Chapter 56: To Exchange Crimson Tears for a Crystal One

If his reaction was a second slower.

His body moved faster than he could think, turning to avoid the sharp edge. The cold gleam of the blade merely paused and relentlessly followed through, reflecting light onto the man with his sinister scar and venomous smile.

A moment ago when she had grabbed onto him, Gu YeBai had thrown the knife down in fear that it would harm her.

As one hand drew her close, the other stretched out to block her from the attack, and at a moment’s thought, his hand quickly moved down once again. The blade dragged along his palm, leaving an unsightly crimson gash from which blood gushed out.

His brows creased, but his fingers retained a tight grip on the blade. When the knife refused to budge, panic and alarm came over the scar-faced man. Gu YeBai coldly smiled and pushed YouYan out of his arms until she was behind him as he swept a foot at the enemy’s knees.

Before the scar-faced man could fall to the ground, Gu YeBai grabbed onto his collar and threw several fists at him. The scar-faced man fell to the floor unconscious, blood slowly trickling out from him onto the concrete.

For the knife that had almost struck her, he didn’t pull any punches.

His gaze swept through the dark streets along with his cold voice, bone-chilling and ruthless, filled with murderous intent.

“Who else?”

Clangs and sounds of shuffling came from the darkness.

“Get into the car.” This was directed towards YouYan.

YouYan could only look at him. His hand was dripping with blood—that was the hand he painted with. For her, he——

Tears rolled down her cheeks. It was as if she didn’t hear his words; her feet were glued to the ground, unable to move the slightest bit.

His gaze met with her’s. Her tears, he thought, he really did love them.

His heart turned cold at the thought, and he mocked himself. He was willing to give up his crimson droplets of blood in exchange for a single drop of her tears.

Remembering how she risked her own safety to save him, he wasn’t able to control his feelings. At that moment, was it that she still cared for him? Or was it just all dream? Was it for love or was it just guilt and gratitude?

The recollection of her words before she left that year surfaced in his mind.

“Xiao Bai, when I was with you, I was always happy. I think I really did love you, but I love him now, I’m certain.”

I think I loved you.


You thought you loved me. Only. In the 700 days I was with you, I fell deeper and deeper into the trap you created with that smile of yours.

He grabbed her waist roughly as he pushed her into the car. She didn’t make a sound as she obediently followed him.

Blood gushed from the cuts on him. Despite the gash on his hand, he continued to drive. He didn’t care, he thought.

Instead, it was her that grabbed onto his arm and said, “We need to go to the hospital right now”, her eyes turning red.

“This matter involves the gangs. If we go to the hospital there will be a lot of problems.”, he responded as he dialed a number.

“Tang Huang, it’s me. Bring your tools and come to my house with ZiYan.”

His house?! YouYan hesitated but didn’t think any further. When he ended the call, she asked: “Can you drive with one hand?”

As he paused and nodded his head, her hands had already placed his on her knees and wrapped her cardigan around it.

His gaze darkened as he noticed that she was only wearing a spaghetti strap top that revealed her tiny shoulders.