Chapter 53: Danger, Once Again.

YouYan narrowed her eyes as her brain spun round and round, trying to think of an excuse. Gu Ye Bai was standing aside, calmly waiting for her answer.

Her scalp felt a shiver. In the two years they were together, she had never won over him. Wait, unless, um, she started begging or annoying him. He wasn’t able to refuse when she did that, but whenever his mind was set, she could never change it.

“But——”, just as her words were spoken, his brows creased and he pulled her against him.

YouYan was caught by surprise as his aura surrounded her.

Against him, she could feel the muscles beneath his clothing and her heart began pounding again.

Holding onto her tightly, Gu YeBai narrowed his gaze and examined their surroundings.

There were at least 7-8 people! Were all of them coming for him? Years ago he was in contact with some of these gangs, but after he took full control of the company there was less. Excluding her, he didn’t have much patience for anyone or anything, so he would get rid of them secretly, leaving not even a single trace.

However, tonight was more suspicious. Why did they choose to do it here? Who could have known he was coming here? Or maybe, the target wasn’t him? If it was her——

Now wasn’t the time to think. If he was the only one here, he would have nothing to fear. If they came just for him, he could just let her go first, but if they wanted her, things would be more complicated.

He hated her, enough to rip her to pieces and consume her. But when she was in danger, even if it was a tiny matter or just a suspicion, he wouldn’t let anything get to her.

How stupid, he just couldn’t let go. But it was the truth because he truly couldn’t let go.

Her betrayal, the things she was hiding from him, he hated them. But he couldn’t be certain anymore. Was it hatred? Or was it love? Who knew. But the blood running in his veins clearly told him that her life was more important to him than his own.

Within his sight, he saw the car nearby.

Pulling his sleeve uneasily, YouYan was about to say something, but his face suddenly came in close.

Without any warning, he kissed her.

Thin lips, warmth.

She felt as if her brain had stopped functioning. Blood rushed to her face and she opened her eyes wide.

Touching her lips gently one last time, his lips slid behind her ears.

Whoosh. Her ears were burning red now, but his voice trickled into her ear.

“Get into the car and lock the door. No matter what happens, you can’t come out! Do you understand? Lu YouYan, right now, don’t think about anything, just run.”

Huh. YouYan paused, he had already grabbed her hand and was running towards the car.

Towards him, she had always done as told. She hadn’t finished processing what was going on, but she sprinted along.

In seconds, the silhouettes in the darkness began moving and dark figures surrounded them.

The dim street lights weren’t able to pierce through the darkness, nevertheless, something glinted within. It was a cold sharp knife: they had weapons. Gu YeBai’s brows furrowed, but he smiled coldly.

Even though they had been surrounded, he had reached a distance close enough.

YouYan just felt her sight blur as Gu YeBai opened the car door and pushed her inside. Looking at her one last time, the door shut with a bang while the other hand deflected a knife behind him.

The car window separated him and her. YouYan’s tears flooded out.