yelling at herself , she bit her lips and wrapped herself in a towel.

Her heels were outside the bathroom, so she grabbed them as she hugged onto the towel. Although she knew he was inside his room, she crept by silently.

But the moment she closed the bathroom door, she realized he was leaning against the wall with a cup in his hands, thinking about something. He looked like he had already showered as his hair was glistening, wearing a casual pair of pants and a white top.

Hearing the noise, those eyes looked over, only to see YouYan’s blushing face.

YouYan felt her scalp explode and blood rushed to her face. She lowered her head, heart pounding hard.

But even then, she could feel his gaze on her. It burned on her naked shoulders.

It was awkward.

She was about to explain when a crackling sound swept by and the room turned dark. She lost her focus and her shoes dropped to the floor.

Darkness shrouded them.

A blackout?!

“Don’t move.” His voice reached her, a slight sigh with a sense of urgency. Following it was the sound of steps moving towards her, he was calm in this darkness.

As the steps crept closer, YouYan’s heart pounded rapidly. Her foot moved a bit, only to trip on her shoes. She fell flat on the floor.

His refreshing scent came over her senses as he came over just in time to help her up.

“Are you hurt anywhere?” The voice seemed to contain a trace of urgency beneath a slight smile and a tone that said ‘I knew this would happen’. She felt a warmth on her arms and he brought her against him.

YouYan shook her head only to realize that he couldn’t see her in the darkness, saying, “I’m fine.”

Her two hands were against his chest, underneath his shirt were firm muscles. She could feel his warmth on the tips of her fingers. After four years, it was familiar, yet a bit strange.

Her tiny hands were against his chest and her soft figure was against him. The thin towel couldn’t hide her beautiful curves. Her hair was still dripping water and droplets rolled onto his skin. A feverish feeling arose in him without his consent.

He was trying to keep his mind calm against her gentle attacks, but her hands were restlessly moving around.

A soft hand came upon his injured hand, he heard her whisper silently, “ Xiao Bai, does your hand still hurt?”

She’s still thinking about this, a sigh swept across his heart.

Finally, he couldn’t resist the urge to wrap his arms around her. Their two bodies came together once again.

She shuddered, seemingly in opposition to this sudden closeness.

A trace of anger came over his eyes and he took her by the waist. Something slid down and before he realized it, his hands felt the soft sensation of bare skin. The towel fell to the floor and he held her tight against him, without a single piece of clothing on her.