Chapter 46: Underneath the Table

Frankie glared at Lin ZiYan and Tang Huang, frustrated: “Why the hell are the seats arranged like this? Why am I not sitting next to my Yan, and Gu Lao San is instead?”

Exactly! YouYan cried—on the rectangular table, only she and Gu YeBai shared a side while the other three each took a side for themselves, Frankie being squished into a corner.

Her heart was pounded terribly like a drum at the fact that he was within her hand’s reach but his light aura surrounded her, almost screaming at her.

“So as we were saying, you guys are already a pair?” Lin ZiYan asked while laughing.

“Of course!”


Tang Huang smiled, he was by all means willing to play along.

“‘Of course’ or ‘not’? Or are you trying to say ‘of course not’?!”

Frankie was so done with this, he bellowed out: “Wife, you tell them!”

Several gazes set on him.

He was looking at her. YouYan’s heart tightened and, without thinking, she shook her head,  retorting: “I’m not! I’m not! I’m not!”

As the words came out, she realized she was making too big of a fuss. She already had her “affair” with Chi Pu, why was she so eager to clarify? A trace of loneliness appeared in her heart.

Someone wasn’t happy anymore.

“This meal, the bill, I’m not paying for it!”

Ha. Lin ZiYan was uncontrollably laughing again, Tang Huang moved his chair a little just in case.

So the Jew was giving his “wife“ a lesson.

“Yan, you can’t be like this. After flipping through Gu Lao San’s magazine again and again till it was broken to pieces, you’re forgetting about your husband now that you see him. If I had known earlier, I would not give you this surprise since you’re happy now and I’m not. Indeed, it’s a blessing in disguise”

“Stupid foreigner, why must you ruin every single chinese idiom you come across of.” Tang Huang sighed.

Again and again? Gu YeBai’s gaze landed on YouYan and her face blushed red. Annoyed, she smiled mischievously and kicked her heels in Frankie’s direction.

But nothing happens according to plan. She didn’t reach him, instead, her foot landed on the pair of shoes next to her. He had lifted his foot all of a sudden, but also in a way that appeared casual.

Her heart pounded, YouYan quickly moved her foot back but her shoes fell in her haste.

She reached out for the heels with her toes, but once again bumped into his shoes.


“YouYan—wait no—the Chinese wife, is there something under the table? Why are you looking there so intently?” Lin ZiYan inquired, incidentally touching upon the sensitive subject.

YouYan’s face blushed and she shook her head quickly. “Nothing at all.”

Her sentence was followed by the sound of a porcelain spoon being dropped onto the floor, having an unusually calm and unhurried overtone.

“Miss Lu doesn’t, but I do. Excuse me.” Gu YeBai’s lips curled up as he bent down.

Tang Huang glance at Lin ZiYan, but he only shrugged, communicating: I don’t know.

YouYan stared blankly, when suddenly she felt a warmth on her feet. He was holding it in his palm—she could feel the calluses—and her heart had jumped high into her throat.

An image of his elegant hands flashed through her mind. Due to his constant writing and painting, there was a thin layer of calluses, pale but powerful, and his fingertips were elegant beyond imagination.