Chapter 48: Learning the route (1)

Before she had the chance to open the backseat door, Gu YeBai pulled open the front door.

She looked at him, and he looked back, saying: “Get on.”

So she simply bent over to enter and sat next to him.

The night sky tonight wasn’t the best, with the stars being dim and concealed behind the clouds. In the streets, the crowd was loud as usual, not at all minding the change in the skies.

He drove silently, the two of them spoke no words. The worst part was when they were waiting for the traffic lights to turn green. It was measured in seconds, but the tension between the two made it feel longer.

But, YouYan hoped these ten minutes would stretch longer.

She glanced at him but instead met his dark gaze.

She quickly turned around, placing her hands on the windows as she looked out at the passing scenery.

Suddenly she gasped.

“Xiao Bai.”

“What?” He responded.

It was a simple reply, but she felt her nose crumple.

It seemed as if it were only yesterday that they were close without a gap.

Could that still happen? But how could something she lost come back?

Plus, it wasn’t that she lost it—she let him go, she betrayed him.

 She blinked her eyes, afraid to show the tears inside them.

“This route, it’s not right.” She crumpled up her nose.

“When did you learn how to not get lost.” His throat slightly moved, the sound of his deep voice rang.

YouYan was entranced.

It felt as if millions of lights had turned off at the same time.

Memories that were buried deep in her memory floated back to the surface.

It was from their first date.

“Lu YouYan, you are late by an entire 40 minutes. Not a second less.” He sent a flick to her forehead as he hmphed coldly.

YouYan wrinkled her brows as she grabbed his hands and bit them.

Elegant fingers squished her nose and the male’s brows furrowed, “And you dare to bite me now?”

“You always hit my head, I’m getting stupid because of you. Let me bite you even harder.”

He gave her a look and took his hand away, raising his legs to leave.

”Xiao Bai, Xiao Bai.” Now she was scared, and she ran to catch up with him.

He was walking very quickly, she couldn’t keep up at all, and her heart was pounding a little too hard.

In the busy night market, people watched the two in interest. A handsome young male and a girl running behind him. It was as if they were guessing what kind of lover’s quarrel they had happened between them.

She didn’t make a sound, just following behind him silently, until she suddenly crashed into his back. He had stopped walking.

Too busy to care about her nose, she circled her arms around his waist.

“I caught you, now you can’t run away.”