Chapter 51: Blood Stains

Time Cafe.

“Fatty, where did my Xiao San go?”, Xiao Er inquired anxiously as he grabbed the chef’s collar. Omg, they just went out for a report and when they came back, YouYan was nowhere to be found.

The chef’s face crumpled up; it wasn’t as if he could do anything about her running away. He quickly turned to Zhang Lei for help.

But, the usually good-tempered boss had a serious expression on, with a hint of coldness between his brows.

“She went out?” Zhang Lei asked.

The chef didn’t dare hesitate, hurriedly replying: “This morning after the two of you left, a foreigner came. He was talking with YouYan about something and later she followed him out.”

“That idiot foreigner took her away? Fatty, did you hear what they were saying?” Xiao Er cursed under his breath.

Fatty shrugged his shoulders and responded: “I just heard him calling her his wife, the other stuff——”

“What!!! You said he called her wife???” Xiao Er facepalmed, then turned around to Zhang Lei and yelled: “Prince, there’s a problem! Your girl has a husband!”

Zhang Lei smiled and, taking the pot from Fatty’s hand, banged it on Xiao Er’s head. He threw down the pot, clapped his hands clean, and walked out the door.

Fatty’s mouth was already in an O shape, and he asked, “What’s going on?”

Xiao Er cried: “His girl cheated on him.”

Finished, Xiao Er ran after the boss.

“Boss, where are we going?”

“Yan’s house.” His steps didn’t stop, his face was cool, and so was his voice.

“What?” Xiao Er paused.

“I didn’t plan on having her return tonight anyways.”

“What, what!”

“Call those people and give them my orders.”

“You’re afraid that those gangsters are going to do something to Xiao San again?”

“It’s hard to say, but I’ll destroy them if they do.”

In the darkness, Xiao Er couldn’t see Zhang Lei’s gaze, but he felt the voice was colder than usual.

“How did stupid Xiao San piss off a gang anyways? Hehe, but they already leaped into our trap, it won’t be too hard to get the information.” Xiao Er laughed, but rethought about it, and frowned: “But my Xiao San is now a beautiful flower stuck on a stupid foreigner’s head.”

“Unlikely.” Zhang Lei suddenly smiled.

Xiao Er moved his lips, “He’s already calling her wife, how could it not be? Prince, you’re being blind——”

Zhang Lei rose his brows: “Even if she is, so what? I’ll just take her back.”


As the car came to a stop, Xiao Er stepped out first.

Zhang Lei was just shutting the door when he heard a shout from Xiao Er. Although he occasionally acts like he’s crazy, this time his voice was full of anxiety and concern.

Zhang Lei sprinted in the direction of his voice.

“Boss look, there are quite a few traces of blood left here.” Xiao Er’s gaze was cold.

Zhang Lei dipped a finger in the vivid red liquid and examined it closely, his brows furrowed.

“Xiao Er, tell them to send an invitation to Jiang Yi’s boss: just write that Dragon City wants to pay them a visit.”