Chapter 47: Partway

In the corner of her eye, she could see him bending over in a gray suit. It was a serious color, yet she was unable to see his figure clearly. The figure of that powerful yet cold, intelligent, and serious man.

Her foot trembled in his hands, and the grip on her foot tightened.

She felt a burning sensation on her face as she lost control over her heartbeat once again. They were facing each other so openly, yet they couldn’t ask each other what they were truly thinking of.

Finally, the hand helped her into her heels.

She was ignorant to the conversation and laughter that happened afterward, simply observing his movement every now and then. It seemed like he had left the seat and came back midway, but when he came back, her breath faltered again.

The two of them were so close, that if they just raised their arms they could inadvertently touch. It was a reality, not a dream, but it seemed so far and unreal.

But all things were destined to come to an end, it being merely a matter of time.

“YouYan, YouYan, hello?” Lin ZiYan’s voice interrupted her thoughts.

YouYan opened her eyes wide and looked towards ZiYan.

“Where are you currently working at?” Tang Huang repeated the question.

Frankie was about to answer for her but YouYan suddenly cut them off.

“Sorry, but I really need to leave right now. Frankie, can you send me back?”

Frankie thought his “wife” was helping him save money, and in the moment of happiness he was about to answer, but a voice cut him off.

“Frankie, I just got a call from a customer and remembered something so I called them back.”

“Gu Lao San, you’re not my wife, I really don’t care. You don’t have to tell me”

Lin ZiYan gave a look to Tang Huang, who simply laughed.

“If I say that I have accidentally called your wife in England, do I not have to inform you?” Gu YeBai responded casually.

Frankie hesitated: “What did you tell her?”

“Oh, nothing really, I just talked about how you invited us to dinner tonight with a beautiful lady here. And how you should be planning the wedding soon.”

Out of all his wives, his English wife was the most jealous, he pointed towards Gu YeBai in shock, pissed off.

“She seemed quite interested actually and said she’d come here soon. Are you not going to wait for her?” He added.

Frankie was pissed, looking towards YouYan in despair.

Before YouYan had time to react, Gu YeBai had already stood up.

“I’ll send you home.” Finished, he grabbed his jacket and walked towards the door.

YouYan hesitated, then hurriedly followed him out, calling: “I can go back myself——”

Watching the two walk away, Tang Huang commented: “ZiYan, has it really been four years?”

Frankie was still cursing Gu YeBai and Lin ZiYan was laughing while drinking with Tang Huang.

In the parking lot.

“I can go back myself.” YouYan called out at Gu YeBai’s back.

Gu YeBai stopped his steps and said an address—the one YouYan randomly came up with.

“From here, it’s only ten minutes.”

For ten minutes, she could be with him for a little while longer. YouYan hated herself for faltering, but once again couldn’t help smiling. She would have to go to boss’ house again.

But the trip didn’t go as she planned.