Chapter 52: The Route Back

The car left a trail of dust behind as the scenery outside flitted by.

About an hour ago. If Zhang Lei had come an hour earlier……

The notes of memory came to a close.

The black Lamborghini quietly drove along the highway.

YouYan was a mess. This wasn’t the route to the address she told him last time, it was one that leads to her real address.

“Xiao——where are you going?”

“Sending you home.”

“But this isn’t the right direction.”

Gu YeBai glanced at her.

“It’s so that you won’t have to spend the time walking back.”

YouYan paused, her mind was falling into disarray.

“Y–you.., how did you know?”

“I paid someone to search for it.” Gu YeBai replied calmly.

“But you wouldn’t do this type of thing.” Wrinkling her nose, she grabbed onto his shoulders without thinking.

“That’s hard to say.” Gu YeBai steered the wheel with one hand while the other one grabbed her hand and placed it on his knee.

From where their fingers intersected, she could feel the warmth from his palm. YouYan wavered inside, she wanted to withdraw her hand due to their current situation, but she didn’t want to let go either.

It had been too much to handle for one night.

Who would have thought such a tiny thing would bring them together. Just Frankie alone was enough to complete the entire process.

He knows where I live, he knows! He said he paid a professional to find it, but he would never do things like this before. As she speculated about whether or not he cared about her, a sudden burst of happiness enveloped her. But she didn’t want him to care about her. Her promise of one month was coming to an end, time was running out.

YouYan’s brain was a mess. She wanted to ask something, but she didn’t know how to go about it. She wanted to look at him, but her heart was pounding and her hand was shaking.

He looked like nothing had happened at all, staring straight ahead like he wasn’t holding onto her hand. Like it was just her imagination.

“My hand is sweaty, aren’t you uncomfortable?” The words came out unconsciously.

When she came to her senses, YouYan was ready to kill herself. OMG, what did she just say?

The warmth left as Gu YeBai let go of her. YouYan bit her lips, regret was the only sentiment she could feel at that moment.

She heard him say: “We’re here.”

The car came to a stop and he walked out. YouYan sighed and looked around at his car, it was probably the last time she could sit next to him.

Drooping her head, she followed behind him. Suddenly remembering something, she quickened her pace.

“I’m already home!” She said lightly.

He acknowledged it with a nod.

YouYan didn’t know what to do, what she meant by that was——’you can leave now’, so why wasn’t he moving?

“Miss Lu, I’m thirsty.” The corners of his lips turned upwards.

YouYan turned to stone, the unspoken question was thrown right back at her.

No! No! He can’t go in! The secret inside can’t be revealed!