Chapter 54: Together

It was them! YouYan recognized one of the figures, it was the people who had attacked her yesterday. At the time, Boss and Xiao Er had saved her, but they hadn’t dealt with them afterward.

That meant they were coming for her!!!

Who were they? Why were they so persistent about her? Her eyes opened wide as she stared outside.

Xiao Bai. Xiao Bai. She wiped her tears but more flowed out. Her hands clasped tightly together—she couldn’t get out, she couldn’t! She’d just be a burden to him. She knew his capability, she’d seen it, but there were so many people against him, could he handle it?

Xiao Bai was an idiot, why would he do this for her?

His sharp gaze observed their surroundings as Gu YeBai backed against the car door. There were seven men, each with a knife in their hands, and they had blocked every single route of escape.

Yan, you can’t come out. As long as you’re safe, I have no fear. But——today, if I was in danger, would you still come out?

“A nameless tiny gang, and you dare to attack me?” Gu YeBai smiled coldly.

The buff man in charge had scars across his face. Hearing this, his anger rose and he charged forward with the knife.

“Who are you calling nameless? All of us here are part of Jiang Yi, at least you’ll know this before you die.”

The rest of the men started laughing along.

Well, he got the information he needed. Now he can begin.

As soon as the information sunk in, he thought, it was her?! His brows furrowed, but then relaxed again as he taunted the group: “Jiang Yi, merely that and you dare to plot this?!?

Suddenly the footsteps resounded louder, and he was completely encircled.

One of them glared at him: “Give us that girl. If you do, we might let you off with fewer knives stuck inside you.”

So their target was Yan?! Chu Ke, you’re going to pay for this!

Gu YeBai’s movements were quick, and he grabbed the knife from the man closest to him in a matter of seconds.

Taking off his jacket, he held the knife in position. Its reflection shone brightly in the darkness.

A faint smile and the male’s voice came across clearly.

“Remember, if you want her, you’ll have to kill me first.”

One of the men whistled and all seven began their onslaught.

She couldn’t call for help, his phone wasn’t in the car and hers was left at home. This was the darkest place in the city. Even if someone passed by, they wouldn’t bother to help.

Her hand gripped onto the ledge as she stared at her former lover being surrounded by darkness.

A dull pain appeared in her heart. She knew she couldn’t handle to watch any more. But she clutched at her chest and continued to observe every movement.

Until the very end. If he couldn’t take it anymore, then she would come out, to be with him.

Whether alive or dead.