Chapter 44: Invitation

In the living room.

“What?” Zhang Lei’s expression tightened.

Xiao Er yawned, complaining, “You’re not giving us sleep time! We need sleep!!!”

“Dian Xiao Er.” The voice lowered.

“Fine, fine, fine. I already told them, who would dare to ignore the prince’s orders? At tomorrow latest, they’ll send the information over. If you were just a little crueler back there with those petty gangsters, they would have told you right away, but instead you didn’t want to scare Xiao San. Sorry!!! Stop!! Ouch! Okay, okay, you’re the boss, I’ll do whatever you say.”

Zhang Lei’s gaze slowly darkened.

“No one will touch her.”

Xiao stopped, “Boss, what?”

The boss didn’t say anything further, instead turning back towards his room.

“Wait, wait, prince, that’s Xiao San’s room tonight. Did you forget? It’s rude to look—wait, why are you still walking, wait what——”

“I know, I don’t need your reminder.”

Even though he knew, he had already walked into the room. Xiao Er’s eyes opened wide, dazed once again.

Stepping into the room lightly, his gaze landed on the bed. He had only wanted to see if she was sleeping well because of the a softness within his heart, nothing else. There was no particular reason why.

He furrowed his brows. There was no one on the bed.

Looking around, he smiled.

She had curled up against a cushion, like a ball, and fell asleep on the carpet. On her face was an expression of peace and happiness.

What a blow. The first time he gives his bed to a girl, she refuses it.

He didn’t like seeing the crumpled brows, so he smoothed them out without thinking.

Yan, be happy, only then will that be the true you, he thought.

Her mouth moved slightly and he leaned in to hear what she was saying, but she was like a stubborn soldier, refusing to reveal the slightest bit of information even in her sleep.

All around the room was quiet. In the warm yellow lighting, her lashes blinked with droplets of tears.

When he realized what he was doing, his lips were already against her forehead.

Towards her, he thought, it wasn’t just a matter of liking anymore, he had decided to love. In this evening, not even two months after they’d met, he decided that his future would include her.

To like, there always has to be many reasons but to love, there was no reason, and there never was any reason.

The sounds of soft steps made him look up.

Xiao Er’s expression was filled with shock. His head tilted, and then he smiled. It was a stance filled with authority. Xiao Er shrugged his shoulders and smiled back.

Later, YouYan felt like there was sharpie on her face or something because Xiao Er had been giving her a weird smile the entire morning. He would look at her and then sometimes look towards Zhang Lei’s office. Then he would continue to smile weirdly.

She shook her head and decided to ignore it.

“Yan.” A voice called towards her, causing her to almost spill her coffee.

She glared at the culprit, the customer.

Frankie, however, wasn’t annoyed, instead giving her a giant smile: “Yan, after you’re done with work, let’s go on a date!”

YouYan resisted the urge to punch him and instead responded: “Frankie, you have freaking three wives already.”

“Exactly, see I’m still missing one, right? I’ll work hard.”

“I’m working, stop annoying me.”

“What if I said that I can get you an invitation to Gu YeBai’s art gallery next month?”

YouYan stopped, almost jumping up.

“Wait, how did you know I wanted to go——”

Frankie hmphed and replied: “When we went out to eat last time, that magazine was literally breaking down from you flipping through it. It was marked all over with information about Gu YeBai’s art gallery. You don’t even know him, why are you so enthusiastic anyways——”

YouYan looked back at him in suspicion. Nothing was ever free in this world.

“I’m not asking for anything! Just go out with me to eat, those guys said I can’t get a Chinese bride so I gotta let them see!”