Chapter 58: Is it Worth it?

Getting out of the car, she looked towards his house.

It was in a high-end villa neighborhood of City G, having a disordered but unique and artistic design as it overlooked the sea. At the end of the serene winding path was the shore. A breeze blew across, as though dispersing all the messages it has ever received.

Something tugged at her heartstrings; not far behind the house was Mt. Ying. There carried many memories between the two of them.

His house was three stories tall, with a reddish-brown roof and frosted glass walls.

As her train of thought drifted far away, a warm sensation unexpectedly came upon her shoulders. A jacket had covered them and YouYan’s heart instantly dampened.

But she had already given him away, what harm was a jacket? No wonder Xu Qing hated her, she herself was filled with self-loathing for being like this. No, wait, this wasn’t the blue jacket! She pinched the shoulders of the jacket up to see, it was light grey! It was his!

“If you don’t mind it being dirty, just wear it for now.” His voice echoed in her ears.

When he had fought, he had thrown his jacket to the ground where it had been stained with mud. Nevertheless, YouYan felt a sweet sensation enter her heart, and a faint smile split across her face.

But he didn’t see the smile because he had already walked toward the door.

YouYan didn’t think too much about it and just tightly wrapped the jacket around herself, surrounding herself in his scent.

But before she had time to enjoy it, Tang Huang had arrived. He gave YouYan a look before his gaze landed on Gu YeBai.

“It’s fine.” Gu YeBai’s voice sounded.

YouYan lowered her head, Tang Huang probably blamed for her for this. If it wasn’t her, he could have left unscathed.

The two had already walked quite a distance. YouYan was about to follow them when Lin ZiYan suddenly appeared.

He glanced at Gu YeBai’s injuries before he continued to tease YouYan, “Why are your eyes red? Is it because he tried to force you to XXOO?”

YouYan’s face flushed red and she glared at him.

“Or is it that he won’t XXOO you?” When he saw YouYan’s flustered look, Lin ZiYan couldn’t resist continuing to tease her.

“ZiYan, the meeting in Sweden tomorrow, you can go for me instead.” A voice sounded in front.

Lin ZiYan wilted on the spot, too scared to tease YouYan again, and he ran up beside his boss.

“Can we reconsider that decision?!” His futile efforts sounded.


Lin ZiYan was about to cry, “That meeting was your responsibility.”

“But I just got injured and it’s a work injury.”

Lin ZiYan cursed silently, how the hell was this a work injury? But as much as he wanted to yell, he didn’t dare make an objection.

From prior experience, he knew that if he resisted, it would just end up worse for him.

When they entered the room, YouYan looked around. It was large, elegant, and designed well. It was a quiet tone of gray that hid a trace of loneliness within. The thought of this made her heart shudder.

HuaiAn, does she come here often? The thought surfaced in her mind.

She quickly shook her head and followed.

Tang Huang grabbed the first aid kit and was about to open it when Gu YeBai stopped him.

“Come to my room. ZiYan, you too.”

YouYan followed as she shuffled her steps.

“If it’s possible, please wait here.” He didn’t look at her, only setting down the command as the three of them went upstairs.

YouYan paused and her steps slowed.

It wasn’t until they vanished into the second-floor bedrooms that she replied quietly: “If it’s possible—— can I not?”

Sitting on the sofa, an image of his bleeding palm appeared, and her hands gripped tightly onto his jacket.

“What happened.” Tang Huang’s hand moved swiftly to treat the wounds, as Lin ZiYan asked this.

“Someone was targeting her.” Gu YeBai’s gaze narrowed as he spoke with a lowered voice.

“Who?” Tang Huang and Lin ZiYan looked at each other.

“Jing Yi.”

“It’s Chu Ke?! She’s the oldest daughter of Jing Yi.” Lin ZiYan laughed coldly, “ She really isn’t a quiet one, is she?”

“ZiYan, send a message to that old man*.”

“What——” Tang Huang gasped in surprise.

“Yes. I only have control over the company. But today, I’ll take that group too.” Gu YeBai’s eyes narrowed as he gazed out the window, there was nothing but a sea of darkness.

“What’s your plan?” It was one of the few times Lin ZiYan was serious.

“Destroy Jing Yi in one day.” A finger landed beside his lips as Gu YeBai’s lips curved upwards.

Tang Huang looked at ZiYan, only to see him just as surprised as he was.

“Is it really worth it?” He finished tying up the bandage as he questioned.

Gu YeBai didn’t answer, but his gaze landed on the bundle of wrinkled clothes.

“If you ask that old man for something, Yi Xun won’t be something you can let go of anymore.” Lin ZiYan continued.

“A favor for a favor, it’s only fair.”

“But Chu Ke——”

“ZiYan, tell the human affairs department to cancel her position.” His voice was ice cold.

Lin ZiYan nodded his head.

“About Chu Ke, you’ve decided?” Tang Huang questioned.

“Chu Ke will never appear in this city again.”

ZiYan laughed, “To expel her? Well, she should be happy that you let her go so easily thanks to that person.”

Those bright eyes, tiny nose, and cherry red lips. A beautiful face appeared in his mind, it had been quite a while.

Chu Ke was beautiful, but compared to this person, she could only be a 7 out of 10.

Leaving the room, Lin ZiYan continued to joke around with Tang Huang, but Gu YeBai’s footsteps slowed. His gaze focused on something.

Lin ZiYan and Tang Huang noticed so they looked in the direction his gaze landed only to see a frail figure sitting on the staircase. Her head against the wall and her eyes were closed, she was asleep. But her hands gripped tightly onto the gray jacket.

Gu YeBai moved towards her slowly and bent over to look at her.