Chapter 55: Together in Death but Not in Life

Gu YeBai’s movements were harsh. Both towards the enemy and himself. While causing harm to the enemy as much as possible, he was unable to avoid all the attacks coming at him.

Because it was one against seven, and also because more and more people were coming. He had to finish them off quickly and leave, only in this way could he ensure her safety.

There were people falling by the minute.

A window separated the two worlds.

Intense pain brought a layer of sweat on her forehead and her heart couldn’t take this much, but YouYan continued looking. It wasn’t him! It wasn’t him! The fallen one wasn’t him!

But his crisp white shirt wasn’t as clean anymore. As each person fell, another bloody streak appeared on him.

This type of harm, how much can a man possibly handle? YouYan could hardly smile anymore as sweat trickled into her eyes, it burned her pupils.

Finally, the leader with the scarred face fell to the ground.

A knife pointed towards him, and Gu YeBai smiled, his gaze cold: “Get as far away as you can before I find you!”

The scar-faced man tried to stop blood from pouring out as he gritted his teeth and yelled, “Fuck, today’s victory is yours!”


“We’ll settle this another day!”

The group of men got up from the floor with difficulty and ran away.

It was like this battle never happened.

The pale hand gripped the knife tightly, with its tip bearing droplets of blood, revealing the dark patterns on the blade.

Gu YeBai stared coldly into the dark until there was no sound left.

Suddenly a force came upon him, his body shook, and he looked down to see a pair of hands gripped tightly around his waist.

The frail girl was hugging him from behind, nudging his shirt lightly and carefully, avoiding all his injuries.

Yan. A smile bloomed within him.

He turned around silently and removed her hands, his gaze calm as he looked at her tears.

“Xiao Bai, doesn’t it hurt? What are we going to do?” Her gaze flickered erratically; she wanted to caress his scars but was scared to touch them.

“I won’t die.” His voice held traces of coldness.

YouYan hesitated, the distance remaining between them even after this battle of life and death.

Well. That’s fine, she thought.

Even if they could have died together, it didn’t mean they would live together.

She took a step back. Gu YeBai’s eyes narrowed.

Suddenly the scent of the blood filled her nostrils. YouYan gasped and grabbed onto him once again.

Gu YeBai’s heart shook, the light in his gaze grew stronger, but in the corner of his eye, he saw a blade coming towards her. The blade that would originally land on the side of his waist.