Chapter 57: Stirring Emotions

When the blood begins to clot, YouYan wrapped her cardigan tightly around his palm and tied a knot. Observing it, she furrowed her brows and tried to take it apart.

“It’s fine like this, I don’t think it can get any prettier.” Gu YeBai spoke out.

YouYan blushed and gave up her struggles to fix it, simply glaring at the ugly knot before placing her hands lightly on top of his.

It was as if their positions had interchanged. Gu YeBai’s lips turned up into a slight smile. She really did take his hand and it didn’t look like she was planning to return it. Her facial expression was serious as she focused on his hand.

She was wearing a knee-length creamy white dress today, made of thin fabric so his hand could clearly feel the warmth of her knees as well as the soft texture of her skin.

Her hair was shoulder-length, exposing the exquisite curve of her neck and collarbone as she lowered her head. A few locks of hair tumbled down her cheeks and stopped at her chest, accentuating the outline of her breasts through her top.

Gu YeBai felt his throat clench, an inexplicable sense of restlessness come over his body before a slight burning sensation seeped into his heart. That hand was placed on her knees, the long fingers unconsciously bent themselves.

Memories of those nights they had together surfaced, the same fingers had touched every portion of her body. The restrained moans that came out in fragmented pieces A wave of anger washed over his heart, why does he still have these types of feelings for her? Clenching his hand, he removed it from her grasp.

YouYan paused and stared towards him blankly with confusion written all over her face.

“There should be clothes in the backseat, go get them.” His voice was a little cold.

YouYan nodded her head obediently, leaning back she reached out a hand to find the clothes.

After fishing around for a while, a piece of clothing emerged in her grip and she quietly said, “Xiao——, there’s only this one.”

Gu YeBai shot a quick glance at her. It was a blue suit jacket, but it was HuaiAn’s.

“Put it on,” he said.

YouYan looks down at herself, her face flushed red. Just as she thought about putting it on, her gaze fell on the jacket and a whisper came from deep inside her saying, “Don’t put it on.”

After some thought, she responded with a random excuse.

“I’m not cold.” Finished speaking, she smiled and folded the jacket, returning it to the backseat.

Her small face tilted slightly out of habit as both of her hands grabbed onto the window ledge and watched the scenery outside pass by.

The slight hesitation inside her eyes was stabbing his heart..

Pushing aside the palpitations of his heart, he narrowed his eyes slightly, calmly looking forward.

After a while, she seemed to be unable to sit still, once again turning her body back/(returning to her original position), her eyes turned to stealthily look at his hand.

“You seem to know who they were?” She asked tentatively.

Seeing her expression, Gu YeBai’s heart moved a little, and a somewhat mischievous look entered his eyes as he asked, “You’re the one they’re after, and yet you do not know who they are?”

YouYan shook her head, “They also came yesterday, but luckily Boss and Xiao Er fended them off.”

After a moment of thinking, she added, “Boss was very skillful, unlike you.”

When she said this, her eyes flashed with a child-like expression, the sort that one had when presenting a treasure happily.

Boss? The head of the Long City Zhang family? Gu YeBai’s gaze sunk.

“Get off.” The vehicle swiftly came to a halt.

YouYan quickly looked out. Oh, this was Xiao Bai’s home?!