Chapter 49 Learning the Route (2)

Gu YeBai hmphed and turned around. Then, he lifted it up her face and flicked her nose.

“My head is suffering from a loss of brain cells and my nose is being squished. Look at how tall HuaiAn’s nose is, so delicate and pretty.”  She said, feeling wronged.

“You have a pig nose, why would you compare with her anyways.” He laughed as he watched her look at him. His lips curved upwards but then his gaze darkened again.

“Don’t be mad anymore, please? Pretty please?” She rubbed her face against his shirt.

Laughter came from the crowd and his face flushed pink. He continued to squish her nose, then hurried forward.

When they turned around a corner, the streets quieted down.

“Yan,  I can’t stand people being late. I can’t.” He said.

Years ago, the one time he was late, he lost the chance to see his fraternal twin for the last time. The regret that followed wasn’t something that could be forgotten amongst the passing of time.

She looked at him and nodded her head seriously, “Got it. Xiao Bai doesn’t eat tomatoes, doesn’t like to drink sweet soup……and doesn’t like people being late. Next time, I won’t be late.”

Smoothing out her brows, he suddenly felt a trace of disgust towards himself.

It was obviously her fault, but he wasn’t mad. Only because it was her.

Because it was her? He has barely known her for a couple months, and there’s already this type of feeling? What about after a year? If he had someone destined for him, would it be her?

Would it be her?

Rather than being annoyed, it would be better to say that he had wanted to see that expression of hers. This type of feeling, it was uncontrollable and unsettling.

As punishment, he rubbed her forehead with force and squished her nose once again.

She felt the pain and looked at him but didn’t make a sound.

He wanted to pull her into a hug, and he clenched his hand in a place she couldn’t see.

But did not make a move.

She pulled on his sleeve and mumbled: “Xiao Bai, don’t be mad anymore, please?”

“Are you a parrot or something.” He continued to squish her nose once again.

Her small hand grabbed his large hands and pried his fingers open, placing her hands into his palm. She smiled but had a serious expression. His heart skipped a beat.

“Xiao Bai, I wasn’t late on purpose, I even left early. But I didn’t know the route.” She mumbled.

“You didn’t know the route and you still didn’t let me come by your dorm to pick you up?” He glanced at her.

“Ah, that, it would be embarrassing. Plus, don’t you think it’s more fun this way. This way, I can think of you on the way here.” She laughed.

To use longing as a substitute for going together? He hesitated, what is this weird logic she has?

“Is the first part you said true?” He raised his brows.

She nodded her head up and down quickly.

“So you’re late and now you’re lying? I’ll just leave now.” He pretended to walk away.

“Fine, fine, I’ll tell you.” She grabbed onto him once again.

Her softness and the scent on her body ended him. How would it be possible for him to actually leave?