Chapter 59: The Big Bad Wolf VS. Little Red Riding Hood (1)

Gu YeBai moved towards her slowly and bent over to look at her.

Her chin was pointy and her brows were furrowed.

Suddenly, her body shook, and it seemed as though she had sensed his gaze. Her eyelashes shook and her eyes opened.

A close-up of a handsome face appeared in sight.

His gaze was bright as he silently looked at her.

Instead of acknowledging his presence, she grabbed his jacket and walked up to Tang Huang, “Big Brother Tang, is he okay?”

Lin ZiYan fell over laughing as he looked at Gu YeBai, “Wow, this girl really knows who the expert is. Boss, you just got rejected. Hahahaha.”

Gu YeBai stood up, he didn’t seem like he was angered or anything though.

On the other side, Tang Huang replied, “Not well.”

YouYan’s face paled.

Tang Huang continued, “Can we have a private talk?”

YouYan paused but then nodded.

“Look at this Tang Huang, what secret does he have to share with YouYan? Aren’t you curious?” Lin ZiYan laughed as he looked towards the balcony.

The two of them were standing casually as they leaned against the wall. Gu YeBai answered, “Curiosity killed the cat.”

If they looked out right now, the only thing out there would be a sea of darkness.

The sound of the waves.

YouYan’s eyes teared as she heard this.

“What do you mean? What happened to him? Did it injure his bones or muscles? Will it affect his ability to draw?”

“YouYan, what’s your purpose in coming back here this time?” Tang Huang questioned.

It wasn’t the first time someone asked her this question. YouYan paused.

“Because of Bai, we met you. I believe we were at least friends.”

“Of course.” YouYan smiled bitterly.

“And because we are friends, I want to tell you to rethink what you’re doing. If you can’t give him what he desires, your trip back this time will be a mistake.” Tang Huang sighed.

“To be honest, I really did like you back then. I saw you as my younger sister, and truly wished the best for you and Bai. But look at how much HuaiAn has done for Bai these years; I think she is probably the best suited for him.”

“She really is wonderful.” YouYan forced a smile.

“YouYan, I may not be in the position to tell you this, but what you are doing now, isn’t love. Love should be devoted to only one person.” Tang Huang smiled, but his voice held a trace of distance and politeness.

YouYan knew. She had lost this brother-like friend.

She pursed her lips as she tried to ignore the pain in her heart.

“You don’t love Chi Pu, nor do you love Bai. You only love yourself.” Tang Huang looked at her.

“He’s not your lifeguard nor is he a wall you can lean on whenever you’re tired.” Tang Huang continued, “Meeting again may seem wonderful, but if this continues, you’ll destroy the lives of three people. You, him, and HuaiAn.”

He then gazed towards the silent sea. YouYan’s eyes sparkled like a starry night. For a second, Tang Huang’s heart stopped.

“No, not only three. There’s one more.” YouYan smiled. “And you.”

YouYan continued softly. “You love her.”

Tang Huang was shocked. After a moment, he smiled as well, a gentle and lonely smile.

He asked, “YouYan, who said you were slow?”

“I have been thinking for a while, can a person who guards the happiness of another receive their own happiness in the end? Big Brother Tang, do you feel regret?” Her voice was delivered through the wind.

Once again, Tang Huang lost his focus. He laughed, “You really shouldn’t ask a man if he regrets. I would think that he wouldn’t want to hear it.”

“Don’t worry, Big Brother Tang. I understand what you were saying.”

Tang Huang looked at her; her face was pale. He couldn’t help but sigh again.

YouYan held out a hand as a smile spread across her lips, “I don’t have many friends, but if it’s okay with you, can we still be friends?”

Tang Huang shook the hand.

“As long as the YouYan of today can go back to being the simple YouYan from back then.”

There was no point in turning back. Everyone was walking forward, and she was the only one still standing where she had always been. Clinging to the past. She was still who she was, and had never changed. Her time had come to a halt four years ago, along with her Bai, unchanging.

“His hand should heal up fine after a while. It didn’t injure any muscles or bones, but I can’t be sure until a later date.”

YouYan bit her lips and nodded.

When they went back to the living room, she wiped the tears away from the corners of her eyes.

Tang Huang called out, “ZiYan, let’s go.”

Lin ZiYan looked at YouYan and then at his boss with a teasing look, unable to move a step.

Gu YeBai raised his brows and said, “ZiYan, you seem really bored these days.”

Lin ZiYan thought, curiosity really did kill the cat. He grabbed onto Tang Huang’s shoulders and left in a hurry.

His boss and the doctor looked at each other.

Suddenly, he felt a sleeve being pulled and he turned around only to see YouYan.

“ZiYan, can you give me a ride?” YouYan asked.

Gu YeBai’s lips curved slightly. Lin ZiYan thought, the big bad wolf has planned a night with little red riding hood, how could I give you a ride? My boss wants to eat you and if I disturb that plan, I’ll end up dead.

He replied in a serious tone, “YouYan, it’s not that I don’t want to give you a ride, it’s just that my new vehicle doesn’t have enough seats.”

YouYan stopped. “Why? What’s this new vehicle you have?”

“BMW.” He stopped for  a second, then continued, “Erm, a motorcycle.”

YouYan’s face turned black.

Quickly opening the door, Lin ZiYan vanished along with Tang Huang.

The sound of the shutting door brought YouYan back to realization. She raised her head only to meet with Gu YeBai’s silent gaze.

It was a dark and quiet hour. The only ones left were him and her. Alone.

Was this night long? Or short?

Her heart raced, unable to be stopped.